Dragon Ball FighterZ


Anyone up for a Dragon Ball Set? I really want to try my Zamasu against a good opponent

Edit: Thx @Dayv0 for wrecking me :joy:


Lol that cheeky Vegeta wouldn’t stop dp’ing me!

Zamasu is super new for all of us, but you already used a couple of very insteresting setups. I’m eager to see your progress with him.


Anyone down to play tonight?


This comes a bit (SUPER) late, but ggs to @FallibleJoker14 who also joined the Nappa army!

Although he has some glaring weakness(slow jab, odd 2H range, no universal 2H mid air to extend combos…) he is super fun to use. I feel this game is too fast paced to let his saibamen truly flourish, but damm they are satisfying when they work. What pushed you into trying him?

Also, I hate to face Krillin. I feel that ■■■■■■ always finds ways to hit confirm attacks which shouldn’t be possible to do so considering his size, so I feel robbed every time he tags me xD


Well, I’ve been trying the whole cast actually to see if there are any characters that I might be more comfortable with. It turns out that I got really attached to Nappa, Frieza (especially him), and SSJ Vegeta (and not for his assist). His saibamen trait really got me interested but I need to learn how to setup his shenagins better and find a team that can work.

I’m much more comfortable with Frieza however and he even replaced Zamasu on my main team. I actually found a way to zone with him :yum:I might have Nappa on a secondary team since he’s fun.

Ggs btw. Playing against you is always fun, especially since you don’t have the same teams I see in ranked all the time :yum:

Oh and P.S. don’t underestimate Krillin lol. His normals and pressure are not as bad as you think


Frieza is legit so fun. I was messing around with Cell yesterday in training mode. Thought of dropping Frieza for Cell but nah.


And for that you have earned my respect. No need to fall into the ranked meta :yum:

Ggs btw for all our games


Hey guys, just asking for some advice, as usual. I have some questions about the gameplay.

I’m having some trouble with punishing/defending against some aspects of the game. Mostly “random super dashes” and getting caught by light auto combos in neutral or during “my turn.”

It’s gone to a point where I’m getting a lil frustrated playing since it seems like I’m working much harder than the opponent while getting worse results. I feel like I’m missing something that I can be working on (we can’t also forget the lag…)

So, as a quick summary here are some questions.

How do you deal with super dashes (the unreactable kind)?
How do you react to skirmishes? (I’m used to just trying to block it out)
Should super dash be used more often in neutral? (I rarely use it in neutral)
What should I do about stray auto combo strings?
How should I respond to block strings? (Should I mash like everyone else?)

Any tips or pieces of advice is greatly appreciated. Thx in advance


I’ll answer what I can.

It’s a read type of thing. If the opponent always does 2H into superdash, recgonize that and punish them for example. There is almost always a pattern.

Think of super dashes as offensive dps.
“Should dps be used more often in defense? (I rarely use it in defense)”
You need to make it a threat but not something you rely on. Look at dps. You have to use it on defense every now and then to make the opponent afraid of attacking. Same for super dashes.


What do you guys think of Vegito and Zamasu?

I’ve seen enough Vegito too know he’s a pretty solid unorthodox character. His assist is also pretty good as a harassment tool.

But Zamasu…idk what to think about him. In practice he has so many setups (most of them needing a good assist) and is even able to get multiple supers in a combo. But due to the fast nature of the game, most of then can be void and seen like too much work for a mixup that other chars can do much easier. I haven’t seen any good players use him in an exceptional way either unlike vegito.

Also, I’ve heard there might be some dev stream on the 29th. Maybe DLC talk of base Goku and Vegeta?


Technical chars like beerus, frieza, zamasu, cant really express themselves at high lvl because the system is build upon superdash and oppresive offense (Bardock 5 LLL, kid buu, cell, A gohan etc) with zero good reversals. Devs surely didnt intend the game mechanics to handicap most of the cast


I mean, they made the game they made, so I gotta kinda assume they did? DBFZ’s weaker chars are weaker in ways that are pretty easy to recognize once you’re familiar with the game’s systems. I doubt the devs just “missed” that Beerus would pale in comparison to A. Gohan or Cell. They made his “DP” super-dashable on purpose.

