E3 Hype Thread [Update CRAZY RUMORS] Crash Bandicoot Leak?

Let the annual E3 Hype thread begin!

Dead Rising 4 possibly leaked?

Injustice Leaked

Crash Bandicoot in Skylanders?


I can’t wait! Hoping for some solid games. Also plan on getting a PS4 sometime soon to complete my console collection, leaving me with a plethora of games to play.

I hope we see those 2 new fighting games that have been rumored.

What fighting games? You’ve got me curious…

I hooping for Scalebound gameplay, LoZ official release date and no more delays, Injustice 2, new IP’s

From what i herd from this rumor that there will be 2 brand new fighting games that we’ve never seen before that might be shown at Xbox E3 this year.

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Anyways. I think I want to explain this new Xbox information and what MS might be doing. This all speculation based on rumored information.

It all has to do with UWP. According to leaks MS will be announcing to new consoles. An Xbox Slim perhaps, and a Xbox Stick similar to chrome cast. This Xbox stick is a long time coming and similar things have been said since day 1 of the Xbox One. Another console is said to be coming next year codename Scorpio. What I think they are doing is making the Xbox into a PC and PC to Xbox. With these three consoles they will have three tiers of PC.

A low end Xbox Stick PC which is said to be capable of running mobile games. The current Xbox One and Slime which will be medium range, and the Scorpio which will be a high end gaming PC. With UWP devs won’t have to do much of a port job to get existing PC games on Scorpio and even things like SFV could even be on it since it after all will be a PC. The current Xbox One benefits by this because seeing how all of them will be PC’s all devs would have to do is convert existing games to UWP on the Windows Store and if they are low enough be able to run on the Xbox One. Tons of games that have never been ported to Consoles can now be done with UWP.

Overall I think Xbox will just be a PC at that point.

Really? Any idea what those two fighters might be? Where did you hear this rumor?

Man, I’d love it if Phil finally made it up to XB1 owners for losing SF to PS4 like he said he would.

I’m guessing one could be an all new IP and the other could possibly be Xbox All-Stars…

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There have been a lot of talk on here about a possible MK vs KI. Seeing as how the NetherRealm guys are up for it and Xbox Scorpio is going to need an exclusive it seems like a no brainer to do this.

I have no idea what these 2 fighting games are. i herd this off a website, that MS took the rumor down which there could be a reason why they took the rumor down.

I mean it makes sense because MS wants to compete with Sony when it comes to fighting games. I hope to god the rumor is true


Weapon Lord?

KI vs MK?

Bloody Roar?

Tao Feng?

idk It’ll be interesting!

Well i do know Clayfighter is getting either a Remake or Remastered for PC and possibly Consoles.

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I know, Interplay have been mad silent. They’ve been known not to follow through with things… which scares me. I’m hoping something(anything) shows up at e3.

Ms compete with sony in fighting games? Man ms hasnt done anything to bring more fighting games to xbox and they dont seem to care either. Xbox has some fighters and ms is supporting ki, but they still lack the support from 3rd party devs to bring more fighters on to xb1 and that is unlikely to change. I would like to see them try.


Dear god YES to any and all of those!!!

Weaponlord would be my first choice, but I would be crazy hyped for any of these. I suppose a Kakuto Chojin reboot could theoretically be possible. I actually liked some of the character concepts and the presentation, though I sincerely doubt MS tries to give this one another go.


I would love for Bloody Roar to come back! I’m bored with the other fighting games lately. Except KI.

Bethesda’s holding another conference, which is a good sign that there might be some more big news this year. Fingers crossed for a new main Elder Scrolls game and perhaps Prey 2 and a Single Player Expansion for Doom4.
As an added bonus, EA and Activision have reportedly smaller conferences this year, which means there’ll be time for more people to get up and do stuff. Granted, I’m interested in Titanfall 2. Mech swords FTW
I’ve also heard rumors CD Project Red may show up with Cyberpunk 2077.

@kamenriderzer02 @VergoVan @lago407

Word just leaked Tekken coming to Xbox. If like you guys say that something will be shown on Xbox’s E3 then am guessing Tekken will have a KI character just like the PS4 version might have Akuma exclusivity.