Eagle "Wheres the love?"

Im a bit disappointed with the guys at IG and MS at the moment for various reasons but mostly with the lack of advertisement surrounding Eagle.

Eagles obviously the last character we are going to get in KI for some time… yet we have had very little hype… it feels like we are going out with a thud rather than a bang.

Where is the walk though? Wheres the videos showing what the Pro players can do with him? Where is the background story or lore? Where is the video with the composers talking us though his music?

It feels empty there is no build up at all it feels like the lights have gone off on KI and everyone is busy working on other games.

Listen guys im not saying we have to spent loads of money on the character trying to advertise him but something to make today feel like an event in the Xbox calendar would me amazing! Where is Keits showing off out newest totally non remixed character? Maybe hes busy? Fair enough why not let one of the other guys associated to KI in to demo the character?

The trailer was ok! id have loved some history and lore based around here posted here and maybe on twitter? Maybe we could have go as far as to show some of the not used eagle concepts? You know all that kinda stuff thats free that DH showed off in their first ever look at KI and Glacius concepts?

ALSO on top of the radio silence we get the news that all three DLC characters are actually free with the definitive edition (that we already have!) Granted most if us wouldn’t have wanted to wait but WOW talk about lack of information for thoes who brought this edition AND the DLC characters without knowing that they would get them free sone day.

MS and IG have done wonders on this game but the advertisement and the way S3 and now these DLC characters have been presented is very disorganised in my opinion.

If there are more seasons then please get whoever did the calendar for season 2 to work on it now so we have a bit more organisation and optimisation of the great work MS and IG are doing.

Has KI become a labour? Rather than a labour of love… is everyone working on the game frazzled and ready to move on to something new. One thing for sure the developer excitement that was there day one, year one year 2 even isn’t in the same quality now.

Has KI turned turned into a figure (how much is it making) rather than a game the devs just couldn’t wait to exspand and show us how cool it was!?


We’re getting Eagle free for season 3 Ultra Edition owners, cut them some slack. When the game relaunches on Steam, all three of them will begin to be included in the Definitive Edition. It’s currently a nice tradeoff between an early adopter and the “wait and see” opportunist, which feels good knowing they still consider those of us who have supported this for a long time.

That’s a perspective thing, which is an opinion, and not a fact supported by any real measurable metric. I also think it’s a little unfair towards this crew who has been working to keep this game updated outside of a regular seasonal content launch with what may have been less than an ideal budget.

IG has had a pretty full plate lately, cut them some slack. Especially considering all they are doing to help keep the scene alive on the tournament scale, and the production of a Steam version probably wasn’t too easy to deal with either.

I feel the love from IG right now, it’s hard to just give a character away, and honestly, I may purchase him anyway, because I do want season 4 and wouldn’t mind paying to see it happen.

Also, he’s got a background story, but they’ll probably update the pages with the character lore at some point, and he’s probably got some good stuff in Shadow Lords as well. After all, he’s got to have a mimic and shadow skin as well to work for that mode, and a lot of dossiers. Give them time to catch up. Internally, who know’s what hoops IG jumped through to make this happen.

I would say this, they do need to post the new character themes on iTunes at some point. Wouldn’t mind having the official version of Kilgore’s theme.

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Just saying, They released how Eagle got free’d by Glacius few months ago, in a novel.


In all fairness they did state yesterday that the decisions to give away all 3 for free just happened in the last week or so.
All we are truly missing is the walk through and some twitter posts.

i disagree i feel this is a fleece the die hard players that will ALWAYS buy KI and then give it away free later when you want to sell something else. I think this should have been stated when we brought the ultra and the box definitive edition (of witch i have both out of support fore this game) so that you have a choice to wait…

im not sure thats a great balance and its not very transparent. [quote=“IronFlame, post:2, topic:21474”]
That’s a perspective thing, which is an opinion, and not a fact supported by any real measurable metric. I also think it’s a little unfair towards this crew who has been working to keep this game updated outside of a regular seasonal content launch with what may have been less than an ideal budget.

This isn’t just focused at IG its also focused at MS and they are the people who give IG the tools to make this game. Im just saying that all in all there seems to be less fussed made around KI then there was previously


There are those of us who share your sentiments…
Long ago I just learned that it will never have the passion I thought it might have , although it was great to see fave characters return,
This team just has different views on what is acceptable in design, execution and promotion.

That’s just how it will be and some who wanted more have to just roll with it.

I always wanted the best for this series in particular and when the random trailers cutscenes and promo for mobile games and free to play games like smite and Warcraft saw huge support from animation and marketing teams it was a hard pill to swallow.

All the great intros and story scenes from. Injustice/ soul calibur etc big budget but passion even from within a team of 20 could have been much better.

I’m so glad to have orchid Kim etc albeit in abbreviated success.

Hope it receives attention in the future



im not worried about free content… i want to pay for ALL i can because thats how this game will continue! But for KI we cant even manage a walk though even though other games have half the amount of unique plasyers but a million times the advertisement budget.

were not talking about the super bowl here… just a mixer walk though maybe?

concept arts?
Music intriduction by the devs?
Music theme uploaded piror to launch?
A walk though?
Pros match ups?
Major nelson Xbox this week coverage?

