Dragon Ball FighterZ


Here’s some gameplay of Videl and CHADren:


Are there any DragonBall characters that have… other powers. I swear it’s just nothing but energy blasts. It’s kind of boring.


The new characters look awesome, Jiren with his unique air combos and Videl being one of my favorite characters is amazing to have in the game…but the patch seems a little controversial.

I am kinda disappointed with the double super nerf, I know they did it do increase variety and nerf down some damage but honestly I had fun teams that revolved around double supers. My triple Vegeta team had supers, my hit combos involved supers in the middle of combos, my Zamasu/Black/Trunks had a whole variety of supers, and my Blue Vegeta combos :sweat:

At least that dragon rush knockdown is nice, I wonder how I’ll have to change my playstyle according to it (if I can actually get good matches once and while)


They all use ki, which manifests into energy blasts. Characters like Hit use Time-skip to go through time to beat enemies. There are others like Buu that use stretchy limbs, absorption, and candy transformation to eat the opponent.

I honestly don’t know what you’re complaining about.


So Videl has a secret costume. Here is how you get it.


Maybe it’s just cause I’m not a fan of the show. But they all kind of… run together. Buu would stand out if it weren’t for the fact that there are 3 of him. Piccolo seems a bit more unique. He’s like, psychic and has stretch Armstrong powers too. That’s cool. Trunks has a sword. That’s nice.

But most of the characters powers are just energy blasts. There are thousands of other kinds of powers they could be using. Where’s Pyrokinesis? Cryokinesis? Ferrokinesis? Geokinesis? Areokinesis? Hydrokinesis? Electrokinesis? Atmokinesis? Magic? They could be using interesting weapons (like Trunks’s sword). Someone could control f**king animals! I don’t know. It just feels like a boring cast.


Dragon Ball just ain’t that kind of show.


I see. If FighterZ has done anything for me it’s proved definitely that DragonBall is not for me. I’ll still buy the DLC so I can get the most time out of it. But I don’t think i’ll be checking out the source material.


Pig-tails Videl is best Videl :+1:t5:

@CausingThought6 Fighting characters with unique abilities would be Pikkon (flame-based attacks), Babidi (magic), Dabura (spit that turns you to stone), Hit (time powers), Janemba (teleportation and reality warping) and maybe some of the randoms from the Tournament of Power or something. As Swordsman says, Dragonball, at least from Z on, isn’t a show about magic or abilities. It’s who can move faster, punch harder, and shoot bigger energy blasts. When it’s on it does those things really well, but that is fundamentally what all its fights are about.


Tried out Videl. I’m gonna buy this game now.


Like I said, that means that it’s probably not for me. I’ve come to realize that a lot of the problems that I have with this game, all come from the fact that it’s based on DragonBall. So, I don’t know what that means for my future with this title. I’ll keep playing it and get my money’s worth. But I don’t think I’ll be investing in future entries in this franchise.

I’ll just stick to Superman.


Yep. I feel the same way about Imperfect Cell, but I’m pretty sure he’s not getting in either.


Then we are not friends anymore.


We are not friends anymore then. Pig-tails > Short hair Videl


Putting in yet another vote for Pig-tails Videl


Pigtail master race.


Fight me.


Short hair beats pigtails any day of the week


a man of taste I see
I’m really glad Videl made it to the game. She definitely had me more hype than Jiren.


When I think about it, not really. It’s moreso Toriyama’s fault for having her introduced as such a weak character strength wise (heck Yamcha could beat her I’m not kidding) on the last saga of Z where the power creep was already beyond ridiculous and just keeps getting higher and higher the more we go into Super (Even the humans have already suffer from this aside from the androids). To the point where it’s impossible (or at least very difficult) to have her catch up without resorting to buttpulls. And the fanbase just LOVES those. It’s sad I know, but unfortunately that’s the reality of it.

But anyway how goes ya’ll? Been a HOT minute since my last visit to this site. Glad to see it still a bit active. Now for my looooong wait for Gogeta (my favorite character). feelsbadman.


And this is a big problem with Z (and especially Super). All jokes aside, Yamcha is actually a ridiculously powerful character, and yet because he’s not a saiyan he’s what, the butt of all the universe’s jokes?

At least in the show’s canon, Yamcha ended the Namek saga capable of going toe-to-toe with members of the Ginyu force. That puts him many, many times stronger than Vegeta was when he came to Earth way back when.

Does he have a nasty habit of running up against fighters stronger than him? Sure. But Yamcha is still literally like the 10th strongest person on Earth. Give the man some respect.

That’s unfortunate. I rather liked you Kev :slightly_frowning_face:

But yeah - pigtails Videl and it isn’t even close :-p