Eagle First Impressions


Even though he’s a S1 character, doesn’t Jago fit that all-around good archetype and then in later seasons, he got his laser sword flipout and J. LP flipout for mixups?

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Their offensive strengths are supposed to make up for their defensive weaknesses, so I don’t think it’s a problem. Characters like Sadira, Spinal, and Eagle can be absolute menaces when they get going. Plus the universal shadow counter system makes sure they have a respectable defensive option even if they’re stuck blocking.

Though, I’m pretty sure Keits said on the Eagle stream that the bird divebomb can be used as a reversal, though its long cooldown is a problem afterward.

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I played a good Eagle yesterday, and he gave me the bird. :stuck_out_tongue:

In truth, I find him quite interesting, if not a bit involved. I do see them doing some nerfs on the bird though. I literally had one Eagle trap me in a corner and continuously used Screech to lock me in place as he pummeled me.

All in all, I really like him though, even though he’s still not my cup of tea.


@Dayv0 did the same to me in our set. There are gaps but the amount of high-low blocking you have to do in that situation is a little overwhelming. I feel like Screech duration may be getting a reduction soon.


This is kind of a ■■■■ post but I really like the accessories that Eagle has even tho they’re not too flashy.

Eagle looks WAAAY better with a mask. :eagle:

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I just played eagle. He is awesome.


Just played against my first good Eagle. Jago’s inability to catch keep-away characters really showed here. Plus, the mix-ups were TJ Combo-level insane. Just tough stuff. Very glad his damage is as bad as it is because that bird lets him get away with a lot.


I noticed that Eagle’s fighting stance is reminicent to KI Classic Fulgore, if you look closely.


Damn, it indeed looks similar.