Devs balance how they want to balance. I wouldn’t assume unintended consequences where there isn’t explicit evidence of it.


The issue these character have(Beerus and Frieza as prime examples, Zamasu at a minor extent) is that the game gives you tons of ways to deal with (prolonged) zoning, and characters like these ones are good only when paired with assists that covers their moves.

One could say “these characters are weak due general game mechanics being a problem against their particular toolset”, but it’s easy to see that with a couple small tweaks, these characters could be super dangerous. Just picture Beerus orbs undashable, and suddenly(even with his shitty d+HP), Beerus a control machine.

There are characters that are going to be weak. There was a time in SF which being a grappler was bottom tier, there was a time where Zangief was top tier in SFIV. Zoning in SF3 is irrelevant due to Parry.

I don’t believe that Devs made a character purposely weak, it’s just a byproduct of the current metagame. They still feel viable enough in the correct team/spot

Edit: @FallibleJoker14 I saw suuuuper late your PM for sets, but I will get my holydays soon and we will play soon enough


Also, yay, another Goku

If regular Goku is top tier and I begin to see Bardock/Regular Goku/Black teams everywhere, I may just drop the game. I’m pretty tired about fighting against the same teams over and over again. There has been a while since I fought against 18, Tien, Ginyu, Hit or Krillin


Yeah, the choice of yet another Goku and Vegeta is super wack. The DB universe is more than large enough that they could’ve gone for a few less versions of the exact same chars :confused:


Hey look on the bright side. Maybe it will be more then just another goku clone and actually have a complete new moveset, including normals. Let’s give it a chance and then you can rip on the new characters all you like.:yum:

Im personally looking forward to Vegeta tho

Don’t worry @Dayv0 we can find a set soon, my wifi has been on the bad side lately and with the horrible thing is the DBFZ netcode, id rather wait until my wifi gets better

Also, i feel like the developers should look into evening out the characters. Many characters (mostly at high tier and low tiers) need one small change to get them balanced. Simple stuff like more (or less) damage, maybe some changes on frame advantage, and fix that ■■■■ AUTO COMBO TRACKING! Sorry…some characters can get pretty annoying when they can just “outplay” you by mashing light with a followup of lag :angry:.

For Zamasu specifically, maybe his orbs should stay during block (not when hit though) so opponents have to respect it and be wary of pressing buttons. A simplle dash takes them away and there’s really no use using them in neutral. We’ll see if the meta changes soon however. I’m tired of seeing the same team that does the same things with the same combos with the same pressure with the same crazy DHCs Aaaaah!

Sorry if this seemed a lil ranty :joy: i love this game but never has online ever got me some frustrated and salty :yum:

Oh and @Dayv0 just as a heads up i recently picked up Hit as my point. Just to let u know :slight_smile:


Oolong, Master Roshi, Hurcle… Nope kid Goku next


-Dabura (weapon based character with freeze-stone mechanic)
-Dr Gero (meter/health steal mechanic via command throws, uses 20 as puppet)
-Zabron (install character, uses meter to transform into his second form, two different movesets)
-Raditz (technically some % Goku, but AT LEAST NOT HIS SAME MODEL $$^#&¥₩)
-Roshi (another install char, with several kamehameha versions and mabufa as ultimate killing attack)
-Hercule for the lulz
-Faking super characters

Just a quick list of characters that could be in with an unique gameplay AND unique appearance

But let’s go for Turtles, regular Goku Black and Ultra Instinct Goku instead



Sounds cool for me!

It really intrigues me that some chars have too much ways to cheat the combo system (cell loops as main offender), like Goku chaining two lvl 1 supers, or Yamcha chaining his lvl 1 into lvl 3, while others can’t even launch mid air (Broly, Nappa…)

It’s cool to have this extra tools, and would be cooler if the people who doesn’t have them get something instead… which usually doesn’t


■■■■. Looking at a bunch of comments on the scan, it seems like there’s a lot of hate. I guess i can understand, but everyone just resorts to clones without even seeing gameplay. Sure more diversity would be awesome, but people aren’t giving these guys a chance.

Like its one of the iconic fights of dragon ball! How can people not be excited!

Either way…if they end up being anything like bardock or cell level, the complainers are just gonna bandwagon that character sooooooo…