Most of this stuff is free and most of that stuff is what has made KI what it is to today… no flashy Halo big budget bill boards, CGI or videos or development walk thoughts… but easy cheap fanboy advertisement.

With eagle we’ve dropped the ball imo.

If anything that happens the week of, meaning this Friday not before. Well, at least here hoping it happens.

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They should have told you that a character who wasn’t even created or even in the process of being thought up yet, not even on paper as an idea, was going to be free, over a year and a half later at this time…

So they need to time travel to give appropriate news…

I’m not trying to make fun of you or anything, but I hope you do see how…unreasonable the argument you made is in the given context. Maybe I’m misinterpreting it, but that’s how I am perceiving it.

As far as transparent, they can’t look into the future and give us news on this stuff, so the transparency argument doesn’t really feel appropriate. IG has always worked hard to be as transparent as possible, but never divulges information until it’s clear. That’s why some of this stuff is so last minute sometimes. Capcom by comparison has no idea of what that term even means.

You do realize, we’re not just a niche, but a niche within a niche? Here lately, Dell has been giving this game some advertisement, and spreading the news to the tournament crowd is probably the best advertisement you can get. That steam edition is gonna get so much attention, namely because it’s not tied to a windows platform which is one thing most FG players HATE. I’d even wager a commercial on TV advertisement wouldn’t generate much in comparison to just announcing it to their market crowds. It’s a brand that was shelved almost two decades ago, and barely has any mainstream recognition yet as a newly revived franchise. It’s not Mortal Kombat, it’s not Injustice, it’s not Street Fighter. When you hit that level, TV adverts will help a lot, but until then it’s an expense more than a help.

well thats one thing we can cross off our list… :laughing:

lol come on guys the biggest problem with KI is the advertisement and its the first thing that started to slip.
there are things WE MUST continue to do because we don’t have any other options of advertisement.

I get it but you said , “could have known about free DLC way back when DE launched”… that’s impossible becasue they just made the decision less than 2 weeks ago.

Id like all that stuff too…maybe we are still getting it? just a little later?

If anything I wouldn’t blame IG for that, take that up with Microsoft for not putting forth the effort to acknowledge its sole fighting game like PS does with SFV.

Infil actually had a mini rant the other day about not getting the acknowledgement he rightfully deserves from Microsoft. IG gave him fair recognition, but not Microsoft. So I mean, are we splitting hairs at who’s at fault here? IG can only do so much without the consent and aid of Microsoft.

If anything, the private social accounts of the devs has been giving Eagle enough press. I don’t know what else they can do that they aren’t already accustomed to doing.

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I think you doing quite the opersite of making fun of me :smile: … you dont go giving away season 3 for free (or in this case season 3.5) when people have just brought it with hard earned cash lol thats no protecting a loyal fanbases interests.

if you want to offer something to steam adopters then give them something else thats new and brilliant! Maybe i can buy that too!? Rather than just letting everyone have what i paid for free?

i don’t agree sorry lol. im not saying TV advertising is the right thing but comparing it to evo or whatever is ridiculous lol. A huge varied amount of people play KI if we relied on just your tournaments or fighting game fans KI would have been dead years ago (clearly by its entrance numbers)!

the best thing about KI is its game play… if you can get people playing this game they keep playing it regardless of if usually they play fighters.

it should be our job to get more of these non fighting game community players to play KI. I think Arbiter and Raam were a good stab at doing that…

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i don’t expect them to know… The DE was the FULL season 3 (well thats what i brought)… the DLC characters are extra they are season 3.5 and they superseded the DE edition?

least thats what i thought? these DLC wasn’t seasons 3 they were extra

Lets be honest MS is offering steam players the DLC included so that if the PC or xbox players have already brought it for windows wont be at a disadvantage when moving to steam.

Thats great news and makes sense for them and new adopters… but its not great for the people who brought these DLC characters already.

Oh dont think this is at IG for me its not… i get infili totally… and hats off to all of US who have generated promotion or hype here or across twitter etc.

But MS can do more than they are atm.

If you are gonna use entrance numbers as an argument, then be sure to post them and put them in context. In the current context, you’re using a “guesstimate” to show a trend, which isn’t a way to establish a strong argument.

And you can quantify that a TV advert would be less useful how??? lol and where are your numbers?

Ok if your right… why doesn’t MS stop promoting Gears of war and Halo all together and just leave it to the E-sports scene??? :joy: i mean if that works better?

But im sure that will never happen because it wouldn’t work.

