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Interesting article about Sonic Fox, the coin flip to switch sides and his win at EVO
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he meta’d go1 pretty hard, the delay broke his focus, his momentum, and threw in irritation to boot. as my own rival says to dirty but legal tactics, “its part of the game”. effective


I was kinda hoping GO1 would make a comeback. I didn’t like what Fox did but hey, it’s a legal move.


Cooler made it!


I ended up with a bad feeling after watching that. Didn’t like it at all. But it’s not uncommon in other sports like soccer for instance (cooling, or wasting time with different actions). I felt bad for GO1. Terminé muuuy enojada con Sonic Fox


lol he was mad cuz he figured out the ploy afterward prolly. how would things have gone if he had just agreed? we’ll never know, but id wager go1 wouldve taken it as he was still fired up and not distracted nearly as much


I am normally a person who hates this kind of tactic. I think “icing the kicker “ in the NFL is a terrible thing and just unsportsmanlike. But I actually don’t have a problem with this.

First of all, I think the person who makes it to grand finals in winners bracket has probably earned a five minute break between a losing set and the final match. No other player in the game is forced to play the player who just beat them immediately (as in seconds) after losing the match to keep themselves in the tournament. So the idea that taking a minute or two between sets is somehow “dirty” just doesn’t seem right to me.

I also think it’s well accepted that one of the givens for tournament play isthat its a combination of skill, keeping your nerves under pressure and stamina. Both these guys had a long hard intense day. If Go is only able to beat SomicFox without giving the guy a minute between matches then that’s a bit suspect isn’t it? And there’s no guarantee SonicFox wouldn’t have won even with out the delay. Both these guys are crazy good players and Fox has a tremendous tournament record.

Of course Go and his fans are unhappy. That’s kind of expected. But it’s like any team that loses their final opportunity in a game to a bad call by the ref. Part of your job as a team is to put yourself in a position to win the game - and avoid putting yourself in a position to have the game decided by the referee at the last second. Go still got the chance to play all the matches. He could have won, but he didn’t beat his opponent. I don’t really see this as being unfair to him.


I want another GO1 vs SonicFox ft10 now. It would be interesting.


Not really. Everyone plays games for different reasons and enjoys different things. I find combo execution incredibly unfun and unrewarding, and that’s fairly atypical as I understand it. It’s just not interesting to me, because the part of FG’s that I enjoy is around the mental back-and-forth between you and your opponent. The reads and recognition of patterns and tendencies is what makes me like the genre; combos are just what I learn so that I don’t lose more than I have to. We’ve all got our quirks and the things that interest us.

As I’ve said many times in these forums, you should probably manage expectations. Regardless of what changes get made, you’re almost certainly still going to lose to mediocre players running good teams, because that’s how team games with 30+ characters work, and because ASW very clearly has some defining philosophies about how DBFZ is going to play.

They may indeed introduce more tools to bring up some of the lower-tier characters, but a general truism of the FG genre as a whole is that characters will always exist that take better advantage of universal mechanics than others. Wildly forward moving autocombos will continue to be better on offense than more stationary ones, DP’s that can be performed in air will be better overall than solely grounded ones, and air-ok level 3’s will be more versatile than their grounded compatriots. No matter what ASW does (and they’ve tended in the past away from huge meta-shifts outside of nerfing some wildly overpowering character like Kokonoe or Arakune or Raven), it is unlikely to entirely change the dynamic of there being some clearly better characters than others.

Maybe not. GO1 has housed Fox in every long set they’ve ever run.


Hey guys. There’s some more gameplay of the bases. Check them out if you haven’t yet.

Can’t wait to try them out. Especially Vegeta. That command grab looks sick!


Patch notes

Cell, Kid Buu, Bardock , nerfed(yay!)

18, Nappa and Freezer got really good buffs




Oh god, these base characters are so much fun! Like seriously! I think they might both compose of my new team! Idk what people were so worried about these guys are awesome!

What are your guys first impression?


I really want to enjoy them but it’s not fun having every other match disconnect :confused:


A lot of people just seem to be quitting on me. I didn’t get a full ranked set for a whole hour. Guess people don’t like how I play. Hope your connection gets better, it can be pretty frustrating.

Also @Dayv0. I really want to play against you so more. I had to leave so I wasn’t able to play but I really want to work on my B.Goku and B.Vegeta with you. There’s something different about these characters that I can’t seem to put my finger on. But they are so enjoyable.

Also @TheNinjaOstrich when are u available for a set. It’s been awhile

Also @KevBones10 if you ever want to play with me as well, tell me when your available


Ggs to Kev for our matches, and the hilarious Saibaman ending!


you could imagine how salty and disappointed I was after that happened. Lol


Am I seeing this right that an assist killed him right as you would have died or is there something else I’m missing?


Actually it’s not an assist, Nappa can plant Saibamens, which emerges seconds later and begin to auto attack by their own, similar to Gargos’ minions.

So yes, he was killed by a delayed auto assist ala Gargos’ minion which saved my life XD


Hey…we can now say Nappa is top tier…and not be joking!

What have you guys thought of the new patch and characters so far?