Dragon Ball FighterZ



Totally being that guy who has a team of Vegeta. It’s happening.


I’ll just quote my earlier response on Twitter to some guy talking about waiting to pass judgment on them being “clones”.

The actual movesets are irrelevant at this point. Fully 1/4 of the 32 person cast is comprised of Goku/Vegeta variations. And that’s being generous and not including Bardock, who also looks exactly like Goku. Yes, that’s garbage, and no, I’m not going to get excited about it or wait to see if they’re really clones.


The overabundance of the main characters can certainly make someone get fatigued of the characters. Personally i don’t mind it (especially with the show already showing too much screen time compared to the others in the newer episodes), but i can totally see why you wouldn’t be excited for this form.

They could have gone a better route with DLC i agree (Super Buu, Videl, Raditz, etc). Maybe they could have just given us the forms for goku and vegeta as skins for the characters instead of giving them a dedicated slot. I feel like it would be a lot more accepted then it is now.

I’m personally EXTREMELY excited for the characters and I’m hoping their playstyles are appealing to me. But if you don’t like it, what can i do :neutral_face:.

Oh and i can’t wait for the new themes!

Just don’t be like some people I’ve seen and completely dismiss a person’s opinion on liking the characters (some people can be so rude over just a new character)


Hey man, you like what you like. More power to you if a quarter cast of Goku and Vegeta floats your boat.

But I dislike Goku and despise Vegeta (though I’ll admit he’s better in Super, mediocre show though it was). I’m simply never going to be excited about seeing 4 versions of them a piece in a single game’s limited roster.


You’re talking to the guy who absolutely despises goku in the new anime and in fact has a lot of problems with Super but in DBFZ every goku/vegeta variant I’ve enjoyed so getting excited for the base forms should be expected of me. (Hell i played Vegeta SSJ on point for a while)

What about if they added something like UI Goku instead of the base form? Would it change your excitement for the character (even if it still ended up being the same percentage of Gokus in the roster)? Maybe you would be more accepting of a Turles? Just asking


I most certainly would not want to see UI Goku - I’d rather get base Goku than Goku with another hair color change. At least with base Goku there’s the slim possibility that maybe his hair will actually move as he does things…

Turles at least has a bit of a different look to him, but “Goku in armor” is already ably filled by Bardock. At this point I’m just sick of looking at Goku’s face.




Zamasu is also pretty much just a green elf version of Goku Black. Honestly this roster feels like parody becoming reality now.


If they have a dramatic intro with Vegeta exclaiming Goku’s power level, a dramatic finish with Vegeta killing Nappa, and a dramatic finish with Goku and Vegeta beam clashing, this DLC would be worth it 100%.


As easy as it was to create unique colors.

But heh, there is still room for more!

Ssj2 Goku!
Ssj3 Goku!
Red Goku!
UI Goku!
Farmer Goku, now with pitchfork!
Majin Vegeta!
Badman pink shirt Vegeta!


Saiyan Man


I’m legit suprised Base Vegeta’s Great Ape won’t be a part of his gameplay at all. What’s the point of Base Vegeta then? At least Goku has the Kaioken gimmick and a Spirit Bomb super. Vegeta? Galick Gun again and the Nappa Finisher which might be similar to Trunks.


Implement Giant ape as mechanic seems difficult enough, but I’m sure about him having a Dramatic finish which involves it


I kinda wanna touch on this topic a bit.

To be honest, I don’t think these characters really “cheat the combo system”. I don’t even know what that means, some characters (like Picoolo) can chain two heavies together in the corner, is that considering cheating?

Either way, I’ll go through some situations in where they can “cheat” or what i like to call “enhance” combos.

For Goku with the two lv. 1s, his kit doesn’t really allow him to abuse that. His pressure is pretty basic with no big mixups, so if you get hit, he should be allowed to pull off some good damage.

Cell needs a damage nerf, not gonna defend that…thing

Bardock can do 3 lv 1 supers all with assists! And he can DHC at the end of it! That’s just crazy!

For Yamcha…Let the man have his damage. It’s not even that crazy and it’s not even close the most damaging thing in the game. There are also MUCH better uses for 4 meter. It can also be difficult to perform in more advanced multihitting combos so execution is tricky.

