Dragon Ball FighterZ


Who is explicitly labeled a remix/clone character. Along with Kilgore and Shago, for a grand total of three clones across a cast of 27. Of whom 23 all have accessory sets that change what they are wearing, some of them to a drastic degree. And retros, which also change what they’re wearing and/or appearance, sometimes to significant degrees.

What’s your point?


Again: I am not de facto against any and all use of clones in a fighting game. But do not tell me to be happy about 4 versions of Goku/not-REALLY-Goku in a game of limited roster size.

You (generic you) are absolutely entitled to be excited for Turles or Bardock or Goku from bizarro universe 7. But I am under no obligation to share in that excitement, and trying to say how “it’s not really Goku though” is entirely missing the point.


I agree with you that this is kind of ridiculous. I would have rather seen Install characters for multiple forms rather than diluting the selection.

Regardless, if the game gets more support, and people buy the dlc that was already planned, ASW and Bamco may find it beneficial to add more characters. And since we will have gone through most of the Saiyans and Goku forms, those characters could include Dabura, Pikkon, Zarbon, Dodoria, Pan with Giru, and whoever else.


Those were just teasers for the actual trailers.



Hey, at least it’s not Vegeta. :joy:


Lol. Ever the optimist I see :joy:


I knew you’d get a laugh out of that :joy:


Base goku will be dlc to make it 5 gokus. If you are very critical, you may see fused zamasu and vegito as goku clones. So basically there are 7 goku’s in DBFZ. The rants have just begun…lol


Heh, funny enoguh, Cell is the ultimate clone character, since he is part Goku, part Vegeta, part…

I will see myself out



I need to have a team of Broly, Nappa, and Android 16.


Just won my first FighterZ online tournament a few hours ago. It was pretty small facebook tournament but still won $20 :grin:


Copy paste:

“Thank you to everyone who has been enjoying Dragon Ball FighterZ. We’d like to announce the contents of the late February update to the game. (Once the update is out, because of changes to the battle system, replay data from the older version will be incompatible, so please be aware of this).”

Update contents:

• Party Match has been implemented.

• Replay Channel has had the following functions added: Follow Channel, Search Channel.

• Arcade Mode has been changed to be more convenient.

• The flow has been changed so that you can choose your next destination at the Results screen after clearing a course.

• When pausing for Option during battle, we’ve added “Return to Course Select” and “Return to Character Select.”

• When an opponent is found while searching for a Ring Match, Casual Match or Ranked Match, the controller will now vibrate.

• Replay Data has been adjusted to the new version

  • Once this update goes live, you will no longer be able to view replay data from the old version. Please be aware.


• Movement should now feel more stable.

• Effects and cinematic moments have been adjusted to display more correctly.

• A bug hwhere after a Dragon Rush forced character switch, if you used a move that will switch your position to your opponent’s, the hitbox would become reversed, has been fixed.


• To improve the matchmaking in the game, one part of the system has been revamped, in order to optimize it. We are planning to gradually continue working on improving this area.

• For the DLC Anime Song & BGM pack, we’ve changed the settings so that P1 and P2 can each hear their own chosen song.Please continue enjoying Dragon Ball FighterZ in the future as well.

Party match? Are we going to be able to actually invite people?


Aren’t party matches 3 people against 3 people for a total of 6 players?


No, that’s ring team matches

At least in Spanish


If it means that we can invite people then that’s literally all we need.




OK, so it’s not that, but at least it’s something good: