Dragon Ball FighterZ


I don’t like this conversation. We’re jumping incoherently between in-Universe power scaling, real world game design, and real-world ip politics. With no real transition between the different types of arguments.

Here’s my final statement.

In-Universe: He’d be able to hold his own in a fight with the Dragon Ball cast.
In Game Design: He’d be able to be designed as a combatant fighter.
In the real world: Companies always “never let that happen” until they do. Their mindsets ate fluid and change over time. I’m not saying they WILL for certain, but you never know.


Sorry, it was around 5AM when I made that post. I guess the last thing I’ll say is that if Superman did by some chance get in, they should have Cyborg Superman as a skin.

With all of that said, does anyone here have any predictions for the 2 unrevealed characters? I know a lot of people I’ve encountered online wanted Janemba on the roster, maybe they’ll actually put him in for season 2?


What if they did a DragonBall x DC Comics fighter in the style of FighterZ? Like, I’m a huge Injustice fan, but after playing this for a while I acknowledge it’s just not a good fit for these characters. But DC characters would work fine in FighterZ.

Separate note, does this game have Arcade mode endings?


that’s not much of a supersize. He ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.


Well he’s looking kind of dumb with his finger and his thumb in the shape of an L on his forehead.


I see what ya did there.


Seriously though, I’m now pretty deep in the Enemy Warrior arc and he’s such a moron I genuinely don’t understand why people think he’s fun to watch.


Some characters are so dimwitted but it’s done in a way that folks love them. Heck that’s why folks love Caboose from red vs blue so much. He’s dimwitted but lovable.


Yeah, Toriyama had a nasty habit of not knowing how to do anything interesting with female characters not named Bulma. Which is a shame because Videl was actually really cool I think. Seems like her moveset means I’ll have to deal with Great Saiyaman however, so I can’t be too happy about her inclusion right now. Goodness I hate that character…was basically the preface to Gohan’s slide down to jobber. :slightly_frowning_face:

No, that’s just bad writers not knowing what to do with him. Superman is basically a demigod, and one of the most annoying things is how ridiculous writers sometimes get about forgetting that and just writing him into losing or being “challenged” in ways that ignore his previously established skills, abilities, and intelligence. Superman isn’t just an idiot farmer with flying brick powers - he’s actually extremely intelligent, and contrary to popular imagination has significant martial experience as well.

Sorry for the rant. Supes getting jobbered is a pet peeve of mine :joy:

But while a crossover would actually be kinda cool (and Superman is one of the few characters in fiction who legitimately could tangle with the cast of DBZ), it definitely won’t happen. :-p


And yeah, Goku’s idiocy in DBS is well, well beyond the threshold for likability for me. He actively brings the show down, and there’s nothing charming or redeeming about a man his age with his power being a naive child.


Hey, you never know. Like I said before. Companies “never do stuff like that” until they do. Super Smash Bros and Injustice 2 taught me that. They don’t always do the cool crossover fanservace stuff, but they do enough for it to be a considered possible option.

Like, just imagine the fan reaction. There never has and never will be again such a massive and almost even mixture of raging happiness and vitriolic hatred all at once.


Honestly that was the reason I stopped liking Superman, almost every writer throws his powers and aspects out the window, basically remaking the character for the sake of plot. Even Batman has nonsense like this, but because he was never god-powered like Superman he somehow avoids that pitfall in most cases (thought plot armor is strong with him as well).

Is it that bad? I’ve only seen DBZ so I’m confused at how someone who’s come so far can make TFS Goku look like a genius (or at least more likable). That last statement I made I dearly hope is an exaggeration.


Batman has infinitely more plot armor than Superman (or really any superhero to be honest), at least in the context of Justice League and larger “event” works. The reason people claim to love him is because he’s “normal”, but nothing about modern Batman is normal at all. “Because I’m Batman” is basically his super power at this point - no matter what he’s up against he’s magically already thought of that exact permutation of calamity and is up to the task. There’s no danger or mystery to him; he’ll escape or win or achieve the victory condition simply because that’s what Batman does. Normal my ■■■.

Batman works set within his own corner of DC are much better about this, for what it’s worth. Batman stories within Gotham actually are grounded in ways that make sense for who he is and his skillset.

Whether Goku brings Super down for you will largely be a personal matter. I find the idea of a father of two not knowing what kissing is utterly absurd and a ridiculous premise, and think that a man capable of literally destroying planets should probably have an emotional maturity exceeding that of a 5 year old. That doesn’t seem to bother some people though, so whatever floats your boat. :man_shrugging:t5:


I’m just so excited for Videl. With Gohan or not, I’m glad she’s in the game. A character I’ve wanted since the beginning :smiley:


Not even Dragon-Ball-Z-Abridged Goku is that stupid


Yeah, Videl is one of the only things I liked about the Buu saga - she was a legitimately cool character!


This is the version of Batman I actually care for, mainly because of the 90’s cartoon. You’re right in that every time big villains like Brainiac or Darksied walk into the room Batman becomes Bat-God for the sake of not being one-shotted by their superpowers, but as long as he still has the no-nonsense personality I try to focus on that instead of the fact that he’s tanking lasers that can destroy entire cities.

But let’s be honest, despite the original statement of “Put Superman in the game” this has probably gone off-topic by now. Let’s just agree that maybe some people should not be writing these characters.

True, even in the TFS version of DBZ he still understands the concepts of love and even the stress of fatherhood, but then promptly ignores everything the second the words “job” or “a new fighter has appeared” ring through his head. I’m not sure how the official version of Goku somehow ends up dumber, maybe they thought their “combat god” character would be more interesting if he was bad at everything else?


Honestly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chichi did “most of the work”, if you catch my drift.


I’m just here waiting for Super Buu, the character that’s DEFINITELY not getting in.


Okay. I’m in the Android 21 arc now. And I have one question… HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO STAY ALIVE!?! Like, I try blocking, but it doesn’t work because you can’t start blocking when your in a combo. But it’s not like I can just stand there and block the whole time because you can’t block and attack at the same time. And some opponents can teleport behind you, and sense you hold back to block instead of using a dedicated button, you’re just wide open because the block stops working after they warp. So how on earth am I supposed to not die?