Dragon Ball FighterZ


It really is not gonna lie. But that’s part of it’s charm for a lot of people


So what do people think the last two characters of Season 2 will be? And do you think there will be a Season 3?


I think it’s too early to be talking about a S3 when S2 just started. I’d say wait until how well the current season fares in order to tell.

As far as S2 goes, Personally I’m good. My favorite/most requested DB character is coming soon (Gogeta) and I’m happy with the other inclusions available so any new character from here on is just bonus points really (Well I wouldn’t mind Janemba tho). Tho if I had to pick I’d say Kefla is the one that has a very strong chance considering how popular she is. Don’t really know about the last one. Probably another character from the Tournament of Power like Toppo or Ultra Instinct Goku.


I think a third season is at least possible. There are so many more potential characters to pick from all with dedicated fans (I’m assuming) that it’s almost guaranteed to make money.

I remember seeing a leak that said Ultra Instinct Goku was coming. I would LOVE one of the female Saiyans. Any female character is a good one in my book. I also heard somewhere that maybe SS4 Goku could be coming?

I still want Master Rosi and Mr. Satan. And Ox King, just as a shout out to Journey to the West. Kid Goku could be cool if they wanted. And Superman. I’ll stand by that.


let’s not get crazy with Ox king lemme tell you


Why not?


well for one he has no fighting style due to barely fighting and he’s one of the more forgettable characters of the series (aside from being chi chi’s dad) unlike your other picks.
Mr. Satan would fit better of the “oddball/joke” type character.


Ok. makes sense. I just feel like throwing the guy a little love sense he’s been ditched and he’s one of the few characters to make it in from the source material. I still think he could be cool, but they’d have to make up most of what he does. I mean, he was trained by Roshi! He’s got to have more up his sleeves… even if he dosn’t have any sleeves.


Yeeeeah I may as well tell you now. He’s doesn’t put that training to use that for sure.


really? They jobber him! that feels so wrong!

Speaking of, where’s Chi Chi in the game? Bulma made it into the story, where’s Goku’s wife?


Jobber’s kind of a strong word in this scenario. He wasn’t intended to be taken seriously in the first place. The thing you gotta realize about Toriyama is that he loves to subvert expectations. What you might think would happen, might not actually be.


Ah. I see. Oh well. I’ll still silently root for him. But I wont get my hopes up.


DBZ jobbers a lot of its cast. The vast majority of it, in fact, as the series goes on.

We talked about it a lot above before the game launched, but I will go to bat for the English soundtrack over the JP audio any day of the week and twice on Sunday. The JP audio work for DBZ isn’t good, period. It’s mostly empty space, which exacerbates the show’s poor pacing. Bruce Faulconer’s work elevates the show, and its absence is one of the reasons I don’t like Kai.

The changes to dialogue and character personalities I’m ambivalent on. It’s generally a pretty crap practice, but I’ve got to say that for DBZ, I just like the characters more. I’ll take Japanese Superman over ■■■■■■ idiot Goku any day, and 16’s “let it go” is a much better speech than “protect the animals”.

EDIT: posts 120 through 122 or so pretty much sum up my thoughts on the soundtrack thing.


About Roshi not flying. That’s a good opportunity for them to make the Super Dash do something different than what it already does. They made Videl’s Reflect a dodge so changing a mechanic isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

As for what they change it to, I’ll leave it to someone that knows what Roshi really does to come up with that one lol


I didn’t mean come off as overly bias or something. I was trying to explain more of an “in general” sense if you will (though admittedly I could have worded “and it never shuts up” a little more professional. A ■■■■■ up on my part). Talking about the not only the criticism but also the things it did well as said in the second paragraph. I was just saying that if CausingThought was ever gonna get into Z in English and wants it to be as close to the original JP version as possible, then objectively Kai is the way to go.

If that’s how you feel about the old dub, than by all means don’t let me stop you I respect your opinion. Who am I to prevent you from enjoying something?