Double XP Weekend - September 4th-7th

Since Killer Instinct’s birthday was just a few short days ago, we thought we’d celebrate with some Double XP! This weekend…this holiday weekend, pull up a chair and get settled in to play some Killer Instinct for as long as possible. You’ll be rewarded with Double XP across all modes!

Read the full article here: Double XP Weekend - September 4th-7th - Killer Instinct


Oh my goodness yes! This is the best news. Long weekend, a couple of characters that need leveling up, I couldn’t have picked a better time to pick up this game again.
Thanks, dudes!

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Thanks. I play hard this weekend!!!

Awww yeaaaa gonna do some grinding this weekend

Finally finish up the Hisako grind. She’s been sitting at level 32 for a while now, and Omen at 26.

AWESOME!! Gonna be playin lots of KI this weekend.

Thanks guys!

Weeeeeellllll, I may get to play some Sunday. For sure some Monday.

I work 12hr Fri-Sun so play time is slim Fri to Mon );

Feel free to unlock Rash’s moveset as you have it now in R&D :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, so this is what Keits meant when he said don’t ask for updates, just shut up and play :slight_smile: nice timing! My Aria us getting to the steep part of the curve, and could use some 4000xp per match :sunny:

Yay I get to level up my Omen! :smiley:

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Great, this could be my chance to get my last five characters to level 50!

Glad to hear it - I’ll be wrapping up HIsako, Cinder, ARIA, Kan-Ra, and Spinal. :slight_smile:

Always nice to hear about another Double XP event! Thanks!

Finally I can get my grind on again.

Nice, gonna grind TJ and Orchid.

I’m sure there’s a joke to be found somewhere in there.

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I’m grinding Fulgore, but everyone else I care about is already LVL 50.

Nice, thanks!

Maya, Kan-Ra, and Thunder are at 50.
Sabrewulf and Sadira are next on my list…

Haha haha you’re stoopid :blush: We still haven’t sparred yet. I see you playing Gears so I don’t bother you.

Most of the time, I’m just playing whatever strikes me at the current moment. It’s fairly rare for me to actually play with somebody on anything, so if you see me online and want to play something, shoot me a message and let me know! I expect I’ll be on most of the evening tonight, aside from some household stuff.

Good chance to get some characters leveled up! just in time for mah Birthday!