Eagle Revealed!

Perhaps Eagle will lead the game to a season 4. Arianna anyone?




He’ll also have a retro!? NOW I’m actually surprised! Good news indeed!


sigh of all the possible character reveals this was definitely the one that I’d hoped wouldn’t happen. Oh well, I guess enough people wanted Eagle anyway so cheers I guess.

He’s looking good! Can’t wait to play him.


Just based on how he was spinning and leaping into frame I suspect he’s gonna have a good movement speed and probably a forward run like Spinal, Riptor, and Eyedol.

I also noticed that he had the Eagle drop those 3 arrows. Wondering if he’ll have limited resources like Maya or Arby.

It’s cool to see him finally make it in the game proper. I was initially very against the idea because,as far as we knew, Eagle was Fulgore. But since things worked out the way they did, it’s cool to see a character that’s been hinted at since the beginning of the series make his debut.


Despite not playing much I’ll probably buy it. Even if little it’s the support I can give. It’s sad KI didn’t get much more attention in the FGC.

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They better give him a good character trailer next month!

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I anticipated this on december :open_mouth:[quote=“MaruMDQ, post:28, topic:20941”]
It’s sad KI didn’t get much more attention in the FGC.

It did actually pretty well in terms of views both in Combo breaker and KI cup. KI is healthy as ever!


Eagle the magical archer. O hell yeah. He shall be my new main. I can’t wait

I like the whole “cyber-hawkeye” approach to Eagle’s design. Was worried he might turn out to be a melee-based character. Question is, will he only combo at range? Could this be his big weakness?

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I want his shoes!

Shock of the century

Give that man some Skull/skeleton accessories!!!

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@Dayv0 my dream coming true…


Well tbh I wasn’t too excited about Eagle but to be fair he IS a brand new character so kudos I can’t wait :+1:

I’m assuming it’s not his classic KI comics design?

That comic was never canon, so I assume his retro is a less “cybernetic” look, similar to Thunder’s new costume

I’m aware it’s non canon, that’s why I assumed “not”

And now…

The teasing from Rukari, and the suffering from seeing hypeness but not being playable begins… :sob: