Does Microsoft plans any incentives to loyal KI supporters?


There was a Season 2 Combo breaker physical disc? Ive never seen it before! I dont think that exists.

What kind of capitalism? Because there are several different philosophies…for example the early 20th century the underlying structure that supported capitalism was bending over backwards to assure the customer was satisfied. Late 20th century was more towards having the customer pay more for less, whether it be food, quality within products, or paying employees near slave wages and eliminating pension plans…whatever it takes to make the bottom line bigger, nothing is sacred.
I mean, I’m no economics expert, but greed is greed however you try to dress it up.

Lol. I’m not an economics expert either, and honestly, I don’t feel like derailing this thread with an in depth discussion about capitalism in all it’s gradients. But yeah, KI’s payment model, from the start up until now, has been the quintessential model for “today’s capitalism” on many fronts.

Whether you want to talk about this “private company” producing and selling a product at a premium during the time when the components are at their most expensive to create, and are thus being produced and sold at that premium cost. Or you want to talk about AFTER this product has been created and has been on the market for some time where the product can be packaged and sold at retail (can be sold at a lower/mass market price). KI’s pricing has been a clear reflection of how these processes work.

Bottom line, as KI was being produced consumers could buy buy the product at a premium to get in on the ground floor. Now that the product is “done” and can be packaged as a retail item, the cost can be scaled, and brought into parody with the similar products it will be sitting next to on the shelf.

LOL! How ridiculous would it be if the retail disk of KI:DE was $120+, going up against SFV and MKXL both at $60 (probably less now with sales and all). That would just be insane.

The VG market/VG consumers REQUIRE that a console game be around $60 at least for it to be considered a “viable product”. Hell, I’m personally kind of surprised that KI:DE was priced at $40 seeing as that price point screams “less than triple-A” to many consumers. But hey, I know it is a deal. I just hope everyone else sees that and give the game a try.

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Yeah, I agree. It’s a good deal…lots of bonuses & stuff, and I plan to get it for the physical disk. I personally just feel like somewhere down the line they should go ahead and release the extra goodies (well as much as they can) as dlc…let everybody have gold Gargos, and maybe the bonus documentaries…but later.

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I’ve mentioned it before in another thread. IG will do that if we ask for it :grinning:.

They did it with Shadow Jago when we asked.

They did it with Omen when we asked.

We as a community just have to be positive about it and have patience. The developers have been very good at listening to the community.

Not saying you’re impatient @WrathOfFulgore , by way. Just explaining my thoughts :smile:

I’m sure they will. Personally I hope they give it to us for free, but you know, they don’t have to so they probably won’t.

There probably will be another announcement of some sort today. It probably won’t have anything to do with the new skins and all, but I mention this just to say that more info will be incoming.

@ShatterSpasm Yeah. IG and MS have been pretty responsive with that sort of stuff. I’m pretty confident we will get the new stuff at a fair cost.

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Same thing.

i bought all 3 season all full price and went and bought the actual disc for season one at gamestop just for my collection. i feel we need a free physical copy of the disc, case, and soundtrack, and the gold gargos skin.

No I bought one for collection purpose (Keeping factory sealed), the other, for gaming purpose…


Actually none of that has anything to do with capitalism. You can have good and bad customer service under any system - although arguably capitalism provides the largest incentive for good customer service. As far as paying more and more for less I think this is only true if you view the world through a very narrow lens. I’m typing this message on my phone over free wireless from China… If I want I can complain that my monthly phone bill is higher than in 1998 but that seems disingenuous.

Most people don’t understand capitalism in any way but it is used mostly as a short form to mean a free market economy.

The idea here would be they sell something at a price that people are willing to pay. The invisible hand of the market determines that price and whether the venture is successful or not etc. All of the people complaining about access to the extras should think about what happens to physically released games after they sit on shelves for six months and retailers decide they are taking up too much space…

It wasnt for Season 2. It was released right before season 2 was coming out and it was all of Season 1s content along with TJ Combo which was just a download code.

I know this… I was asking him as he wrote it as if there was… was making sure he wasn’t just making stuff up. He purchased 2 of the same item.

ahh i gotcha… :thumbsup:

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