Dragon Ball FighterZ


This might be the first fighting game whever I only buy one character instead of the whole pass.

I really have zero interest in Broly.


Yeah, I watched Max’s video and came away really unimpresssed. Never been a big Broly fan anyway, so doubt I’ll even try him out.

The version of FighterZ I won was actually a season pass collector’s edition, so that’s pretty nice in that I’ll be able to get all the DLC characters for free. Don’t think I’d buy any of them otherwise - the game’s poor (for me) online experience has decided for me that I won’t be spending any additional money on the title.


I think you’ll guys enjoy this clip.


Tagging you for your hatred of Goku lol


Lol. I keep tell people - I only really hate Goku in the show. I’m fine with him in the game :joy:


Hey, it’s me who hates Goku in every way

If something, Storm is the Vegeta hater xD


According to Maximilian, Broly/Bardock are out on Xbox now.




These themes are amazing!


Definetly gonna try Bardock. If I like him he may replace Android 21 (as much as that pains me to say it because I really like her playstyle lol)

Also, that dramatic finish makes me happy because I can see what could have happened if Bardock had a chance to win instead of dying like he did :joy:


So I tried out both of them. I like Bardock enough to put him on my main roster, but that would mean breaking up my theme team so I’m kinda at a crossroads with this one.


Since I didn’t get the season pass, I’m using Ginyu to try them lol


My team has Bardock as Point now, but I have my 2nd team with Android 21 on point. So I just moved her down to secondary team lol


So…i just got the game. Can anyone help me and tell me what to focus on in training. I know learning combos and defense is important but i want to know what i should focus on when starting the game


You should focus on blockstrings and what’s positive on block, even, or negative.


very smart lmaoooo


Ey Kev, I saw your message late, sorry pal

We can try some matches later!


■■■■, day one for me and I’m already getting salty lol. I’m trying to play footsies and mindgames but I keep getting beat by random chases and light autocombos. I know I can AA them with uppercut but I’m not always on the ground to do so. I feel like I’m playing this too slow. People are jumpin out of my pressure and simple jabbing light gets me out. Of course I need to work on my pressure but either way I feel like I’m playing the game wrong. Man this game is fast

Long way to say, what should be my mentatilty when in a match. Of course it’s get in a combo, but how should I get in. Jumpins are weird and chase not an option.

Maybe can one of you play me soon? Help me understand of this game works?

(Sorry I’m just a lil salty rn)


Sure, if I’m playing it feel free to invite me. I’m super bad, but at least I understand the basics, so I may be able to offer some help


Thanks, I’ll be sure to ask during this week. Right now I’m just messing around with my brother


@FallibleJoker14 Focus on mobility. Playing patient is only good when you fight someone who super dashes a lot.

I can play you if the online works for us.