Hit can use assists to continue a combo after a lv 1 super (the single punch one) After a wall bounce in the corner, using the lv 1 accompanied by a assist (like goku or vegeta) makes it available to you to continue the combo and lead to setups or other supers.

Bluegeta can use his Niagra Pummel super to cause a wall bounce in the corner and by using super dash, continue that combo and lead into a LV. 5! It’s also pretty flashy :yum:

Kid Buu has that dang human extinction super that allows for double supers from assists.

Goku Black can combo two Orb of Light supers using assists.

Vegito can use two Spirit Excalibur supers with assists

Zamasu (with assists)can use Blades of Judgment in a combo and then follow it up with two holy light grenade supers and THEN lead it into other supers.

And if you thought Nappa and Broly are out in the clear.

Nappa can combo a lv.1 into another lv.1 or lv.3 with assists AND he can do it by HIMSELF if he times the sabiamen right.

Broly can chain 2 lv.3s together! That’s a whole lotta damage!

So yea, just goes to show a lot of people can do these weird things with supers, so I woudn’t really call it “cheating” the system.

BUT I do agree that some characters need more things to help them out more I’ll agree there, but with the right assists, those characters don’t even need a mid air launcher


Nothing in the game’s system claims that these shouldn’t be possible. There’s nothing being broken here. Unconventional, yes. Rule breaking, no.



You guys took it wrong. I’m ok with characters having ways to cheat the combo system.

My thoughts are that some chars who doesn’t have these tools should have something which allows them to do fancy stuff.

The only one which is an abomination to me are Cell loops

That ■■■■ is bonkers


Ooooh ok, i took it that you didn’t like it when you used the word “cheat”. It sounded like you thought it was bad and shouldn’t be in the game.

The cell loops are more of a damage problem, once they change that it won’t be as crazy.

For the rest, they are harder but they need that diversity. Not everyone can be a bardock (or a cell) and have EVERYTHING

For the characters you mentioned (Broly and Nappa), they actually have a lot of tools

Nappa is not conventional of course, but if your looking for fancy stuff, you’re gonna need to work hard (something that should be easier imo) but in return you can get some crazy pressure and combos. His lack of an mid air launcher is not really needed since he’s more of a characters who needs assists to back him up either way. What he lacks is a really way to get in. His projectiles are lackluster and the only way to get in is to really just fling himself at the opponent (or maybe a lucky Heavy). Maybe one hit of armor on his heavy can be a good thing for him, making him more of a nuisance from mid range.

Broly actually has a crazy moveset. Sure he lacks in the combo department but he has so many ways to get into a combo. He’s a beast long range, he has good normals (except for his Cr.H), he has some annoying grab mixups and armor that makes him a bully at any range.

They are not Kid Buu or Cell level, but they have things going for them. They have things but the nature of the game doesn’t really allow them to shine (kinda like what some were with Zamasu)

If you think I’m wrong, please tell me. I would like a deeper understanding of why you think these characters don’t have any tools at their disposal (I’m saying they do but they are more difficult to pull of in the game)

Sorry for the misunderstanding btw, my bad :sweat:


Tbh its not arc systems fault for all the gokus. Blame Akira Toriyama.
You cant possibly converge all iconic movesets of goku and vegeta from db to db super into a single char slot

Even DB tenkaichi had multiple iterations of chars to fully represent them.

DB budokai didnt do that, and it came at a huge price. 80% of chars had the same attack animations. What made budokai great were the lvl 3 and lvl1 cinematics & not the uniqueness of each char.

Fighter z is trying to faithfully represent the most iconic chars from each major saga into the game.and so far, all chars in the Fighterz rooster are iconic to thier respective saga


I hope Cooler show sup. I’d love to see how they interact with one another.


I’d bet you’ll get your wish. He was in the data mine for the next DLC after the bases along with Android 17. All of them have been correct so far so it’s reasonable to assume that it’s correct for the next dlc.

I wonder if they’ll put golden cooler in too. That’ll be awesome. I feel like he might be som kind of bully character. Kinda like Nappa but probably with another unique mechanic. Can’t wait