Dragon Ball FighterZ


If they add Cooler chances are it will be this form here.



YEEEEESSSSS! I’m so excited! Their intros are amazing and so far it looks promising :slight_smile:


Tbh, I kinda snorted when I saw the “(Character) joins the fight!”

Yes. Welcome Goku and Vegeta. Welcome back for the 4th time :joy:


Ik it’s bad but I was bored ok :yum:


Going back to this topic, a problem that I see in this game regardign balance between characters (combo-potential wise) it’s how differently each character gains meter/spends resources.

For example, Cell loops.
-They deal a lot of damage
-They need “few” resources(meter) compared to most characters
-Since there are a lot of hits, they generate a good chunk of meter
-Good corner carry from midscreen
-They are long, so it’s a good way to spend the opponent spark if they activated it
-A good part of his loops can be done solo (no assists)

IMO that’s a lot of stuff going here on Cell’s favour

About the air launcher topic, characters who has access to it have better conversions(both for damage/positioning/meter) from getting openings, even non optimal ones. All top tier characters have it, with the exception of 16(same as game mechanics “works” against Freezer or Beerus, they “work” in 16’s archetype favor hence his placement in tiers even lacking some key tools other chars have)

I’m not considering the stuff some chars can do with assists since, well, all chars can take advantage of it.

Overall, I fell that there are huge balance gaps between characters, since I see several of them which are good in a lof of areas, and in the other hand, others lack several of these tools.

Of course there is going to be differences between chars, and of course some of them are going to be top tier while others doesn’t, but what annoys me is that these differences are quite big, so you always see the same teams over and over again.


I’ll agree with you there. Some characters are clearly stronger than others. It’s not something like in KI where you see aspects where characters shine but have disadvantages for them as well. It’s not as clear in DBFZ.

The top tiers characters can do things by themselves (with lots of payoff) and only get stronger with assists. Characters of the lower tiers are either mediocre or even depend on assists to get anything started. It’s true that the meta is STRONG here. I’m kinda hoping the new balance pack coming will actually change something and put more characters in the Goku, Vegeta, Black tiers imo. I think those guys should be the middle of the tiers and the other characters should be as close to them as possible, not the outliers that we see now.

One of the things that seems to irk me in this game is that it can be way to chaotic at times. In these moments there’s no way to outplay your opponent. Most people do random, unreactable stuff or things that just can’t be punished, like why should I be put in a mixup because I blocked a tracking super dash.

There are so many little nitpicks that I can say but tbh the point is shown. There are a lot of problems in this game that basic FGs have a better time working with. Hopefully things change as the game matures.

Also Ggs to you and @KevBones10

For you Davy0, I feel like you might need a character that can be used a support. Broly and Nappa are characters that need help for damage and pressure. Although you can do some things, it might be too difficult to get really good results. Someone as a conventional anchor. It might help to deal with some of the frustration that comes with the feeling of having no payoff.


Alright…I’m a bit bored and have nothing to do, so why not go on a lil rant of some weird things I find in this game, maybe see if people agree with me or not. Alright then,


Lobby System- Who’s smart idea was this? What purpose does it even serve really? To confuse players on how the game even gets started? Or complicate things that shouldn’t be at all complicated. A simple menu can make matchmaking and any other features like 10 times easier to use.

I don’t understand what the devs were thinking? That it was gonna be some kind of social hub? Tell me the last time there was some kind of gathering in the lobby full of stamps and sayings. I rarely see anyone using stamps and ring matches are only used for playing with friends. I can’t stand it when I get disconnected from the lobby sometimes and it takes a whole minutes or more getting back to a new lobby when I could have just click a button with a menu…

This goes for the avatars and stamps that give you. To me these are just a waste of time. The card should be the only customization imo. It’s something where the wasted their time with and could have used to better other aspects of the game.

Ranked system: Why is there and option for you to quit in the middle of a ranked set. Casual I understand, but ranked? You already have the option to accept the other player or not, shouldn’t that be enough. I personally don’t like since it just gives slaty players a way to escape after one win or two losses., in my experience. Idk if other games do this but I don’t like it personally.

