Eagle dossiers not dropping

Is anyone else having this issue? So far I have two of his eleven dossiers and I’ve played through Shadow Lords many MANY times since Eagle came out. I’ve probably fought mimic Eagle’s at least 50 times, probably far more, and I can’t get an Eagle dossier to save my life.

@TotalJimkata I hate to ask, but is there anything special we need to do to get Eagle dossiers to drop? I’ve played on all three difficulty levels, I’ve had Eagle in my party every time but I’ve changed up party members a lot. Does playing against mimic eagle versus deploying against him matter? I almost always play against him instead of deploying.

Is there some type of issue with the drop rate?

I didn’t get any either. When I was doing my runs for the Hatchery III, I was hoping to get one or two at least. I didn’t get a single one.

I would bet that you did at least 20+ runs before you made this thread. :slight_smile:. Is Eagle the last one that you need, or are you missing one or two from another character? The only reason I ask that is because I am still missing a couple from Shin, and Jago.

It would be nice if you got a locked dossier when you beat Gargos. This way you would get at least one per play though.


Oh at least… I lost count. I’ve been doing runs on a fairly consistent basis since Eagle dropped. I have him at level 45 right now and I haven’t used him in anything other than Shadow Lords. Some of those runs are pretty short, but some of them can go several turns. I said up above that I’ve fought Eagle at least 50 times, but I’m probably being generous. I think it’s been way more than that.

I have everything else except for the nine remaining Eagle dossiers. Once I get those, I’ll have 100%'d Shadow Lords. I’d love to do that, but Eagle doesn’t seem to want to comply. :frowning:

Yeah, even if they put a limit on it, like you need to last at least 20 rounds on the hardest difficulty, 40 rounds on the middle and 60 on the easiest, then fine. Do it. Let me do something that guarantees me a dossier, because right now I’ve just been playing and playing and nothing’s dropping. I don’t know if it’s a bug now or if I’m doing something wrong or what. Kinda sucks.

Great idea, it could provide a good incentive to have people keep playing too.

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Good to know it isn’t just me. I haven’t been able to get my last 10 dossiers for quite some time now.

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It is not just you. Getting above 90% is when the real grind starts. Doing several runs and only unlocking one if you are lucky.

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Yep. I’ve been on 104% for I don’t even know how long now. So many runs through and nothing to show for it. Doesn’t matter if I restart until a mimic Eagle pops up or if I play 20, 30 or 40 rounds. Nothing. The completionist in me really wants to keep trying to unlock these, but this feels punitive to such an extent that I have to wonder if it’s intentional or bugged or what.

I got up to the 104% mark pretty easy. The grind isn’t the issue, it’s that dossiers not dropping has been a problem in the past. So it may be a problem now. When I was going from getting 1-2 dossiers a day with only having 20-15 left to get to getting none in 2 months with only having 12 left is quite the issue. There have been a plethora of problems I’ve had with the game since it is only cloud save. My Gargos skins randomly disappear for no reason. I keep getting notifications of skins unlocking that I’ve had for nearly a year, and it seems like the cloud is now holding multiple save files as I can close the game, reload and have different stats in a rotation of 3. Even if the drop rate is 5%, defeating well over 200 mimics or an opponent in general not yielding 1 dossier isn’t how you add replay value to a single player mode.

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This is exactly the trend that I’ve noticed as well. Even when I got above 100%, they would still drop, albeit infrequently. But I honestly can’t remember the last time I got a dossier to drop. I really think something’s not working properly.

Ya know, it’s funny you say that. Last night, I got Eagle up to level 50, so I went to check what his level 9 color looked like and Gargos had the little notification triangle next to him. Confused, since I unlocked everything for him a long time ago, I checked and sure enough, the gold and platinum Gargos skins were listed as new even though I’ve had those, looked at those, and used those in game.

Honestly, I don’t know that this is intentional. Like you said, the game was dropping dossiers before this and now it’s just not dropping them at all. @TotalJimkata is there any chance that you can look in to this? I have nine Eagle dossiers left, I’ve fought at least 50-60 Eagle mimics (and that’s a conservative guess) since Eagle came out and I’ve only been able to get two of his dossiers to drop, and that was a few months ago. Since then, I haven’t been able to get a single dossier to drop and it sounds like others are having this issue as well.

If you could get back to us on it, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

They should just set it to 100% drop rate when you fight a mimmic. There are so many dossiers, so even at 100% it would take a while. Not to mention all the quest dossiers that need to be unlocked.

Even if they set it at 10-20% I think a lot of people would have everything by now. Even with only one character’s dossiers left, I don’t need them to drop EVERY time I fight that mimic, but maybe once every five times? It’s honestly to the point where it kinda sucks seeing an Eagle mimic in Shadow Lords because even though I know I’m not going to get a dossier, there’s still this tiny part of me that hopes, only to be let down lol.

