Dragon Ball FighterZ


No disagreement there. The “weak Yamcha/Krillin” jokes have REALLY gotten old and annoying. Which makes me happy Arksys gave him some respect (even gave him of all people a reverse dramatic finish).


I prefer the 2 shirts Videl. Gives her more color in her outfit.

That and I don’t like her pigtails either


I just love that people are throwing down over short haired or long haired Videl. I think she looks cool either way.

@CausingThought6 I’m not a fan of DragonBall at all. But lots of people love it and the reason I follow this game is because I think the developers have done a tremendous job with the material (not because I love the source so much). I’m not really into tag fighters and I know I would be terrible at it but I’m always tempted to buy this just for the visuals.


The game is certainly fun and the devs did a fantastic job. But with the license come some… inevitable problems that I just can’t get over. In my opinion, the roster lacks variety. After playing through story mode and seeing most of the characters, while the visual designs of the characters are great, their powers and moves run together to the point that I find them uninteresting with few exceptions. The art style is fine, but some elements (especially characters faces) feel copy pasted, and i don’t like how a not insignificant portion of the cast where the exact same gi. At least in Street Fighter they change the color. And none of the characters are particularly likeable, at least from what i’ve seen in the story mode. There’s Goku (if Patrick Star was Superman), people who are mad at Goku and arrogant (the villains), people who are mad at Goku but are good hearted about it (the allies), planks of wood with no personality (the androids), and the only interesting character Android 21 (If Harley Quinn was god). And the music sounds like it’s from an old veggietales tape.

All of these things come from the fact that the game is a DBZ game. And probably wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t. But that’s not really criticism that applies here. So, I’m just kind of out of luck. I can’t ask them to change these things because then it wouldn’t be a DBZ game anymore.


To be fair, FighterZ’s story mode is noooooot exactly the best source to get the first impression on characters. It focused more on the comedic side of their interactions (a good number of them you need to be aware of the series to even get some of the jokes) when there’s more meat to them than you think (even the planks of wood you called the androids).


Based on your suggestion I caved in and started watching the show. I found a good watch order online and started with the original show. And man is it sexist! Sometimes it’s funny because it’s so rediculous, but other times i’m slapping myself in the forehead. I’ll keep at it but… not off to a great start. Also there’s a lot of standing around and talking for an action show.


Bear in mind this anime did take place in the 80’s so be prepared for things like that. The series does kinda grow out of it later. (not entirely but a good lot of it)

Yeah, the series does start off kinda slow. However it does catch it’s stride once you get to the tournament sagas. The orginal series was originally mainly about the adventure aspect but then slowly shifted towards more action with some adventure-comedy sprinkled in there. Then comes DBZ that brings a major genre shift to more action/sci-fi.

so yeah… expect some changes


Alright. I’ll continue on with confidence.

And can I say this? How come the Ox King isn’t a more major thing in the fan base. I just found out about him now, after a long history of wondering where the guy was (cause, you know he’s the main villain of Journey to the West). Why aren’t people asking for this guy in FighterZ?


you’ll soon find out he’s pretty irrelevant. Especially when you know who his master is.


You talking about how he’s one of Roshi’s students? Or something else?

Speaking of, why isn’t Roshi in FighterZ? I’ve seen his Death Battle, he can hold his own.


The Roshi student thing

Roshi’s a pretty requested character but I guess one of the major issues with him is that he can’t fly


Has he been in other Dragon Ball fighters? If they made it work there surely they can make it work here. Same goes for Mr. Satan (and I know HE’S been in other DBZ fighters. Thanks SomecallmeJohnny)

A few more episodes in. Launch is awesome and a perfect answer to my previous problems.


He did appear in the Budokai Tenkaichi games. However that series is a 3d arena fighter so the rules are kinda different. In there Roshi never flew, but he floated while slowly drifting down to the ground (this applied to all characters that couldn’t fly). Now that may not sound like a big deal, but thing is the BT was more of DB toybox than a competitive fighting game and the games didn’t really primarily strive to be as accurate to the show as possible (aside from power lvls but that’s a different ball game) so they were willing to break some rules if it meant just sticking any character on there.

With FighterZ, Arksys tries to make the characters they make as accurate to source material as possible and the whole “can’t fly” thing could be part of that “accuracy” if that makes any sense. HOWEVER, I’m not a developer there so the things I’m saying could be 100% bull. Maybe they can make it work somehow. Just have to wait and see.

Also glad you’re liking Launch. But… snickers …without going into spoilers… snickers …enjoy her while you can. That’s all I’m saying.


O…K… that’s not forbidding in any way.

Anyway. I Just had a random thought. In DragonBall, all of these crazy energy moves (even flight) can be learned through Martial Arts. Batman is all about martial arts too. If Batman went to the DragonBall world and had access to their KI, he’d probably be the most powerful human warrior there. He’d at least be more powerful then Krillin.



I never thought of it that way. Would be interesting at least.


Now I’m imagining him using Krillin’s disc things, but he’s somehow figured out how to make them batarang shaped.

Just out of curiosity, how different is the english dub from the japanese original?


As far as OG dragon ball goes, I can’t really say since it’s been so long but from what I remember it’s pretty accurate.

DBZ however… hoo boy… a big victim of the Americanization of anime in the 90’s/early 2000’s anime
Let’s the bad out the way. Changing music than what was intended (and it never shuts up), Significant dialogue changes that make characters… well… out of character, can take tension out of scenes, and the dialogue itself is pretty cheesy compared to the JP version. And the dubbing itself was pretty weak (mainly the early parts of Z as they do get better as the series progresses)

However, on the hand, there is some good in it. There’s a reason why it was so fondly remembered by American audiences. Going back to the music, while a lot of it is pretty forgettable (primarily because a lot of it is stock music just to fit the scene rather than standalone tracks) there are some diamonds in the rough that are pretty dang good. Like (In my opinion of course) “Gohan fights Frieza” “ssj3 transformation theme” “Hyperbolic Time Chamber theme” etc. Same case for the dialogue and voices. It’s starts out weak at first (because the VAs involved had like little to no experience) but it gradually gets better as the VAs really started hitting their stride with their characters. Not to mention they can give us some very memorable speeches and lines (Vegeta especially). Despite the criticisms, the old Z dub really hit a mark with American audiences for that time and became a significant player in having anime popularized in the west.

Soon in around in 2009 DBZ Kai came along which was a re dub of the original Z series minus most of the filler to keep in line with the original manga (the FMA:B of DB if you will) which includes:
-Much Improved voice acting due the VAs having about a decade’s worth of experience now
-No americanized music changes
-more accurate dialogue to the JP script
-gets more straight to the point thanks to less filler

As far as dubs go, in OG DB, I think you’re fine. But if you get to Z and want more accuracy to the source material, I strongly recommend the Kai dub.

Edit: HOLY HELL did I write a wall. My bad lol.


I was gonna watch both anyway so, now I know how to set my expectations.

Question: In FighterZ, why is Teen Gohan Super Saiyan but Adult Gohan is in base form?


Young Gohan never fought in base for in the original manga. Just super saiyan and super saiyan 2. Adult Gohan is kinda special. He’s in base form but at the same time he’s not. This was the result of Elder Kai unlocking “all” of Gohan’s latent potential (put in quotes cuz Super kind of soft retcons this) in his base form. Thus making him MUCH stronger than he would be as a super saiyan. (commonly called “Ultimate Gohan”)


I see…

this series is weird