Eagle "Wheres the love?"



First off…

Eagle is a character.

I hated him before. Now I like him.

He may have been shoehorned in your eyes. But my eyes don’t look at that S***

I know season 3 has not been perfect for some. But it brought me to the community.

Also this[quote=“WandaMaximoff, post:40, topic:21474”]
For the sake of mankind MS and IG whatever time you DO have please spend it on the actual characters in the game!

wouldn’t it be amazing if we had a 3 minute video around the lore of EACH character?

Is extremely unrealistic and honestly, kind of disrespectful.

I posted a rant yesterday saying how gamers standards are way too high.

This proves my point even further.

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FIRST OFF MANDRILL: You have it all wrong…TOTALLY WRONG :joy:

its not Eagle i have a problem with its the video KI showed on the tribe that i have the problem with… mainly because it has NOTHING directly to do with Eagle.

If anything its the oppersite of what you think i meant lol. Ive loved Eagle even in the lore for YEARS but i don’t see how making a video about a tribe is an effective use of time for a studio who’s stretched.

Just like i don’t think Rash was a good choice for a Killer instinct character to be made into an AMAZING statue.

its not about whats being produced and the quality of it… its about where the focus is… how i think that focus could be better used.

In fact unlike you i liked him from day one… i think hes really fun to play with. I like his design and i like how KI has worked with the tribe to make him more realistic but what i don’t like is the fact he has a video about his tribe (and no one else does)… for me its not linked to the character close enough.

As i said id like IG or MS to use this time to produce more character related content.

Well our high standards were met in both season 1 and season 2 so its disappointing when the ball is dropped… we are not asking allot just more of what we have had? At least thats how i feel.

Whatever rant you had previously isn’t proved anywhere here its just how you feel. I didn’t say the video was sub standard but for me its like making a video on rock formation and saying “to know rocks is to know Aganos”. :laughing:

Is this character related content? REACHING if you ask me. :joy:

Now all said an done you can have your standards and ill have mine. The difference is im trying to added or improve the game or how its delivered where as you are happy with whatever is given to you? Do you not have preferences or suggestions??

Opinions are JUST opinions to me… of course they don’t ruin the game for me, they don’t make the game worse either, but they are notes in how “I THINK” the game could be better.

Way back when KI was announced we all celebrated opinions and contributions on how the game could be amazing, these days KI seems to have become a machine a little like Halo and the fans suggestions seem to fall more on deaf ears.

Realistically i know the teams cant listen forever and once the footprint of the game is made the its hard to shift. HOWEVER that can feel a little controlled, less free and exciting…I think thats why i feel S3 is by far the least interesting of the seasons, even though its offered some amazing content.

I still play KI loads and i still love the game but ill never STOP being passionate about what i thinks right for this game just becuase some may deem me as too precious or demanding.



I’m sorry but the vibe your giving off.

It just doesn’t flow with me I guess.

I’m feeling that a lot lately.




Yes where are the promised ultra fanbook expansion, failed PIN BOOK support, wave 2 of leaning ‘action’ figures, ‘we will keep making if you keep Playing’ etc etc

these unanswered questions are NOT in retaliation…

@WandaMaximoff I hope you’re not feeling hesitant to present your opinion even if someone takes energy to try to denounce your feelings. It’s one of the oddest contradictions of this forum


sweet heart I’m not here to give you vibes i’m here to give my opinion.

i’m sorry if everything i said made total sense but hey this is how i feel!


No. It’ doesn’t make sense to me because it’s not how I feel.

It’s fine though. We have different points of view.

Your text just came off rude IMO but I probably just took it the wrong way… :frowning:


Mandrill I don’t know your point of view is… other than I’m expecting too much for asking that the video and stature content be BASED on the main characters in the game rather than guests or tribes.

I’m sorry if you disagree with that. For me I respect that IG and MS may have limited time… I’d just like it to be more focused on KI when they do have time to work on this franchise.

As for my tone it is what it is. I don’t think I’ve been disrespectful to the game or the devs.

They all know I love them but they all know I will give my feed back the way I see it.

Sadly this makes me look or sounds ungrateful or too demanding

But waaaahhhhhhh whatever’s

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No it’s fine. I’ll see myself out.


And to your credit, there is absolutely NOTHING disrespectful to give an opinion even if it is a more negative one.

As a writer I always like it when somebody states that they didn’t like something and gives actual feedback.

Feedback is always good whether positive or negative. Yes we always like the positive, but negative feedback can be just as good if not better feedback at times.

I read what you wrote, and I feel much of the same way. There are a lot of things they could be doing to bring up the hype and excitement, but it is what it is and you already addressed much of what I believe.


Just to clarify sol.

I’m usually ok with seeing negative feedback.

But I’m learning it’s much harder on the developers to listen to it.

If I’m developing a game, And I get negative feedback. Shouldn’t I have the ultimate choice to listen to it or not?

This goes for the KI devs too.

Edit: @WandaMaximoff this is good for you to hear too.


thanks BB!

i wont be! Just trying to make the game and the delivery better… well in my anyway!

lots of things that are not answered you are right!

all very strange at the moment…We def arnt making the most of what we are seeing though…

The comics screens are coming to surface but i don’t feel the art thats been created for them is been pushed very much either.

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If you are a developer, negative feedback comes with the territory. You should ALWAYS listen to it, but whether they act upon it is, up to them.


i agree mate! We are not slamming! We are suggesting! :heart:


That’s what I mean.

But no one should be force to do things just because the fans don’t like though.

Edit: No disrespect to Wanda or you sol.

But I can’t speak my mind here.

So forget about what I said.

I’m gonna go.

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Absolutely! I didn’t say they had to listen… i said its hard for them to listen to everything (read above).

The problem was that i wasn’t able to express myself without being called too demanding and unrealistic thats not fair to me. :joy:

im proud that i come here and make suggestions give feed back and have an idea as to how i feel KI could be better id encourage everyone to do it.

All that i thinks very important for an IPs. Its when they get too busy or too big to listen that games like halo stop connecting (as much) with its audience. Its then when it forgets what it should be at the core. Its when the gloss takes over and we forget what made us remember the Rare classic that kept us waiting for years.

And i agree with this… i like their choices most of the time but i dont have to agree with their strategy. For me anyone who agrees with MS strategy on KI is crazy imo lol.

another thing that bugs me is the complete disregard MS has for fan created assets. There have been some AMAZINGLY talented artists that have created things for the game and put them out there for everyone to see and get hyped about that HAVEN’T been picked up by MS / KI

we need to make the most of every sec and every thing we have.

I don’t feel we do that!

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For example… Look how good this is! Why hasn’t MS pimped it out on every social media possible?? Why wasn’t they posters at E3, why wont they be represented at Gamescom?

IF we dont have the artists and the people to make stuff like this then lean on the fans that are doing this for FREE!


@WandaMaximoff Hey Wanda don’t worry, you’re in good company now as just like you there I too personally feel very much the same way on AND for KI Season 3. So overall as the old saying/expression goes, 'Misery loves company" :wink: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gosh we are twins!!!

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Or cousins for that matter :wink: :slight_smile: