Eagle dossiers not dropping

Yeah this is the one that I’ve had most recently on Xbox One. Strange.

I’m not sure about gold skins randomly unlocking since I already own all of them (or I will once I purchase the newest pack tonight).

It took me forever to clear Shin Hisako’s dossiers and I have yet to see any missions from any characters that are specifically related to Shin Hisako or Eagle. I’d be shocked if they existed.

For me they are not dropping. The whole time I was doing runs in SL for the Hatchery III “very great full that was fixed” I was unable to get one Eagle dossier.

I would have replys sooner, but I was not able to log in for some wierd reason. I think my phone was messed up.

@Iago407 No promises, but we are doing an update for other things that I am working on getting this fix in for. I will definitely update this thread with news on when it’s coming out. I feel optimistic it’s soon. :slight_smile:

@SullenMosquito Hey! Been awhile! The stuff appearing & such sounds like live issues. Check the state of live services next time and DM me if it says all OK and this is happening.

Regarding drops on dossiers, I agree and will be adjusting things to make this way better! Let me confirm it’s in and update with the change.

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Thank you so much for looking into this for us.

Yes it has been a while, I do apologize for breaking some of the guardian/consumable combo’s in multiplayer. It was fun while it lasted having a near invincible Jago though. I hope all is well with you and your family!

That’s AWESOME! I won’t hold you to that, of course, but I’m really glad you’re looking in to this and really appreciate you giving us the heads up on it. Much appreciated!

Can’t wait! Looking forward to getting those last nine Eagle dossiers. Hope to see more dossiers (for new characters) in the future! :slight_smile:

So I randomly got a Shin Hisako and Thunder dossier recently. I don’t know if it happened because of what save loaded, but either way, I’m down to only needing eagle dossiers now. It was weird, I go months without a drop and now I get 2 within 2 days. Won’t complain too much but fighting eagle is a chore lol. Well, have to find him first… Needs some missions where you pick your opponent.

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Yeah see that’s what tells me that something’s off. We should get two within two days. That seems normal. But going months without getting a single dossier? Seems kinda crazy that this would be an intention design choice.

That’d be an AWESOME idea.

I still think that you should get “one” for beating Gargos. This way you will at least get one per run.

If I can beat Gargos 20 times to unlock one mimmic skin, then going though a few more for dossiers would be no problem

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I got Eagle’s mimic skin before I got 2 dossiers for him lol. So yes I really agree with this. However, I would say, have it be required that those characters be on your team and you get one unlocked so that way the mode still does what it was intended to do and force variety of characters.

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Yeah, I think both of these are great ideas. I think I’d also add that if you do get a dossier during the course of your run through, that you wouldn’t automatically get another one just by beating Gargos. You only get the one from Gargos if you didn’t get any at all during your run through and even then, it’s only for a character that’s in your group (as SullenMosquito suggested).

I think that’d both encourage character variety, but also longevity without being TOO much of a grind. I think that could strike a nice balance.

Ok it’s finally out- the patch last night 11/30/17 fixes the drop rate for all characters.

Shadow Lords Dossier drop adjustments per fan feedback:
o Character Dossiers now drop 100% for at least one of the enemies you defeat each fight (or deploy).
o Improved drop rate of world items
o Improved drop rate of guardian dossiers

You guys definitely made this happen, thanks for flagging this as a frustration and providing supporting info. That 100% hopefully takes you guys to the final 106%!!!

Patch notes incoming with this fix + Rash Ultra vs block as well.

I will definitely watch this thread - if anyone finds you still are not getting character dossiers as planned, please DM directly! Note- in a multi enemy fight there is only 1 for sure drop (assuming any of those characters still have locked dossiers). Please keep that in mind when trying this out.


Awesome!! Thanks a TON, James! Can’t wait to get home and test this out. Really appreciate it, man!

Now the hunt to fight 7 Eagle mimics begins! I have everything else except 2 killer guardians :smiley: Thanks again for all the hard work!

Thank you. Now it is time for the final push to 106%.

You have been a great help. Now when you are done with KI, could you go over to EA and fix Battlefront 2? :laughing:

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