Does Microsoft plans any incentives to loyal KI supporters?

I really love KI, but I feel somewhat disappointed with SEASON 3 so far…

39.99$ with no rebates on S3 for ULTRA EDITIONS of SEASON 1&2 owners…

I shelled out a ton of cash on KI already, Bought all 3 ultra editions seasons, the two digital soundtracks, two physical copies of the combo breaker pack, all Ultimate Source KI figurines, Killer Instinct: Ultra Fan Book, Xbox LIVE membership for the exclusive Shadow Jago SKIN, Madcatz Killer Instinct Fightstick.

This Definitive Edition leaves a bad taste in my mouth that started before, with the Supreme Edition… I think, this exclusive GOLD GARGOS SKIN & SOUNDTRACK OFFER is simply pushing the enveloppe too far in my opinion… Could we get this skin for free and/or the soundtrack for free?

Could loyal supporters redeem a physical copy for free from the Microsoft Store?
Could loyal supporters get any upcoming download content for free (SEASON 4 for free if planned or Community fund content : Eyedol, Extra stages for the remaining characters like Mira, Rash, General RAAM, 8th Character) for Ultra Editions Owners?
A credit refund on Microsoft Store?

I think SEASON 3 had too many Guest Characters : Rash was a welcome addition, but I have the feeling that Arbiter & General RAAM stole slots for Original Characters or maybe Eyedol…

I really hope Eyedol is the last character of Season 3!

But I feel that without ULTIMATES & EYEDOL, this new Killer Instinct will be missing something to be faithful to his classic counterparts.

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But you already have everything else…what more do you need?


That gold Gargos skin is the greatest thing in the history of mankind. Those who do not have it will not have a complete life.


i ned al da skinz foar mye coal ection.

That was really hard for me to type.


I 'll never understand the thing about being gold in colour. :confused:


I’m a bit erked for being punished by supporting the game as well :S

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It comes with a soundtrack, never before seen footage, new gargos skin and is only $39 dollars plus its finally a disc version!

That’s all the incentive I need personally.


I do wonder, does this mean the last character is it for this game? Like no more new content after this release? Ugh I am getting a bit nervous, I sure hope last character is Eyedol :frowning: Kiets pls!!!


No. I don’t think Season 3 is final season. I believe we will see KI season 4 because survey characters…


The game is confirmed for 2/3 KI world cups more. Do you think there is no more content for it beyond s3?

More is coming, for sure

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You’re not being punished. You got what you paid for.


That’s what you say to me in our message! : D

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True true, I forgot about that lol why would they survey about the future characters if they were done after this? Good point.

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I don’t think they should milk Ki with big stuff after S3.

Thank you.



Unless they are surveying for the next game entirely rather than a new season for this one :cry:

But I have my hopes up for a mini S4 :slight_smile:

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Actually I think this survey is for an actual full fledged sequel or a remaster of this game for the Project Scorpio.

My dream : an actual Killer Instinct remake for Project Scorpio with all the previous cast the remained plus survey planned content.

Please @developers create a new dynamic camera and we’ll finally get our famous ultimates!

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But they didn’t confirm that. I prefer they make new season than next game because Eyedol need return. If Eyeful’s return in season 3 or 4, then they can make new KI game!

I am with ya man. I am of the opinion that Eyedol really needs to be in this game. Only original character not back in, and I feel like he should be in before this game is “complete” . I am not saying every character needs to be in every game, but since this one is like the revival of the series, Eyedol should be in :slight_smile:

@RyuHayabusaX: Yeah that crossed my mind as well. It could be for a sequel or a new season, I am not sure which one is more likley though.

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Because, if you run KI into the ground then it’s going to start getting bad. I’m sure IG doesn’t want that either. Why not as I’ve said countless times already leave off on a good note. That way when KI is over people can look back and go “yeah game was good all the way through. And they kept it up in the sequel.” Things like that.

I don’t think people want to remember KI like how SF4 is remembered.

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