Dragon Ball FighterZ


The game’s not centered around footsies at all, really. The only type of footsies you’ll see is with characters that have exceptional reach like Cell’s 2M and A. Gohan’s 5L. The game’s centered around pressure using assists, whiff punishing, and baiting.


Thats kinda footsies, actually

Traditional footsies are grounded, but this game has actually footsies. Jumping and baiting with air dashes of grounded bait runs are a way to play footsies too


a habit alot of ppl have is after you block their down heavy, they tend to super dash. down heavy that ■■■■.

if you block a string of attacks, theyll vanish behind you. if youre quick you can down heavy it, or block it. if you block, keep blocking. theyre gonna mash lights.

never raw tag. if your guy is low HP, fools tend to sit there turtling anticipating you to tag in a new guy at which point youll eat a down heavy and theyll swap your low HP guy back in. instead, try to get in to get them blocking and if youre able to start hurting them, then swap in.

by now youve prolly run into the goku black army. they all play the same, and that is mashing down heavy like its going out of style. if you whiff, get rdy for it. if you super dash and they block, you better block too cuz its coming. also his upside down flip kick thing is safe. keep blocking. his standing heavy is also deadly with range.

practice deflecting which is very good. ppl love to throw in an overhead while you block strings. deflect it as a way to start learning. you can deflect ki blasts, supers, and attacks. not dragon rushes. which is my next point

if you fight a turtle, they just waiting to down heavy you. do a string, throw in an assist, dragon rush them. make sure to press an attack button (i use heavy) 3 times to make it hurt more.

lastly, use assists. if you do something unsafe, cover yourself. never know, your partner may catch em when they counter poke. hit em with the kitchen sink if he or she does.

just remember, ppl are in a panic when fighting you. if you whiff, or you find yourself landing in a weird spot, just block. youll probably block an unsafe attack or light combo spam as they are frantic. capitalize on it, be fast, but be patient.



Good, more Gokus to dunk for pleasure. :+1:


are you one of those cancer team guys, cell/goku black/16 lmao


Lol, no. I like to play a bunch of teams, but I usually run Bardock/Vegeta/Android 16.


I am so going to buy Zamasu if this is true! Idk why but I just know that his move set will be awesome.

Kinda sad that there’s no mention of Raditz tho. It would have been cool to give Gokus brother some needed spotlight.

But really…we have like 5 gokus now (SSJ, Blue, Base, Black, and Vegito if you count it.) Why not just add God form while you’re at it :yum:. I’d rather have other characters like Super Buu or idk maybe Cabba to spice things up more. Doesn’t matter, it’s still cool characters nonetheless, espiecally cooler.


thats like semi cancer set up, not exactly terminal lol


Would you’d like to play sometime? I’m not that good but I’ll try either way. I promise I have no Gokus on my team :yum: . It’s only Bluegeta/Trunks/Yamcha. I don’t think it’s that bad of a team lol.


use the meme team, goku goku black goku blue


If I wanna throw sure, I’ll gladly use that team :yum:


too bad you cant do triple 16s, S tier overkill


True cancer is Kid Buu/Cell/16


I’m trying to work on a Piccolo team, but Piccolo requires some work to be put in, and it’s a struggle…


i beat a guy spamming his overhead. yup. lol


Apparently, Fused Zamasu will have a flight mode like Magento from MvC. I was hoping this would be saved for Videl as future DLC, but there’s nothing stopping them from giving this to both characters.


I’m that one guy who uses Ginyu lmao.


Idk if you guys know but I’ve had the game since it came out and been playing it a lot recently.


Anyone willing to play some matches today or tomorrow? Online is not the best right now and autocombo mashers are everywhere.

Is it just me or is it weird to play online. It seems so sluggish most of the time and I’m dropping combos and pressure left and right and getting beat out by mashing light, even though I have no problem offline? Idk if it’s just me.