Double XP This Weekend!

Starting TODAY…you read that right… you can earn double the base XP across all game modes. Break out those pocket characters and start the grind. Level 50 is right around the corner!

Check out the full details here:


I can’t wait for Season 3, when I can look forward to these more. :cry:
The one disadvantage of having Level 50 for all characters I spose.
Good to see it happening though. Everyone deserves to get their characters up.

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Wat time today?

Go boot the game and find out… :wink:

First of all, thanks for the gift.
Second: can you please explain this statement to me?
“XP Boosters, which are also available now, can be used at the same time as Double XP”

Does this means that, if I buy a booster this week end, I will gain a 4x bonus instead of 2x ?
Thank you in advance

3x. Both double the amount of BASE XP you earn - like a bonus.

So let’s say for all intents and purposes that in a match you get 1,000 XP normally. Double XP kicks in and gives you an extra 1,000. Then boosters also double your base XP, giving you an additional 1,000 totaling 3,000 XP earned.


Cool, thanks :+1:

Havent noticed it in action yet…

I can feel the love tonight… the piece the Rukari brings :heart_eyes:

Awesome. I might have enough time to mayby get my first 50. And get the other few stragglers to 25. Thanks

Excellent. I already have a booster on. So I can get the rest to lol 50 in time for s3. Hurrah

Sadira or Shago? Booster or no booster? Decisions, decisions,…

Awesome! Looks like I have to take my Hisako out on a date this weekend. :grin:

I noticed it randomly last night l I was in Shadow Survival and randomly got a booster and wasn’t sure why hahaha

I started usinga booster with the double xp and I’m not getting the 3x boost from it. Anyone else having this issue?

Mine works fine (…for now.)

I might be remembering wrong but I thought getting about 5-6000 xp was the norm and now I can only get 4-5000 xo.

I am getting 5000-6000 in matches where I don’t play well but win. 2000-4000 for losses…

I’ve taken advantage of the Double XP Weekend by unlocking purple Cinder (color 6) & Spinal (color 7), as well as black & red Glacius. (color 8) Great stuff, and thanks for the XP, KI Crew! :smile:

:purple_heart: Spinal had a great Valentine’s weekend! :purple_heart:


Alrighty… Got Omen and Shago to level 50.

That just leaves the final four: Jago, Thunder, Glacius and Cinder.

All of them are at level 30. How many can I get to 50 by the end of tomorrow?

Looooooove double XP weekends!