Do you want a 4K KI or a Season 4 for XBOX ONE Project Scorpio?

I don’t have a 4k anything. It’ll be a couple years before i buy in. I’ve been content with 1080 for a decade and am almost positive there will be hardly any mainstream games that actually run at 4k (cod, bf, mk, halo,etc). Most games on xb1 run at 720 or 900p as is. It’ll be five plus years before consol has actual 4k as the norm. Just speculation from a techie wannabe.

100% season 4 over a 4k KI.

Reason: Season 4 means new matchups, new move sets, new characters, new music (stuff that matters). 4k KI means better graphics (stuff that doesn’t matter).


Season 4 all day… i think 1080 does just fine and the game looks great as is. plus i play on pc so a scorpio is moot for me.

Season4 not in a hurry to get a new KI game right now especially when this one is growing still

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Season 4 it is. I think we should add a bunch of guests to really expand the audience.

I only hope if they gonna support game further, requirements won`t go higher. My potato barely passes benchmark and my heart would break if they decide to swagify some graphics, leaving me in dust ;___;

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You will not get 4k gaming at 60fps for a graphic intensive game on a pc or console any time in the next few years.

When Sony or MS talk about 4k they mean video streaming, 2d games or simple graphic 3d games.

I think the graphics for KI are fine - I think adding accessories/colours and dojo training for every character would go a long way to helping KI.

Add a bunch of guests to really expand the audience ? Lol how about a big huge fat NO.

I hope it’s a S4 on XBOne but maybe with just like one more character and some QOL updates.

am I the only one with no intention of buying a scorpio? seems like a shameless cash grab to me, I already bought an X1 im not made of money microsoft

Agreed. I have not intention of getting one and haven’t paid attention to it. And to make matters worse they are releasing that Xbone S. They are so disoriented it seems.

Lol, you misanthrope. The more the merrier for me.

Now that’s interesting. Even if they wanted to sell character training packs as DLC, I’d buy them.

KI probably needs this, too. People who don’t play seem scared of KI, sometimes.

This ain’t smash Bros man.

Neither just let the game alone dor awhile stop confusing people with combo breaker ultra bs

Promote ki hard for next 3 years slap big money into prize pools

Get ki on mountain dew and pepsi products give out Merxh xbox ones characters or seasons as prize codes :wink:

Sure isn’t. Even the very story driven MKX has more guests than KI. We can manage another half dozen guests before it gets very close to Smash Bros.

Part of the charm of Rare games was that they did things for the hell of it… I think there should be a little of everything.

Indeed, I was actually just showing my daughter Taboo: The Sixth Sense on NES earlier today…basically just a virtual taro card…um…game?

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Buying that? That seems like something they should just have in there. Buying a training mode that teaches you how to play a character seems very wrong to me. Take Guilty Gear for example. They have a “training mode” for each of their characters, which is basically just giving you BnBs. It doesn’t have to be an extremely in-depth dive into each character.

They won’t make Killer instinct especially just for Scorpio and leave out Xbox one gamers Phil Spencer has already stated there won’t be any exclusive Scorpio games!
So not sure what you are asking?.. do you mean Iron Galaxy should make KI4 with a new engine which upscales to 4K on Scorpio and drops resolution to make it run on Xbox one?..