Dragon Ball FighterZ


I would argue that Babidi has more potential because his moves aren’t defined, but has a general class set meaning they have more creative opportunity.


im curious about incoming balance changes. adult gohan 45 sec blockstring nerfed? yes? maybe? lmao


Most people don’t know there are gaps in that, so you can just reflect him.

Or you can just raw Level 3 in between like I do.

That stops them quick :joy:


It depends on the size of your character and which assist is being used I think. Raw level 3 works a good portion of the time though. Or pick a character with a dp.


Short characters can just 2H through it if you know the gap.


Does anyone know of a chart or guide that shows character MUs? I don’t know how much it affects the match but I want to have a guide point on how to use in certain MUs.


DBFZ isn’t much of a counterpick game as far as I can tell. The characters that dunk one character are more likely to just dunk every character. Short characters can get out of A. Gohan’s loops though, and smaller characters in general have an easier time defending certain things.




■■■■ Vegito looks sick! His level three super looks awesome and I love the Captain Commando-esque level 1 super.


Anyone have any thoughts on the new patch?

I’m kinda surprised that they barely touched A.Gohan and Cell. Expected more of big changes overall.

At least SSB Vegeta gotta buff. And i like that Krillin assist buff as well. I can finally choose if I want a senzu or not.

Side question: Why don’t i see anyone using A.Gohans potential unleashe mechanic? Lv.2 is the max that I see. I would assume you would want to make your character stronger


A. Gohan’s levels past level 2 are all arbitrary in the long run. People wouldn’t use it at all unless they were sure they could get 2 because lvl 1 PU had a bug where Gohan’s lighting legs wouldn’t pressure properly.


Arcsys’s patches won’t be like IG’s patches.

You better expect to cough up some money if you want some real balance changes.


GGS to @FallibleJoker14! Your bald midget is really awesome! :slight_smile:


This baldie knows some tricks :yum:

Your Broly was amazing…he was a monster…no…a DEVIL!



Alright, anyone have any tips against up teching and vanish spam on wakeup. Its easier to deal with in the corner but a lot harder midscreen.

P.S. Can’t wait for the new dlc at the end of may


Vegito’s moveset(he has a parry!)

Some matches:


The themes are out! Gameplay is also on YouTube

Filthy Mortals can’t understand the beauty that is this theme.

C’mon. Make this guy serious.

I’m so hype for Zamasu! Can’t wait to carry out the Zero Mortal Plan. His flight mechanic looks awesome!


Zamasu has become one of my favorite villains in Dragon Ball history. Godlike english voice helps, too.


The Future Trunks Arc is my favorite arc in Super, the villian and goku black plot is so great to watch. Zamasu (although not completely unique) is one of the best villian both aesthetically and lore wise. His voice actor is so good as well Better then other villains DB has gave us like Jiren…he’s an instant main for sure.