This isn’t a case study its an opinion forum we dont need numbers or proof at all to have common sense.

advertisement cant hurt to help Eagle sell no matter in what form

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I never quantified anything, you are the one who brought a number into this, but we are a niche industry. Shooters and Action games are a pretty dominant earmark of Western gaming, that’s something you can’t contest, but just for the sake of it:

We have Halo 5, which is actually the seventh game in this long running series. If you were to ask a random person on the street with any interest in gaming at all, do you think they would know what Halo is? Chances are high that they would, so when something new along this avenue is in the development pipeline, it makes sense to pull out the big hitting stuff to tell people. Halo 5 alone has sold 4.75 physical units worldwide (and I hate to use this site but it’s the only thing with verifiable results at the moment) not including digital sales as MS doesn’t seem to ever release those records. Given that we have Halo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ODST, and Reach (not in that order), and they constantly put out new versions all the time, it’s a safe bet the TV adverts will reach someone who was picked up and played one of these previous iterations and even the more recent one.

Gears has five games to its legacy, Gears of War 1, 2, 3, Judgement, and 4, with the most recent one having 2.69 million physical units sold (and is underrepresented by digital sales as those numbers are NOT disclosed). Gears 3 had 6.21 million physical units moved, Gears 2 has 6.75 million physical units, and Gears 1 has almost 6 million. Chances are with this kind of longevity and numbers, some with any interest in gaming has heard the name “Gears of War” before and can tell you what it is on the spot.

These are both LONG established franchises on this console brand, but one not exclusive to MS.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, probably the biggest of the series on Xbox ALONE was 14.8 million physical units moved. This one is proven a known household name at this point, as there’s almost no one who couldn’t tell you what this is unless they have lived under a rock.

Because these names are the BIGGEST hitters they have as exclusives, and are practically gimmies. Phil Spencer even said in one interview that it’s so obviously they have Gears and Halo projects going on that there wasn’t much point to have anything regarding them at E3 2017. The TV adverts do their job with those just fine.

But ask someone from the CoD crowd, “what is Killer Instinct?” Do you think they could have a defined answer, without googling it first? If common sense is your dictating logic like you say here:

Then common sense will also tell you the most likely answer is no, they couldn’t. It’s like the Macintosh 1984 commercial to an extent where people will have no likely idea what you are advertising and will most likely forget shortly thereafter because there’s not much established name recognition. You’re just shoving a bunch of shiny imagery at people. Unfortunately TV adverts only really work once a brand is established, since at that point people already have exposure to that brand or product and feel safe in investing in it again after already having made previous investment in the past with a clear sense of what this next iteration will improve upon (hopefully).

Now go to the tourney scene, CEO, Combo Breaker, EVO, etc. You have people with the HIGHEST LIKELY exposure who could tell you what KI is without googling it first. You have the Smashers, the KoF crowd, the SFV players (who might feel a little jaded at Capcom), what I hope will the be incoming crowd for Dragonball FighterZ (a man can hope), these crowds who are fighting game players, these are your best group to advertise in the hopes of a sale.

The real reason I wanted you to quote tourney numbers is in the context that you put it, you make sound like KI is dying, and you’re trying to justify what I honestly feel was a very weak argument with your only evidence being “look up those entry numbers and you’ll know I’m right!” I’m not going to quote them because that’s neither my side of the argument to make, nor do I even know where to find those. Someone like @Infilament or @STORM179 would probably know better than I where to find those statistics.

In my experience, common sense actually isn’t very common. But this logic is a slippery slope in itself that eventually leads to “we don’t need facts, our gut feeling is all we need.” If gut feeling is all we needed then KI would probably be rated M with MK style brutality, Jago would build 1 stock of meter on all moves, be positive on all moves including DP, and Fulgore would get his sky eye laser back, and TJ would probably have his launch properties on Tremor back.

Facts are necessary and numbers are too. These metrics give perspective that allows for clearer hindsight to reflect upon and make change and adapt.

That may be true, but if the advertisement never reaches the people you want it to, what good does it do? It matters where and how, and that’s why the tournament scene is far more important at the moment. Until then, it’s a cost without a real return. “Help offered when not needed, is usually no help at all.”

It’s also an impossible task to prove a negative.

I’m done now, if you still don’t agree then that’s fine, we can agree to disagree and I’ll be glad to leave it at that, but I can’t let something like “we don’t need numbers or proof” go without HEAVY disagreement. That’s a statement that’s had extreme impact in a political manner that I don’t even want to get into on these forums, but I do want it known, yes, facts matter, numbers matter, proof matters. So when you mention something like tournament numbers, please be sure to state them.

Also, Keits is doing a runthrough of the character in a few minutes on twitch. So there’s one thing down.


its opinion so we don’t need to back things up or go over all of that…

i think it misses the point really… going over all that above (that im not reading) its got nothing to do with my post lol

  1. MS should do more to advertise ki
  2. streams help explain who eagle is and build hype
  3. Pro matches are excising to watch and help sell a game or character
  4. Selling charters to people that already own them is bad taste
  5. leaking information slowly before launch helps to create interest
  6. Showing concept arts is interesting for the hardcore fan base
  7. uploading the music tracks online prior launch creates a buzz

hats off to keits for streaming now completely off plan so no one knows hes doing it! lol

is this the best we can be? Nope not even close

thats no debatable.

We didn’t get RAAMs walkthrough for a good week after his release & I’m not sure if Kilgore got his late either but I thought he did. They may just want to give people time to learn for themselves.