Embrace the Shadows - Omen Tech Thread

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Well maybe this explains a little my hard time to open people. Looks like I understimated Orda ender a bit :sweat_smile:

I didn’t know that LK causes flip out after Orda ender. So the purpose of Orda ender is to set up vortex? Because he is not damaging, but when you combine him with others he’s good? Omen players uses this a lot but I was thinking “If you can go for damage why use Orda ender?” Now I think it’s to confund people, like you said: keep them guessing. The enders I use most are both kick enders, so I think I must use Orda ender more often if this will increase my pressure against the opponents. Don’t you have a channel or footage, @FallofSeraphs76? I just watched one match of yours in KIWC, just to see if I can learn a trick or two. Looks like there aren’t much Omen players with footage out there.


No Id ont really have any footage unless you look at my Xbox clips page. Look at my profile on Xbox and look at my clips. there should be tons and tons of clips to look at. Make sure you have accepted my friend request I sent the other day first. That way you can see my clips.


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Orda ender is omens best ender besides his carry ender.

Basically what seraphs said. I’m glad i could help you out. I’ve recently taken a break but I’ve got a lot of new omen things in the table to utilize in regular matches.

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@MariusStriker congratulations on your gold ranking btw.

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Id say no, his air dash normal is not the best. Your best bet is to utilize all of them equally so you are not dependent on 1 type and easy to read. You should get a good rashakuken pattern on the board to cover your attack… then you can time it just right to where you do a light slide or like kicks, or air dash normal in and keep you safe. Plus having shadow form in your pocket to really keep you safe and keep them confused.
You can most of the time light slide in , they can block it but when you pop up on the other side throw them right out of there punish attempt. Light slide is pretty safe on block so it tricks people into thinking its their turn and it isnt. Add some rashakukens on the board to help protect you and you shouldn’t have as much of a problem getting in.
Med and heavy slide should never be used to open up unless you plan on shadow forming out of it on block or when you are coming out of an instinct cancel or traveling under a projectile at just the right time while they are still open.

If you are going to use a lot of jump in to normal’s make sure you use the air back dash so you cross up and over head. otherwise they can just block you all day. Also after the jumping attack, if they block immediately hit throw.Get them every time and if they are expecting a 2nd hit to shadow counter…you will throw them right out of it. But if they DP… you are eating a DP to the face…so mix it up.

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no Tech. Just a nice cash out lol


I can nail that pretty much anytime…just hard sometimes cashing it out. Its very under utilized by most Omen player due to worrying about loosing that meter…but he gains meter so fast it should be used more.
I myself need to use it more as well.

Opponents get really salty if they get hit with it and especially if they loose to it.


I come with good will and omen tech :+1:


Multi Fireballs! no very close though,if he has shadow he can go sh.leaping slash, but if you are using multiple orbs he might get hit out of the combo) .
Aire pressure! Omen it’s hard to AA with Wulf because of the air dashes and his air normals are also good. He changes his aereal aproaches with ease.
You can bait stuff neutral jumping close to Wulf and delay an attack, you can even cross with HP or bait with shadow form.

Pressuring close with cr.jab and then cr. MP won’t let me touch buttons.
Using forward HP after a combo break closes the distance and you can take them by surprise.

I don’t know what type of Omen are you, but the ones who play kind of nuts or spend the whole match running away are the ones that annoy me the most. Still, I think a combination of good zoning, then when you have resources you can go in and start Omen’s nice pressure, works good against Wulf.
Oh, if they go happy mashing you can shadow counter.

Honestly a Wulf all over you that won’t stop pressing buttons it’s kind of hard. Still you can backdash some of his pressure buttons (not a great idea in the corner).


Yesyerday I got my butt kicked by a Riptor. I lost 10 to 0. Riptor is one of the characters who I don’t know how to fight against.

  • She attacks fast.

  • Zoning is not very effective. She has Flame Mortar and walks fast.

  • Has an annoying flipout.

  • Standing overhead.

  • Tail normals have a huge range.

I don’t know how to beat Riptors. Someone has a footage of an Omen vs Riptor (both good players)? Any tips against our clever reptilian girl?


*Walk forward under the mortar shots or use light slide to progress forward behind medium rashakuken protection.
*Always be prepared to block the opposite direction of the tail flip.
*Be careful trying to jump over riptors head when she has meter ( shadow flip will AA you and recap)
*Also test to see if they use the predator stance to AA tial bounce move…if they do watch for this and they will counter break if you try to break.
*Break the flip out or hold up when being combod with that ender

  • Zoning can be effective if you condition them to try and dash in witht at fast flame run. Shadow kicks will stop it dead in its tracks
  • Stop playing her game… play your game. If you sit there and try an dblock everything she has to thow at you you are toast. Stay on the move and play your game.

Who was the RIptor? GT?

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Appreciated, @FallofSeraphs76. If you only knew how many times he got me with flip out… I believe her flip out is light, right (most of flip outs are I believe)? Riptor apply so many pressure, looks like I don’t have a chance to move against her. Tail flip is another thing. I always get caught by this. It’s very annoying. I’m blocking at some direction and then, I get caught on the other :face_with_head_bandage: Do you think fight against shadows can help? I’m asking because is not only Riptor who gives me problems. Hisakos, Gargos, Kan… all of these I don’t know how to fight.

Rax Zenova.

@ItzTymeToDul Thanks! I’ll watch this set. Let’s see if I can learn some tips against her.

@Edit: I watched the entire set. I realized that when you guard this Tail Flip, Riptor is easy punishable. This Riptor gave free damage for you sometimes because of it. I really need to get used to guard this.

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before I learned raam I use to use omen vs any riptor I fought. I belive bass has a set with me and Paul b on his channel where we played the mu for a few matches at least. The 1st 6 games or so i think.

Zoning actually can work but it’s not always best to shoot three fireballs. Shooting one or two will suffice against riptor. Delaying your air dashes also helps out big especially when she’s trying to run in heavy flame. It’ll miss and then you can quickly dash in and punish her. Another thing about run flame is it’s shadow counterable.

Using f. Heavy punch on riptor’s wake up is the best way to abuse her when she doesn’t have meter as it’ll stop run back tail. Riptor also has large hurtboxes which leaves her open to cross ups. Delaying your jump is also another way to beat run back tail. Shadow form can also be used to escape wake up shadow clever girl on reaction And if you delay your jump and then shadow form you can also beat shadow tail flip. Also don’t try to be right in her face with your pressure. Using longer range normals to bully her is a better option as itllbe harder for her to challenge with jabs. That and omen can severely outfootsie riptor.


I watched these, but I’ll watch again. I remember that PaulB used Riptor on these matches. Thanks for the advice, @MnTLetalis.


Yeah man, just prepared that they are always going to do teh cross up tail flip and immediatley block the other direction.
Yes flip out is light kick. Just hold up the entire time you are being wrecked in a combo. WHen you land and he goes for flip uot you will jump straight up and on the way down you can attack.

Yes fighting shadows can helpbecause you can ensure you will be fighting the match up you want instead of hoping you will cross a riptor online or asking someone to speceficially play as Riptor.

Plus all the things Letalis said will help you.

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