Dragon Ball FighterZ


Some Coora gameplay for those who haven’t seen it yet


Cooler has a counter level 3

We Johnny Cage, now?



Now i can make a team of 16, 17, 18 lul


I need 19 cause… 7 8 9



Ok…so after watching some gameplay of the two, I’m kinda scared of what will become of online.

Cooler seems fine. He fits the powerhouse role that he plays and only thing really worrying is that parry lv.3. But it’s nothing too crazy.

But 17…oh boy. That rekka looks scary. I know i haven’t went up against it yet it seems really easy to abuse. The fact that he has a crazy fast built in mixup with a parry and a feint and a side switch makes him look like Yamcha on steriods. Facing against him with lag doesn’t look like it’ll be much fun.

Anyone have similar impressions? Or is it just me. Wonder what you guys think


I think you are overestimating 17 a bit. He seems scary until you break him down. Sure he has the rekkas but the thing is normal into rekka isn’t real. You can always reflect or vanish out of it unless an assist is used. Sure he has the parry but that costs a bar. He has his sideswitch stuff but it’s much more situational and you can’t just do it. Hit has a better left right game from what I can see. It’s a good mix up but not impossible mix up into assist and repeat.

Is anything fun in lag


Yeah. Rekkas can be interrupted. Most people just mash light attack if I try to go for something. You have to use assists and meter to stay safe. However, if you can condition your opponent, that is where 17 shines.

Don’t even get me started on Cooler. That man has frame traps for days lol

Good thing is, now that I’m playing 17, my Yamcha came back into play :slight_smile:


Now that I have gotten my hands on Cooler for a bit.

It’s easy to say…this guy plays weird. In a good way though. He doesn’t play like the basic characters in the roster. I love his DP, it’s such a good tool for combos and defense. I also love the fact that he works so well with Frieza.

I love my new team now. Trunks, Cooler, and Frieza seem to have some good synergy going.

I also went up against a good player who was using 17. He has some pretty good damage potential for a similar mixup with the right assists. He works really well with Yamcha and Gotenks. If I was having trouble with it now, I wonder how it will be when it has time to grow.

Either way, Cooler is such a great character. I really hope I’ll be able to master him


I’m rocking 17, Yamcha, 16. Complete lockdown :lock:


Let’s see how much that complete lockdown works for you when you take a lv.3 parry to the face!:yum:

Ws should absolutely play this weekend if you can


I’m thinking of Ginyu, 17, and SSJ Goku but 17’s assist really hurts the team’s synergy


I feel like 17 could help with ginyus pressure since it keeps the opponent from mashing any buttons. But it obviously could take some time for you to fullly incorporate it into combos


17’s barrier assist is not that great. Usable, but not immune to a lot of attacks for very long.


I’m trying Cooler and so far, I’m liking him a lot. His range is insane, and I like how brutal he looks in his animations


So…I’m in a bit of a happy mood. I finally got to Super Sayian Blue today.

Thanks Cooler!


Nice! Still stuck in Supreme Kai. But, that’s probably because I’m working on my Beerus team.

That’s right. I’m going for all the marbles. Go hard, or die trying to look cool.

-Cue Music-




I just managed to get Super Saiyan God. I feel the main thing preventing me from making fast progress is the matchmaking.