Also…I wish the rank system was a better way to determine skill. I can easily tell who played an FG before in this game and who’s good or not and surprisingly, there seems to be a lot of pinks who are simply “bad” or not even playing that well. Like I see yellows and oranges who play the game like an actual FG better than pinks. Ik there’s no exact way to determine skill but going against a pink is always a gamble for me. Just a lil nitpick

Super dash and Tag in- Just an annoying thing in the game. A “erase neutral” buttons if you willir some kind of panic button. Sure you can punish them, but in certain situations you’re simply not able to (assists) or it would have to be some godlike read. The limited options against it while you are in the air also make it a pain. It’s not broken but just something annoying when I get hit and but in pressure just because of a button press…

Auto combos- Ok. I’ll be complelty honest…mashing one button should not convert into a combo. It feels idiotic when I get hit by a stray auto combo while I’m trying to perform moves. Even if you see it and block…they can just cancel into a special and call assist or vanish. Guess what, your turn of defense for a simple button mash. It’s not gamebreaking or anything. Just annoying.

There are also certain autocombo strings that are simply waaaays better than others, most notably, the ones that beat deflect. Just look a cell, who you have to reflect almost 3 times and he still isn’t in range to punish. And then you look at Krillin with his quite pathetic string. Ugggh…speaking of cell.

Tiers: Not gonna go too much into it, but change something in the meta please. I don’t want this to be a cell/kid Buu/bardock with beam assist fest. I’ve seen enough of the same combos over and over,


Sooooo, yea. If you guys have any comments or affirmations on this (or disagreements) tell me. I enjoy have discussions about this game with you guys. Thanks for reading this salty rant :yum:


Yup. Hate this. It’s worse when I’m about to win a match and get disconnected from the lobby. This causes the match to disconnect for some reason? Why?

Eh. It would be neat if you could create a private lobby. You know. Just create a server with your friends, invite them and each person does their own thing. Also why do we not have text chat in lobbies? Come on.

Should be mandatory 2 out of 3 imo.

Oh yeah. It’s annoying for sure. I wouldn’t remove it though. It makes the game feel Dragon Ball.

Agreed. The thing is the characters with the best auto combos are also the ones who are the best at everything else.

Eh. I feel that the reason the meta is the way it is currently is because everyone is playing it safe. You are going to see the same thing over and over again. If suddenly every too player drops Cell, Kid Buu, and Bardock for Krillin, you will suddenly see a bunch of Krillin players.

Also the netcode sucks so you are going to see people imitate what the top players do 90% of the time. Everyone is sleeping on Ginyu though. I’m a Ginyu shill. He is very good and gotta feeling is going to make a huge appearance soon.


I need to fire up this game again and have some matches. But just from watching both days of DBFZ pools at Evo it was literally Cell/Kid Buu/X or Cell/Bardock/X. I can see how running into the same characters over and over again can get frustrating.


One thing I hoticed is the mentality. I noticed this with Ginyu a lot. A Ginyu player got to top 16. He didn’t make it to top 8. What did I see? Rip Ginyu. I guess Ginyu still sucks. How do you even do that?

Does a character placing higher magically make the character stronger? Do they get some sot of buffs? People keep insisting that X characters are high tier. Ginyu is underexplored and people knows this. Rather than exploring him and check his potential, you can just say he sucks.


This is just an observation about the general mentality of the FGC. The community as a whole vastly overreacts to every tournament result and in general focuses way too much on establishing tiers. Look at KI - everyone spent two years saying “Kim Wu sucks” and then @SonicDolphin117 gets into top 8 and everyone is “■■■■, Kim Wu is good.” The sad reality is a huge number of voices in the community (including lots of really skilled players) just aren’t very thoughtful when it comes to analyzing the games they play. I don’t mind if people are wrong about stuff. But most often they are doggedly insistent about stuff they have no reasoning for.


There was a recent tournament in which a player won using Yamcha as his anchor. Before that, almost no one has used that character. People told me he sucks etc, now everyone thinks he is so good for his assist and crossups. (Me in the back angry since I saw his potential day 1). It’s kinda funny really, how people cling so closely that placements in tourneys solely show how good a character is and not the player itself.

TBH, I would say a majority of the cast is wasted potential. Hell even the top tiers. There are so many tools that players don’t utilize (I’m talking about online here). But the main reason is really, is that it takes work. Simple as that. People don’t wanna practice, execute, or experiment. The mentaitlty is something along the lines of “Hey, I want to win but I don’t want put in time in the game, so I’ll just use characters that allow me to do basic combos/pressure and give me a great payoff” (Now there are of course some players that are actually good but I’m talking about a majority of players online as I see it). Like, why should I put the work into Nappa or Krillin when it so much easier to do Cell loops and kill in two combos, Just look at the tourneys they show results

People tell me I have a good Nappa, Zamasu, Yamcha, hell one person legit told me I was a GOAT (I’m not btw, I’m actually pretty medicore) but I have a theory on why people tell me. It’s simply because they rarely see how I play (my combos, pressure etc) because no one uses the characters. They think new=good when in fact it doesn’t. If only they knew that if they spent just a little bit of time going out of their comfort zone in practice can go a long way.

