Doom Eternal


we going to rip and tear on phobos! but what about deimos? maybe its not yet revealed, or is it for another game?


what is phobos and deimos?


the moons of mars. in the original doom, you went to both


@R1stormrider And on Phobos the BFG-10000. “Warning, the Slayer has entered the facility”. :grin: :smile: :sunglasses: :+1:



RIP AND TEAR!!! :sunglasses:


Finally got Doom 4, just for the Mick Gordon tracks tbh. Still, it’s been a while since I played any fps game.



A video presentation on the foreshadowing of the eventual reveal AND release of Doom Eternal:

:wink: :grin: :grinning: :smiley: :smile: :sunglasses: :+1: