Do you want a Character Creation Contest (POLL)

How many of you out there want or would take part in a create a Killer Instinct Character contest here on the Ultra Combo forums?

  • Yes
  • Yes but only if there are killer prizes
  • No

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I’m still trying to gauge interest to see if it would be possible to organize one.

Thanks for voting!


I think it would be an awesome idea. Even megaman did this and we got some good characters from it.

I totally forgot about that. What was it? Knight Man and Tomahawk Man?

I’d LOVE this idea, but I think they’ve already said that this can’t happen due to legal reasons, which makes sense.

Personally, I’d sign every waiver on the planet if it meant getting a character that I envisioned in to KI. I think that’d be awesome and I’d love it if they’d find a way to do something like this. Of course, I say this when I can write relatively well, yet I draw like a five year old using crayons with their feet lol.

knight man was the character that the only was created by someone not from japan

Looks like Knight Man and Wind Man were both a result of a contest. Knight Man was created by a Canadian and Wind Man by an American.

I could’ve sworn Tomahawk Man was the other one. Maybe I wanted it to be him so bad because there’s the parallel with Thunder…

I think it’d be a great idea to have a fan creation contest. I mean I dunno if IG would turn the winner’s design into a full blown character, but still something official would be neat. Include art concepts, storyline and background, etc…

This should happen!!!

This is definitely something I’d love to see in KI. Would be enjoyable, but for a season where I’m guessing a lot of the characters/roster is already defined, I’d see it as something that might be in, either as a bonus character or something for S4.

As awesome as it would be to see a fan made character actually show up in KI that wasn’t my intention with this poll because I think the chances of that happening are very low. I just wanted to see if people in the community wanted to take part in a contest that was more for fun and for the many people who have character designs already in the forums. If IG or Microsoft could offer up some prizes as well that would be awesome but unfortunately there’s no guarantee of that either.

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I’ve heard a lot of the ideas from users of this forum and frankly I trust IG to deliver much better characters, especially if their creativity is unconstrained by the results of contests.
This might fly if there’s a season 4 and IG is really hard up for character ideas. Currently I think they’re much better off sculpting their own characters.

I vote No.

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yes but should be heavily curated

MK: Cyber Subzeo(Hydro) and Scarlet
(I know the name Hydro poped up in an MK comic)

I’d LOVE to enter!!!

I’d like that even if I don’t win.

We’d all win if there was a contest because it would just bring together the community in a way where we’d be rooting for each other and celebrating each others creations (I know it wouldn’t be that idyllic but it’s still an awesome time). I’ve entered a bunch of contests like this and I’ve never won but I had a blast each time.

I want people to be excited and have the same outlook as you @EndokukenS3; enter just to put your work on display.

I’ve somehow got to make this thing happen.

The only thing is, it will end up having masks and everything covered up… Lol just kidding

How much we? Lol

Heck yeah!
I’d love to see drawings and ideas from others, unique back stories and more!
Thid sounds like sn awesome idea!

This may be the best idea I have heard in a long time. You guys should push this. Microsoft might want it for the Windows 10 KI release promotion.

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