Oh yea and I agree, Ginyu compared to the rest of the cast, is still the least explored. Hope you show more people the power of the ginyu force


Hey let them sleep on characters. It’s how I avoid drowning in pools


I must be the only person who’s just not into this game… or the Anime either… I mean I’m seeing versions of Super Saiyans I’ve never even hearf of.


I very much dislike the anime - including both the art style and what I can puzzle out of the “plot.” I don’t own the game, but I do have some appreciation for the fact that it visually recreates the anime (even if I’m not a fan of the visual aesthetic) and that it has captured the attention of the FGC. But mostly I just pop into this thread to chat with the people on here who I enjoy talking too.

Point being you are definitely not the only one who isn’t into DragonBall. But to each his own and I certainly wouldn’t try to ruin it for others.



OMG! This is awesome! I wasn’t expecting this!



Eh, I actually don’t knock the mentality on display in this statement. People ask me why I don’t play certain characters in KI, and my honest answer is simply “I don’t wanna work that hard”. Some (lots of) people would like to be able to just sit down, figure a few things out, and then use those things to moderate success. I’m like that. I don’t want to have to spend 12 hours labbing out stuff for my character to be viable, and I don’t blame anyone else for not wanting to do that either.

There’s nothing wrong with characters that require precision and setups, but the archetype is simply not generally appealing, particularly when there are MUCH easier and effective characters on tap. DBFZ’s issue is that the top tiers are so obviously and ridiculously better than the rest of the cast that there is little incentive to put in the work with the also-rans. Even when people do get good with a Krillin or a Fat Buu, it’s not hard to see that often they’d be better if they’d simply swap out that Krillin for a Bardock or a Kid Buu. Yeah, you can have a godlike Frieza, but in all likelihood he’s probably bringing your team down, and you feel that in your bones after having that Frieza get dunked on repeatedly by people running cookie-cutter versions of more potent characters.


Shot…now you’re making me question me question my team setup :sweat_smile:

I guess I just a lil too frustrated with this game at times when I see the difference in effort that my opponent as to put in compared to mine, usually with my effort being greater. The fact that there are mechanics that allow for “dumb or mindless” plays (Raw tag-ins and super dash) can easily irritate me as well, especially when the player knows how to abuse that system. (Funny fact is, i rarely get frustrated with any people from the forums cause their wins usually feel earned rather from the ranked wins where I lost for the dumbest of reasons)

I guess I just be a lil bit of weird person then when it comes to enjoying a FG. I’m not some execution freak but I like to perform hard combos and figure out new combo paths and interesting mechanics that I can use to my advatange. Hell, I just picked up Kanra a while ago and I’ve been going to the lab (to not much success really) to find out things by myself. It’s enjoyable to me lol.

As I’ve been saying, I’m hoping the new balance patch will really change things and not just have bug fixes. It’ll be awesome to not get beat by medicore players running really good teams (Jeez I sound so mean and egotistical).

Also can’t wait to try out the new characters. I’m really excited for Vegeta and Cooler. They look like so much fun.

Oh and if you thought the game was bad wait til you heard of

False Super Sayian
Super Sayian
Super Sayian w/ Kaioken
Super Sayian II
Majin Super Sayian
Legendary Super Sayian
Super Sayian III
Super Sayian God
Super Sayian God Super Sayian (Blue)
Super Sayian Blue w/ Kaioken
Super Sayian Rosé
Super Sayian Rosé w/ Kaioken
Berserker Super Sayian
Super Sayian God Super Sayian Evolution (Royal Blue)

And I might be missing one lol

I do agree that the anime is not for everyone, it’s got its flaws (many in fact) and can certainly be unappealing to some. But it’s really a casual anime to follow. I don’t really think much by watching since if I do I can see the gapping flaws clearly (especially in Super). But you gotta agree the games art is phenomal is crazy ad the attention to detail is amazing.

I recommend you look into this and other videos regarding the animations if you wanna see the crazy attention to detail this game has.