Doom Eternal


My body is ready for DOOM Eternal


Me too, Lewis, me too :sunglasses:


i was able to see the stream, this game is looking really sick! i cant wait to play it, i liked alot of what i saw


Dark Souls Invasion Gank Squad!!!

1 of my employees is at Quake Con right now and sent me pics of the Doom Eternal display! Pretty cool!


lmao dude that feature sounds so ■■■■■■■ cool! i would hope this game is cross platform though so we can team up and gank some fools haha. im getting it on the PC because i dont have an xbox 1 anymore. too bad you aint close by, id totally be up for building you a rig


Honestly two of the most exciting aspects for me so far are the dash move and the grappling hook, especially since the dash can be used in the air. Invasions seem interesting, but just like RE6 I wonder how many people will even bother to enable it in the grand scheme of things. Overall, it looks similar to the last game but with a good amount of fundamental improvements to the formula. Hopefully it ends up different enough in the end, just enough to not feel like the exact same game all over again.


Its going to be on Switch too… but I dont want to play anyting on switch due to the frame rate and pixel count…but OMG this game looks so amazing!


i was lol’ing at the sheer carnage on display with that death metal blasting. i was thinking idk how im gonna do on this game because ill probably be headbanging too much where i cant see ■■■■ lmao.

i really love the retro design of the plasma gun! its just like the old PC games. i am also enjoying the return of the old school zombies and the mancubus, the arch vile also. i cant wait to blast this game, doom is definitely back


Doom is on Gamepass right now everyone!! And its in 4K!!! Ohhhhh yuuuurrr!!!


Doom Eternal gameplay footage


That grapple shotgun looks sick! Looks like there’s a lot of emphasis on new movement mechanics in general.


Along with the all-new dash movement as well as climbing ability for Doom Slayer and overall in Doom Eternal :grin: :smile: :sunglasses: :+1:


When watching the gameplay demo, I had a huge grin on my face the whole time. The game looks fun as hell (pun intended).

2019 is going to be the greatest year for video game releases (for me, personally).


“Remember, demons can be an offensive word.” LOL best line I heard in a while


“mortally challenged” @BoJima404 youre so insensitive to their feelings hahaha. i love how they poked fun at that BS! lmaooo


I thought that joke was kinda flat, like it’s trying to be deadpan but totally failing at it because the line can’t be read as anything other than a silly pop culture reference. First game had more subtle stuff than that and I hope that still exists.


The game looks great so far. Love the new additions to movement and weaponry! The Invasions is an interesting addition. Also happy they kept some of the self aware tone. It’s a nice mix with the balls to the wall action.

I look forward to revelling in death and gore once more!


Man does this game look great. Doom 2016 looks so good on my Xbox one x and this is looking even better. Loving the setting too.


I like the Earth setting much better than Mars. mars looks very plain and basic. Hell on Earth and Hell is where its at!


too right! I love Mars as a setting on paper, I have a soft spot for it in films and games. It does become way too tiresome though being the only setting. Hell on earth is the dream. :ok_hand: