Embrace the Shadows - Omen Tech Thread

The Herald of Gargos is ready dish the pain.


Last time I’ll post these vids, I promise lol

UPDATE: After the 3.6 patch, these videos are kinda useless.

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One more thing. Even though Omen lacks a wall bounce, stagger move, and a recapture, he does have Flip Out and an amazing throw.

If you use an Orda Shield Ender, make sure you LK your opponent on the way down to flip them out. If you flip them out near the corner you can easily throw them to start on Omen’s Crazy Corner game.

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I still haven’t been able to Instinct into Demonic Despair.

Flip Out and Shadow Form are your friends…


That’s gross omg xD

Is that an over head, a cross up, or was he just not blocking? Looks cool and all but is it really worth the meter?

In a reset/flip out situation, this would bode well for the user if executed at the right time in order to fluster the opponent. Things like this impede an opponents’ thought process and make them do bad decisions.

If it is a cross up then yes it is bad asss and totally worth it. If it is not a cross up then Jago can block and therefor its a waste of meter. But it looks cool!

If your opponent is starting to break the LK on the way down, you can do this…


That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing! I cant get that LP flip out to connect though!

What strength is that Orda after the Crouching MP?

Are you using 3P for the flip out since its closer to 3K or are you jumping all the way to LP?

How do you get eh standing LK to come out normal instead of the close LK ankle crap? I freaking hate how they did that and sometimes you get the close LK 90 % of the time unless you hit the LK 2x.

I think you can use either heavy or medium Orda. I think there is a bug with Omen right now. Whenever I do heavy orda, it only hits twice instead of 3x.

I’m not using a stick. So I’m just pressing LP after shadow form.

I’m sorry but I don’t really know. I just try to time it right and it is successful most of the time.

Ive been holding back and hitting LK flip out now…that seems to work well as long as they are launched high enough to give you time to take 1 step back.

I managed to get the 1st video set up down pretty good but that 2nd one I cant get the LP in on time. Super cool though!

The first set up is definitely and overhead so if the are standing it wont connect unless it crosses up and I cant figure out if it is on the CPU… Ill have to try on a human opponent. If it is a true cross up then its super deadly!

Awesome job @DurtyDee810!! Thank you for sharing!!!

*** I got it finally! You have to cancel out of the Orda juggle into shadow…other wise Shadow form wont come out in time due to recovery frames. Its still hard as helll! lol

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Your recordings are super crisp bro


Hopefully this might be the right place to ask about Omen Tech but has anyone attempted any Omen juggle combos that involve Shadow Orda Shield? While Omen isn’t exactly a strong juggle character I’ve been practicing a few things he can do with his revolving orbs after a normal Orda Shield cancel or after a Launcher ender. It’s not exactly easy for him though, especially outside of Instinct.

So anything anyone here suggests or knows about more Omen juggles?

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From what little I’ve played with him so far, the Shadow Orda Shield tends to knock the opponent backwards when it hits in a juggle, so unless your opponent is in a corner it’ll only hit about 2 or maybe 3 times before they’re out of range. In the corner I believe I’ve managed to juggle about 7 or 8 times.

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Yeah I did a bit of experimenting before and found it rather disappointing. It is rather terrifying in a corner if you can get it off but it feels like a waste of shadow meter otherwise.

I’ve found a lot more use out of Heavy Orda Shield. Outside of being a move you can cancel Standing HP into and being -5 on block (which is very hard to punish at Omen’s range), Omen actually has a number of follow ups he can do with it, including cancelling it into Standing and Crouching LP/LK/MP/MK, into Light/Medium Orda Shield or Demon Slide, and I’ve even managed to get Standing LK to come after Medium Orda for a flipout once. (or in cases mentioned before, cancel Medium Orda into Shadow Form to follow it up with an additional attack or flipout)

While I’ve seen Heavy Orda used in neutral a few times I’ve never seen it actually followed up with a juggle combo like that. Anyone ever given that a try before? :slight_smile:

I would advise against using EX.Orda as a juggle extension, though it is definitely possible. The orbs do very little damage for how much KV they cost, and if you blow orbs on a juggle, you’ve given up the extended pressure opportunities they provide (which is where they really shine).

By my reckoning, there’s really only two (pretty niche) uses of juggling w/ EX.Orda - and they both rely on the same situational starters that are NOT Orda Ender - if you had access to the combo system, you could have addressed these needs for free just by using Legs Ender.

  • If, after a reversal (LP.Orda) or AA (cr.HPxM/H.Orda)
  1. …you need just a little bit more damage to close out the lifebar
  2. …you feel like you need fullscreen distance, you can easily confirm into j.HK (this is rare and very MU dependant).

In order to actually maintain the juggle, you’ll usually have to dash forward immediately upon popping EX.Orda.

More often you’ll want to use EX.Orda to extend pressure sequences (remember you can shut off their meter, so fear no SC), make some of his sillier shenanigans safe (like Slides and Glide mixups), and add some extra teeth to his trickier [xx3K] mixups. All that stuff is gonna be far more conducive to helping win the match than the piddly unbreakable damage provided by EX.Orda in a juggle. Try cancelling in EX.Orda during pressure strings when you get pushed out w/ HP.Rasha, or by cancelling M/HP.Orda (just remember not to use Orda in pressure w/o a stock available to cancel it, as it is hella punishable). Personal favorites of mine:

cr.MPxHP.Rasha x EX.Orda (>jf.Turbulence or Slide x 3K)

cr.MPxMP.Orda x EX.Orda (x INSX~repeat)

Hope any of this is helpful!

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