Eagle "Wheres the love?"


Agreed…maybe its planned but at the next event or when ppl get back from vacation…who knows?


It’s honestly impossible to tell what the developers think or what is going to happen with the game at this point. Lethargy and inconsistency is generally what Microsoft does best when it comes to developing games and communicating its plans.

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This makes allot of sense to me.

We as a community should want better and shouldn’t feel bad for asking for consistency.


Like I said though, this is a problem with Microsoft is general. Without mincing words, the way they handle their first-party game development and PR is pretty pathetic. I kinda doubt any demand our little community can generate will make a difference.

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But when a game like KI stops being community lead that’s the day it stops being really special…

Regardless of what we can or can’t change our feedback should be mandatory.

With other 1st party titles they are so big that the community gets swept away but ki is special it started small and we built it via word of mouth.

We have no forms or advertisement other than these demos and snippets it’s important we at least try and hold onto thoes with some kind of build.

But granted I know what your saying. ■■■


I would hope players would know what Halo and Gears are by now, expecially if they own an xbox. Not because the games are really good, but because they are talked about every week on the major Nelson thing. They don’t go one week without a halo or gears piece. The thing that I found truly great was that they took the time to talk about a Halo Wars 2 tournament that was going on, but left out that the tournament was held at the KIWC!

I know I will get flack for this, but tournament do very little to help the game sell. Tournament players already know what games are out there in the FGC. Tournament player are not going to invest in any game unless they think they can win money at it.

The way to make the game take off would be to market it to the casual gamers. This is why MK9, Injustice, MKX, and Injustice 2 have a nicely done story mode. The problem is that competitive players don’t like/want the game to be easier for other players, so they are part of the reason the FGC doesn’t grow.

Before you tell me that they “help” new players. I want to say I know that they “help” new players, until you disagree with a character balance, or suggest changes that “they don’t like”. Then you get attacked by the whole click “they know who they are” :slight_smile: I know you are not part of that click.

If KI gets another season I will be impressed. I think KI would have been better off with some real tv advertising, and a focus towards the casual gamer, instead of the competitive gamer and only advertising at bigger tournaments.

A quick message for others. I just want to save the time of poeple who do not agree with me. If you do not agree that is fine. Don’t waste your time with a big list of reasons why I am wrong. It will not change how I feel about the subject in any way, regardless of how it is written.

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heres some lore:

hope thathelps. Im very excited for the walkthrough. holding out on a day 1 purchase till then


This is fab… Not sure what it’s got to do with eagle tbh but it’s fab we need more of this kinda thing with every character but based on the character

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Is that story supposed to somehow be tied to Eagle? I enjoyed the story and it was neat to know but honestly I don’t see how it has anything to do with the character, unless Eagle is somehow based off of this legend. I’d say that it doesn’t have to have anything to do with the character if it weren’t for the fact that the video is called “Eagle - Black Buckskin bag”.


To know eagle is to know the Nez Perce people. And to know the Nez Perce is to know their stories.


I have no interest in any other fighting game. Arbiter is the reason KI is one of my favorite games ever.


Do you play him because he’s a halo character? Or are you a ki fan?


Lol I really don’t get it.

Why don’t we celebrate every culture like this then???

Meh I think ki have gone mad on the American Indian political correctness lol


Both obviously.

And yeah, we should do it for every culture.

Political correctness is something I have never heard anybody openly embrace before. Its only a term to slander people with positions that differ from one’s own.


Maybe someone felt they needed redemption.


Wanda… you’re hurting me man.

Don’t make me bust out my riptor.


It’s all about love, and im not trolling.
We can see the lack of love and soul in s3… Maybe it’s just me, but…

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I feel the exact opposite. Sadira, Omen, Maya, TJ Combo, all seem bland compared to Rash, Mira, Eyedol and Arbiter to me. But I do feel like Shinsako was the most disappointing releases of KI.


AMEN TO THIS!!! I felt the same with S3 the special things and the small details dissapeard. Killer instinct at that point became a game and not a fan fair celebration the franchise.

We also got certain things wrong, no back ground, no trailers, too many guests AND rash as a statue? WHAT! out of ALL Killer instincts cast RASH??? We waited 20 years to get a KI statue and it was a battle toad?


hahah im sorry but i dont get the video… it has NOTHING to do with Eagle lets be honest. Its a great story BUT its not “for” KI!

For the sake of mankind MS and IG whatever time you DO have please spend it on the actual characters in the game!

wouldn’t it be amazing if we had a 3 minute video around the lore of EACH character?

and Mandrill ANY time you want honey :stuck_out_tongue: ill even beat u with eagle! :laughing: