Eagle First Impressions


Interesting thing is that you can Wingspan (the leap) and use an screech eagle assist right after each other no delay.
Also the screech is a pretty nice meaty projectile.


I’m mad at you and @FerasMM. Feras wasn’t around he said, but i saw you working on some tech and you didn’t join our winner-plays-eagle lobby :rage: RUDE!

Eagle is nuts, he is an offensive monster but one knockdown and he’s basically toast. The bird is definitely strong (perhaps a little too much) as an assist call and getting cornered means dealing with 50/50s all day. I quite like him, but execution-wise he might be out of my league.


In my opinion, has the worst sounding ultra in the game but he’s also fun to play.

I mean, I won’t main him but he’s a lot of fun casually, for me.


Yeah i’m so sorry man, hopefully we can meet and play today.
In fact i will go online after half an hour, I’ve tried it a bit with @Dayv0 yesterday and yea he is nuts.
But i wasn’t focus on him because I was still crying about gargos nerf :sweat_smile:


Anyone else think he’s not really a zoner? I mean, the only times I really start chucking arrows is when my opponents try to run away, otherwise I’m in your face making you eat safe high/low/left/right/throw mix ups and frame trapping you for days.

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Eagle mixup potential is pretty good, and his juice is definetively up close

The thing is that he can deal huge damage with his arrows if you hit with all of them at the same time, so my plan usually is getting a life lead, and then start playing keep away. When they are up close to my “damage zone”, I try to hit them with the damaging arrows, or hop into a mixup when I feel they don’t expect it


I’m sorry, Dooby! Though, my defense is slightly more embarrassing… I wasn’t working on tech, I fell asleep in my chair (fightstick in lap!) working on tech! Def gotta get some sets in soon.

I relate to the execution bit. He may be a mite outta my league, but I felt that way about Mira IADs (until my stick switches starting wearing out, and about Kilgore stuff, so maybe it ain’t all that bad. Apart from the bursty high-execution plays one will be making, the rest of his game seems super fun. High mobility “zoning” character that forces the player to stop waking up and defend classically? Mmm mm mm mmmm good.

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I like him


He’s a zoner. Just not in the sense like kilgore is.

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Eagles awesome :slight_smile:

I’ve been wanting a character with a pet helper for a long time (Aria doesn’t count, imo), and I think they did a good job with it. I really how Eagle can command his pet while doing other attacks. Using the Screech as a combo linker is kinda cool lookin, the dive bomb is really helpful in a lot of situations, and the full screen swoop seems like one of the best surprise attacks for keeping your opponent on their toes and managing space.

I also really like Eagle’s mobility and how he’s able to shoot in any direction at any time, regardless of whether he’s standing, crouching, or jumping. He can also walk/jump while charging his shot, which is cool. It all felt very familiar after the recent Green Arrow in Injustice 2, so he felt comfortable right away. His arrows seems to barely do any damage, but that’s probably because he’s able to shoot a ton of em. The Shadow Arrow Return move is awesome!

I really like his Retro costume. The headdress accessory is cool, and I much prefer the Phoenix pet over the RoboBird - mainly just because the phoenix has greater visibility and is more natural in appearance than the robot.

His Premium Costume is badass too, but I’m not really striving for any of the other accessories. I get that they’re all culturally authentic, which is great, but everything is very bright and rainbowy, and the goggles seem like an odd choice. I do like how they grouped his gloves and boots into 1 accessory slot though, which should keep the custom costumes looking a little more uniform. I wish his Bow was an accessory with different style options, but a minor gripe.

His Instinct Mode is great and that Ultra is badass too! I love that the whole second half it is in the air.

I really don’t have anything bad to say about the dude, other than just wanting some other accessories.

Good job IG & MS!

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I’m loving him. Design is wonderful especially his retro. Lil tricky to pick up but my god once you figure out his safe mix ups he becomes a monster! Also his music is one of my favorite songs in the game. Tho as a sadira main getting shot with arrows every time I jump is making me approach him in different ways than I’m use to.

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Nah worse Ultra definitely goes to Fulgore.

But I admit Eagle does like a reverse moon walk in the beginning of his. Lol

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What I’ve learned as a Sadira main, is that you want to jump at him from about mid screen.

I haven’t really had any problems getting in on Eagle.

I play… Duck… Duck… Duck… SADIRA!

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It’s a shame that we’re all scared about the newest character getting changed, so much so that we aren’t willing to explore its full potential.

As for my impressions, they’re somewhat marred by achievement hunting - I’ve seen the TJ/Jago/Maya counterpick several times in a row (though I managed to swat a fulgore out of the air a fair amount). The fact that he has no kind of DP/reversal for wake up really hurts his chances of being anything close to viable in matches VS sighted players who still jump so much that it makes the game boring, even with Eagle’s arrows. Admittedly, I’ve not managed to watch the breakdown yet, but I will do in the near future to try and learn him a little better. Once I’ve got my 20 ranked matches with him though, I’ll probably not play him there given the strange gameplay with motions in addition to other moves etc.


If you can teach me how to put this strat into practice, I want to see some “classic” defence from players atm.


Glad to hear you like the theme music. When I first got to play Eagle, hearing that music on a large speaker setup (not mine) was great. Also glad to hear a previously jumpy player is actually thinking about their strategies :slight_smile:

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I meant the Eagle player must defend “classically”, as in guessing their way out of the incoming mixup/ holding the incoming pressure, because Eagle lacks an invincible wakeup altogether.


Oh. Shame. I’d like to see some classic defence instead of what I’d consider to be an overabundance of jumping as of late. That and counterpicking seems to be a justified defence now too? Kilgore and Eagle ranked achievements are harder to get because of players using TJ/Jago/Maya/Riptor/Hisako constantly as proverbial counterpicks, but that’s another topic that I might make to discuss whether that’s an actual problem or not.

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I disagree with the Jago matchup. Despite having an edge in mixup it becomes a matter of having no wakeup, something Jago can easily abuse with his frametraps or plus advantage during instinct. Jago also has better shadow options in this matchup, namely windkick.


Wouldn’t well rounded characters just feel like shotos with DP, projectiles, and forward traveling specials? Unless you consider Kim well-rounded, in which she isn’t a shoto.