Most and least hype KI season

Which current season of Killer Instinct do you personally find to be the most hype and the least hype for you?

The most hype: A tie between KI Season 1 and KI Season 2

The least hype: KI Season 3 especially later on including ONLY three new stages and doing away with teases/reveals at the end of each character’s official trailers as well as a few other things/details

Same here.

Season 3 was the least hype for me.

  • leaked characters
  • my favorite mode, Shadow lab, has not really been refined or made attractive to play and nothing announced for it. [Edit]And sadly I couldn’t access it for weeks!! That killed a lot of hype for me.
  • my original mains, who I waited for since watching grimmmz play Jago, suck in the context of current gameplay mechanics. I expected this for Tusk but it has been worse for Kim. I ended up playing neither
  • still no DLC costumes, other customization options that are worthwhile
  • the S3 preview that was Shago proved to be a bad… excuse the pun, a bad omen. I have come dislike S3 mechanics like flipouts more than recaptures.

I re-focus on single player mode now and hope Shadow Lords will be of good quality so we can enjoy long awaited single player content. It looks hype though and hopefully makes up for everything I dislike in s3.

Well, to me Season 2 was most hype in terms of new characters that were or looked intriguing.
Season 1 was most hype in terms of hard hitting hype and in your face craziness.

Obviously S1, which was the revival of the game from an arcade game that had a dedicated fanbase. Imagine the hype when it was revealed! Or remember it.


I kinda feel like nostalgia is going to carry the day for a thread like this.

People aren’t going to remember the anger and confusion over how the content would roll out or the fact that it wasn’t getting a normal, physical roll out, or how messed up the mechanics were pre-launch to the point where the breaker-fest shown at EVO practically got booed off the stage, or people worrying about DH’s pedigree, or all of those that decided very early on that this wasn’t their vision of KI and spammed the DH forums with near constant negativity.

There was also the rage over how freaking weird Glacius wound up looking after the initial trailer, Thunder’s retro issues from the anti-PC people, or all the cries that Sadira looked like a Mortal Kombat character, or how poorly Orchid’s face and hair turned out after her initial reveal and the anger over how she’d been covered up (as well as issues with her retro) or how bad some of the retros looked in general or how bare bones the story was or no Shago for everyone plus a litany of other issues that still pop up, but also recede more frequently beneath the glow of “better times.”

Same goes for season 2. New developer? Rage. Only two characters at launch? Rage. TJ’s reveal and how bad his face looked? Maya’s picture reveal with no gameplay? Character rebalance? Recapture mechanic? Omen’s recycled animations? The UI changes? People hating on Kan Ra? The list goes on.

Yes, season 3 not having enough stages was a huge bummer. The lack of teases is also unfortunate and I haven’t clicked with some of the characters. But there’s also been a lot that I’ve liked about the third season, most notably Mira, Gargos, the amazing Eyedol swerve by the devs plus Eyedol being incredibly fun to play as, and Shadow Lords looking like the single player mode I’ve always wanted from a fighting game.

I’m just throwing this out there before everyone says seasons one is the best or season three is the worst. We tend to remember the issues that are the most fresh in our mind while looking back fondly at what we liked more before. If I had to rank them right now, I’d probably say:

  1. Season 2 (loved Kan Ra, Aganos, Riptor, Hisako, Cinder and Aria, improved UI, recapture mechanic, the rebalance, plus the story was a huge step up over season one, KI2)

  2. Season 3 (love Mira, Gargos, Eyedol, Tusk and Kim Wu are pretty cool, Rash is fun, much better select screen, psyched for Shadow Lords, even better rebalance, flip out and stagger)

  3. Season 1 (loved Glacius, Sadira, Orchid, Spinal and Fulgore, KI classic, survival mode kept me playing, psyched the game turned out better than it should have)


Season 3. The buildup to Eyedol was epic. The most hype thing they could have done with him is nothing, and it worked very well. We were all drooling with anticipation and/or just about yelling into monitors in protest over who #8 was going to be. The forums were flooded with will be/it won’t be threads.


I would have liked Season 3 more if the trailers were better overall. They got some pretty good ones though. Gargos and RAAM were the bad ones but I liked their trailers better than the early Season 1 trailers.

RAAM was going to have a sick trailer btw. I can’t go into detail but you’ll have to take my word for it.

Season 3 had least hype because leaked characters months ahead hurt surprise factor as did early knowledge of lack of stages. When it got tractionbthoufg it’s been just as good if not better than season 2 at points - Eyedol had me dancing around the works canteen lol. It also features a steal opening balance patch to really make the game feel fresh. As such ironically it was the most hype season for me just as it was the least.

I’m sure IG learned lessons from this one going forward. One thing and I know I’m probably alone in this season 2 did better was only release 2 characters - I liked a new character every month for most of a year. It kept hype train rolling, players coming back and even allowed end of trailer teased to open discussions among community about potential in the new faces.

Season 2. Each month I was biting my nails in anticipation of the next character. I was hooked! Not to mention everything was still new to me.

Season 2 for obvious reasons.

Season 2 just because tournaments seemed more hype and balanced. EVO wasn’t very fun to watch for Season 3, it just reminded me of how insane some of the stuff has gotten and how unreactable some of the new stuff is.

Most hype- Season 2. Season 1 featured most of the obvious classics, which was awesome, but getting to see the new faces introduced to the Killer Instinct universe was a real treat (as well as the revamped classics who didn’t make it into the first season).

Least hype- Season 3. Not the biggest fan of guest characters to begin with (they were made very well I’ll give them that, but still not too big of a fan. Would much rather they introduce more newcomers to the KIverse in place of them). Whoever wasn’t a guest was pretty much to be expected (though I was happy to see Kim Wu and Tusk return).

Most hype was S3 by a mile, despite the leaks. PC launch, deepest set of mechanics, some of the boldest, most interesting character designs I’ve ever seen in a fighting game (Arby, Mira & Gargos), extension of the 2way interaction into juggles and mid-combo throws, and still some of the best character teases (the Month of Gargos and the Year Long Eyedol Troll). Also, I’m one of those lame-o’s with bad eyes that really likes the training stage and otherwise doesn’t really care about stages, so 3 stages had zero impact on my enjoyment or expectations.

Least hype? S1. I had been playing SF4 and saw KI as XBoxes answer to it. Granted, I didn’t learn much about the game until S2, but the existence of S1 didn’t give me anything to holler about. From what I’ve read though, my assumptions weren’t too far off base. Also, unbreakable juggles? In a game centered on two way interaction in the breaker system? Makes me glad I waited.

id like to say season 3 but without all the characters having their own stages I cant get as hyped as I was for S1 and S2

i’d say I was most hyped for S2 because thats when I started playing, but I was following since S1 and was hyped for that season as well even though I couldnt play it at the time

Season 1. I was incredibly hype for spinal and fulgore!!