Does Microsoft plans any incentives to loyal KI supporters?

Ki doesn’t need a sequel at all the season model is amazing.

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Then how are you gona sit characters out then? You just can’t “take them out” in this game.

Yeah I agree with this. I paid for all the Ultra editions and got all the content with it. Once Season 3 Launched it was an awesome deal for those who have not got into to get it! Now it has been a journey and the game is getting the Killer deal of 40$ for everything we got over the years… Plus more.

I am not too concerned about the skin but the behind the scenes content would be really nice to have as a veteran for the last few years. And that soundtrack? Come on, tracks are hype af and it would be nice to own them as well. I would not want a physical copy if that is to be the case but recognition of the content I have paid for over the years to get said extras would be nice. I know it is possible.

This is the second thread on this. What you get for buying each season as they are released is the opportunity to play the game. Or you can wait for five years and pick up the game in the bargain bin. That’s your choice as a consumer. I bought a 720p LED tv in 2006 for $2500. You don’t see me writing to Samsung and asking what they are going to give me as a loyal customer and complaining that I am being screwed because they are now selling 4K tvs for $600.

This is weird, weird way of thinking.


Glad I am not the only intelligent person here who realizes how screwed up what they are doing is.


Seriously. People don’t seem to realize this and I honestly can’t fathom why.

We paid $40 for the ultra pack and that’s what we got. This new thing they’re selling is the new thing and they put incentives in to get both new and old players to buy. You want the soundtracks, to complete your roster, the old KI games, the behind the scenes stuff or gold Gargos? Here ya go.

But they’re not twisting your arm. Just as they used skins to help sell the figures (which again, you didn’t have to buy), they’re also using a skin for this.

You’re not being punished or duped and they don’t owe you for being a loyal customer just as you don’t owe it to them to buy this just because they made it.

Cash for goods. It’s how our economy functions (more or less).



Okay… Entitlement?

People have been asking for another physical copy for a while now. They’re not only giving us that, but they added more stuff in so everyone has a reason to buy it.

Yeah, I’m sure the main goal on their side is to make money (shocking for a business, I know), but there are a lot of players that this might appeal to. Just because it might appeal to people that have everything already the least doesn’t mean everyone’s getting short changed here and that their only motivation is money.

Why do they owe you anything beyond what you already paid for?


Can we start locking these threads up? Everyone is arguing in circles here and it’s just cluttering the forum up.

I have zero problems with that.

Guys, the mute option is really good. Try it.

This is like watching a movie in theaters then getting angry when you see it on DVD 6 months later.

“What the ■■■■! The theater release didn’t have deleted scenes!”


I’d like to be able topirchase the skins outside of the definitive edition. I already have all the characters and seasons and such so I don’t want to really have to pay for those again ^^;

Here’s the thing I have about the gold skin…it’s obviously not for someone that has part of the game, or none of it…it is incentive for those that want completeness. And the thing is it’s not just this one thing…it’s a lot of smaller instances of them reaching into your pocket again.

-Here’s the first batch, plus everything else, and now your experience is complete.
-Here’s round 2, get it all and then you’re up to speed.
-now here’s Shadow Jago
-now go buy these figures…you want everything in the game right?
-season 3 is here, It’s such a deal
-now that you have it all, you don’t…unless you buy it again for Gold Gargy…eh? Eh? You know you want it…yes, take that plankton you good little whale…
Obviously I’m exaggerating a tad here, but you get the idea…

And the thing is, this is not like other GOTY versions of games… in those all previously released content is simply bundled together for those that didn’t have it before…and nothing more.

Anyway, point is…it’s one thing to cry entitlement. It’s another to ask that after so many cash grabs they just stop dangling the carrot(s)…

…and just to clarify, I’m getting it, mostly for a disk, but the Gold Gargos SHOULD be made available for anyone that wants it (not necessarily for free) without having to rebuy a game they already have. Maybe not in September, but sometime down the line.


You have 3 year of practice advantage over definitive edition owners. Make them go for a refund.

I thought the incentive was to keeping the IP from disappearing into the abyss… And early access.


Room and board is not an incentive.

Personally, I can’t wait to crush the all-new contenders with my 3 seasons worth of experience and practice - bring it! :slight_smile:

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im pretty sure IG will allow anyone that already owns all 3 seasons access to the gold gargos color. Either pay for it or better yet EARN IT through playing the upcoming Shadow Lords mode. I’d be content with that, as for the physical disk? It’s great for those who didn’t get the game yet. Man $39.99 with the old school KI1-2 plus gold gargos and the soundtrack… That’s a WAY BETTER DEAL than what Capcom did with cough street cough fighter 5

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I don’t think this is by any means the final version of KI. Why do the survey if there is no discussion going on about more characters.

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