Dragon Ball FighterZ


More Dragon Ball (FighterZ) related memes and forum weapons I found on Twitter and 4Chan. Enjoy.




Broly trailer is up. :+1:t5:






Also, this guy made an art piece of Broly based on his reveal teaser if anyone wants to check it out.



Looks like both characters will have dramatic moments. Nice.


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Final remarks:

This game is ■■■■■■■ dumb


Am I the only one that feels like that trailer didn’t show a lot? Then again, characters in DBFZ don’t have a lot in their toolset in the first place.


Literally everyone feels that way about DBFZ’s character trailers. Even (U)MvC3’s trailers were longer than these and those characters don’t have a whole lot of moves themselves, either (except for Dante).


Man he is a tall dude.


Yeah, all the DBFZ trailers are kinda trash.


People want to see more than auto combo, one special move, and a level 3.


I’m curious for those of you that watched more Fighterz outside of the Go1 vs SonicFox exhibition at Final Round. Was the commentary lacking? I feel like when I watched, they sounded really nervous.


Most of the DBFZ commentary was by local talent from what I’ve seen, or by people like Sharpie who have been around for a while behind the scenes, but haven’t really done a ton of commentating. So yeah, nervousness along with just general lack of polish is present.

In general I think DBFZ commentary is pretty up-and-down though. Even a lot of experienced commentators have kinda crap FighterZ commentary imo. The game is so fast that play-by-play isn’t super desirable or even aeffective, so it kind of rises or falls based on how well they go free-form. It’s a recipe for awful commentary in the event that they don’t do that well, and even if they are good at it it can still fail if the partner can’t keep up.


Bardock’s trailer

Both Broly and Bardock are released on March 28


2 supers and 1 air combo? Really?




High Quality Gameplay Footage:


Man, I cannot wait to hear all of this in English.


Broly and Bardock are confirmed to be $4.99 each. Season pass is $35, making it cheaper than buying each character individually for $40.