Do you want a 4K KI or a Season 4 for XBOX ONE Project Scorpio?

Only if it’s available on the standard XB1 too. I am not buying a XB1S or Scorpio when I just bought an XB1 back in December.

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I don’t think you understand the hardware required to render a game at 4k.

The 4k adverts for new consoles are just to do with playing videos at 4k resolution. They will barely handle 1080p at 60fps.

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I feel like there wont be a Season 4. There is just no need for more characters. Maybe they will spend some time polishing the game, and then it will be over.

THAT, or maybe they will continue with the “guest character” thing and ACTUALLY TURN THE GAME INTO XBOX ALL-STARS BATTLE ROYALE!


No that’s the xbox one s that’s only doing 4k video, the xbox one scorpio is promising 4K gaming at 60fps.

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No, I want an all new ‘KI4’ built specifically for Scorpio with the best graphics that can be achieved at 1080p/60fps on that beastly hardware.

I think people have the right to differing opinions on all kinds of aspects of the game. But I really think it’s wrong to say KI is “limping along” and “in decline.” I think we forget because we have been enjoying it for a long time just how much more attractive the current KI package is compared to any point prior to now. This game now has a big cast of truly excellent characters, worthwhile single player content, gamechanging modes like shadows and the upcoming Shadow Lords - which looks like something already being copied by NRS for Injustice 2. The lack of stages 21-24 for four S3 characters is really not a sign that the wheels are coming off. I think there are legitimate arguments to wrap it up but the game being in decline is not one of them.

  • just a few characters for S4
  • full cutscenes for story mode
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I want s4. 8 new chars including eyedol if he not in s3. As many stages as possible and fill in gaps -stage ultras for some new and s1 stages and ultimates for all. Also revamped training/dojo mode.

Then community funds for tournament scene via dlc for even more stages, etc.

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I get your point but 34 characters are simply too many to keep everything kinda balanced. Also KI is a game about matchups and to learn 33 matchups is a very hard task.

Imo the perfect sized roster is 24-26.

As for my wishes for the future I really hope to see a new KI with proper AAA treatment.

I still think S3 is the best way to wrap up the game. Then continue on with support but in smaller quantities while they work on the next game.

Conker confirmed for Season 6

I dunno, I don’t see a massive jump between 26 and 34 that would make learning matchups too hard. I mean, sure, if you’re just dipping your toe in to the water after season 4’s complete, then yeah, learning all of that from scratch would be daunting for sure, but that’s regardless of whether it’s 26 or 34 IMO.

A lot of KI players have been playing since season one or season two, and while season 3 is new to everyone, the point is that most people aren’t starting from scratch. In fact, I’d say it’s probably pretty far in the opposite direction, much more so than when a new Tekken or a new Mortal Kombat comes out and everyone has to learn all of the matchups.

Granted, that tends to put everyone on equal footing, which I’d say is probably a good thing, but in the end, the cream tends to rise to the top anyways so we get to the same place in KI as we get to in MK in terms of learning, we just take a different path due to the seasonal model.

But back to your point, I can see why you’d feel that way. If your threshold is around 26, I can respect that. I don’t go that hard on learning matchups, so it doesn’t really bother me at all when more character’s are added, though I can see why some tend to get up in arms over rebalances or more characters, etc because it’s still an adjustment and in some cases, a substantial one at that.

I’d say my ideal roster size is around 32-35, but I always like new content, so if I could choose between more of this KI or nothing, I’d obviously take more of this KI. Of course, the ideal scenario (which I 100% agree with you on) is that after this KI, MS digs deep and gives a sequel to this game the proper AAA treatment. That would be absolutely amazing.

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No AAA treatment please. I’d rather they treat KI better then some AAA game. Since all games that have been dubbed AAA were…bad.

4K Killer instinct would be sweet, very sweet indeed. I am planing to buy the scorpio and I hope that Microsoft at least delivers KI in 4K for the scorpio on launch. It will be just a patch I guess, and however had bought it before and want to update to scorpio would get the option to play it in 4K/60fps. that the minimum MS would do to incentivize the buy of a new hardware.

I’m loving what they do already with the one character a month (with extras of course), I don’t see why they should make a KI so soon just for a newer version of the console. Season 4 will be amazing :3 Maybe try another KI another time. This isn’t CoD Instinct. There is still potential for the game too, All figures for those who want to get special skins for newer characters, merchandise etc.

If they can not improve visuals for the Scorpio i will vote for developing KI2! New Engine , better visuals and cool accesories! Then it will become the nr 1 AAA fighting game!

There is a discussion about this on the Off Topic section.

Could they make it like a PC game where and instead of us selecting, based on the xbox type it choose the settings?

The PC game with the most settings i know of is Serious Sam 3…pages and pages of settings to adjust.

SO imagine KI with different res options, textures, bump maps, lighting, particle settings and depending if you have a regular XBO, XBO-Slim, XBox Scorpio, it choose what settings to use.

Of course, PC version would be the best with all the new expanded options for those with very high end machines, but you get the idea.

Also, i do want a season 4 with new stages, characters but this time add ultimates, stage ultras for some s1 stages, and expanded dojo content.




Season 4 without a doubt. Graphics aren’t a big thing for me, so a bump in resolution or whatever the Scorpio is capable of graphically don’t really hit me that hard.

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I prefer Season 4 on the Xbox One. No offense to anybody who is going to support Xbox One Scorpio.

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