The main reason I would like to see the 100% is because then it would be easy to see if there is a problem or not. If a dossier doesn’t drop, then there is a problem. It is hard to know if there is a problem if the setting was set at 20%

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Ah, I gotcha now. I see what you mean. I thought you meant a permanent change. No if they could switch it to 100% now and test it out or whatever they need to do, that’d be awesome. At least identify and reveal the fact that there’s a problem so I know I’m not going crazy lol.

I only have 3 characters left that need Dossiers. Thunder has needed only 1 for months now. Shin Hisako needs 2 and Eagle still needs 6. I actually got a dossier drop last night which was a surprise. Another thing I’ve noticed is, I have all of the gold skin packs despite never buying any except the Fulgore one. So that’s a thing lol… Also, the Gem and KI gold cost of the Killer pack was raised. Don’t know when or why that’s a thing… Gems went from 10,000-15,000 KI Gold went from 1,500-2,100. Seems redundant to me. I have been trying to get 100% in Shadow Lords but, it’s just not really feasible right now. I have all the mimic skins, nearly all the shadow skins, everything but a few dossiers that just won’t drop. So I either marathon until they eventually drop, which already seems too much, or I just put it on the back burner and give in lol.

With the funky things that have been happening in it’s entirety, I would say there is an issue somewhere within the game itself. Small list of issues I’ve had in the past month or so.

Matches having huge lag spikes or dropping.
Ranked stats resetting regularly, as if I hit re-qualify.
Gargos Unlockable skins disappearing and reappearing as if just unlocked.
Notifications for Shadow, Mimic, Terror and Gold Skins re-appearing.
Gold Skin Packs Unlocking for free (This one surprised me most) This one happened within the last week. Started with all but 6, then yesterday 6 unlocked.
Have only had it happen once but, all of character select was unavailable except the free rotating character in between exhibition and ranked matches.
Shadow Missions having problems loading (been an issue for quite a while though)
KI Gold, Astral Gems and other Shadow Lords inventory stuff disappearing and reappearing. (believe this was fixed… maybe?)
Lobby Mode failing to connect or just not working in general.

Most all of this stuff started around 3.7-3.8 Mostly with the steam release.

Most if not all of these have been reported on the bug report as well, so no need to repeat any.

I completely gave up on the Shadow Lords collectables after I had to completely wipe my KI profile to fix a game breaking glitch that kept causing KI to crash. I fixed the glitch, but all of my goodies are gone. :frowning:

At this point, I don’t care to ever touch the mode again.

Sorry to hear that =( I had a similar issue when Season 3 launched. Lost all of my data when the patch rolled out. Thankfully I had some help getting it back, although it took a while.

This is the third time for me… so I gave up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey everyone,

First sorry about the delay jumping on this thread! I missed it over the weekend but someone pinged me about this.

Just double-checking here, are dossiers not dropping for anyone at all, or just not happening for people that have most of them (like 90%+)? If anyone is just starting SL MODE and not seeing anything please DM me and tell me what platform you are on.

That said, I have looked at the drop rates and spent a bunch of time testing and tuning to make this more fun especially now there are 29 characters! No promises but will try to get this in the next or near future update.

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I think in Rukari’s last video about the most recent update, he said that you guys like where the game is at, so future updates wouldn’t happen for a long time (or something to that effect). Does this mean that we won’t see the update with the dossier drop rates adjusted and shadow matches being fixed for a long time? Just curious. I’m sure you can’t get in to specifics, but just thought I’d ask in case there’s anything you’re able to tell us.

I can’t speak to what the drop rates are like when starting SL or having a lower percentage, but I’m really hoping that there are some out there that can!

I don’t know if it’s Shadow Lords itself or not, I’ve been playing on PC and been noticing a few issues as I stated above. Gold Skins randomly unlocking (I like this one though ;)), Gargos unlockable Platinum and Gold disappearing and reappearing and other skin notifications appearing as new like my game is loading from multiple save files on the cloud. Whether or not that is effecting Shadow lords, I haven’t seen anything, my items are all still there, Eagle’s progress towards mimic skin is unchanged but, in the last 2 months I’ve only managed to get one Eagle dossier when the 2 months prior to that I was able to climb from 80%-104%. Some of that 80-104% was world dossiers and guardian dossiers too not just characters. I only have Thunder, Shin Hisako and Eagle left for dossiers. Thunder and Shin Hisako have both only needed 1 for a very long time and I’ve probably fought at least 50-60 of each one and haven’t seen a thing.

Really the only thing that I think would make it a little easier, would be more chances to fight specific mimics based on who your team consists of. Like, I’d pick Sabrewulf, Aganos and Fulgore because they all have chances to fight Thunder and still won’t see a Thunder in a full clear. As far as I know there are no missions that bring up Shin Hisako or Eagle. I somehow already have Kilgore done, he took like a day to get all of his dossiers. That I can’t explain how he is done but Thunder still isn’t. I’ve been grinding away this week a bit more than usual to try and get a couple more drops but no avail yet.