Dragon Ball FighterZ


Congrats man! Which team were you using to get you there


I’m using Ginyu, Hit, and SSJ Goku atm.


Soooo…got to living legend quicker than I thought I would.

I can now say I’m in the top 30-40 in ranked. Feels good :yum:


Congratulations! Now I feel left behind lol


I’m a part of the club too now! Same stage too!


Almost Top 20! Maybe I might get noticed and get featured in a replay channel :yum: One can dream.

How are you guys doing? Would like to know where you guys are in the leaderboard as well


I kind of took a break in FighterZ for a bit. Trying to avoid burnout like I did in KI (got close but missed top 32 too many times)


I got this game and the Season Pass for Switch for Christmas. Know next to nothing about DragonBall. What I know comes pretty much exclusively from Death Battle. Any advice?

Note: I don’t have online.


Do you have Android 21 with the Season Pass? If not, you should unlock by just playing the story mode. Story is just a really long turtorial mode honestly. Not much fun to be found there.

Just try out the characters at this point. Combo training is a good place to start. Learning each character’s role can be extremely greatful for making teams. Try using two easier assist characters with one more complicated character.

For your first characters, try;

Super Sayian Goku
Super Sayian Vegeta
Goku Black
Yamcha (for easy assist)

These characters are rather simple (save maybe Yamcha) and should help you learn the game. Bnb combos are pretty simple for most of the cast so once you figure them out you shouldn’t focus much on them. I’d recomen learning how to use your assists in pressure and combos. Neutral is a great skill as well to learn with experience. Also, don’t abuse super dash. It can be countered by Cr.H by decent players. Try not to really too much on auto combos as well. They are a good introduction but have a limit in what they can do.

There a bunch of videos on YouTube for tutorials as well such as this for starters:

If you have any preference in character types (grappler/rushdown/zone/etc) I could point you to a character you might like.

Don’t worry about not watching Dragon Ball, although you may miss a lot of the references, it has a pretty great art style and easy combo system. It’s pretty enjoyable by its own.


The most I could give you is my mains in other fighters and maybe you can go from there.

In Killer Instinct I Play Riptor and Rash
In Mortal Kombat X I play Jason Voorhees
In Injustice 2 I play Captain Cold and Sub-Zero
In Ultra Street Fighter IV I play Poison
In Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite I play a Dante and Captain Marvel team


So. I just finished the Super Warrior arc. I have a few things to say.

  1. Explaining the player and the tag team mechanics was really dumb
  2. Goku is a f**king moron
  3. What Whis and Beerus’s conversation at the end saying that those two plot point were actually meaningless, or are there answers elsewhere in the game.
  4. Android 21 sounded like she was orgasming before the final fight.