Do you want a 4K KI or a Season 4 for XBOX ONE Project Scorpio?

Project scorpio has just been announced to drop 2017 .Do you want a new 4K KI or a Season 4 for XBOX ONE Project Scorpio?

State your reasons.

It would just be the same game on the same console, I don’t really get what you’re asking.

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I am saying do u want a Brand new 4K KI game with new graphics on xbox Project scorpio? or a continuation of the same game with season 4 on xbox one project scorpio?

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Well this new Xbox is just an Xbox one with updated graphics right?

So I highly doubt they would redo KI in any way just for a hardware update. I’d bet on a season 4 regardless of what hardware comes out.

I personally would like to see Season 3 be completed on the X1 / 4k X1…there is still a ton of content coming out for it, would not even be opposed to seeing it get the 4K treatment at some point.

At the end of the day, I would really like to see MS let IG take the time to work on the Next Game in the KI franchise for the project Scorpio system coming holiday 2017. I still to this day remember how excited I was to get my X1 at midnight on launch day for the sole purpose of KI. It opened the world of gaming to me, but I admit I still play KI multiple times a week!

It would be one amazing launch title for the next Xbox! I also would like for them to take a different path and not make it an Xbox live arcade game, it has proven that it is a big part the Xbox world and should have the same, if not more level of care/development time/etc etc as other big games and stand on its own two feet!

That and the following statement is just my opinion; KI can be a much more popular game than Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter! But that doesn’t matter to me, I already love it and will continue to play it until my fingers fall off.



Nope, I want a new KI to drop alongside scorpio. Entirely new gameXD 3 seasons are enough for this one

They’ve said all games will work on all consoles so a new KI so soon is probably unlikely. Rather, we’ll get a Season 4 and that complete collection will be available to play on the Scorpio.


No. The Xbox One S is the slim, upgraded version, coming out soon. Scorpio is the new console coming out in fall 2017 that’s going to boast much improved graphics for 4K and VR, but also much faster memory and presumably CPUs.

Brand new KI with a new engine and built from the ground up by one developer for me. KI 2013 cant handle any more t the roster IMO. its time to polish it up and add some DLC additions but thats it.

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Man. This is honestly a tough question. There are merits to both approaches.

From a budget and development standpoint it may make more sense to simply beef up the current version to spec and rock a 4th season.

That said - I’m certainly not going to be depressed about another FG title in the Xbox catalogue besides the NRS game of the season - even if it is a KI sequel.


I’d love another KI game. I’d love them to continue supporting this game. I would be happy either way. I don’t really see MS investing in a sequel to this game though.

As far as 4k, since the PC version of KI will already run at 4K they will be more than capable of dropping this game onto Scorpio and running it in 4K.

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I rather see S4 with 4k support and polished gameplay/UI. I think is too soon to start making a sequel.

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Definitely too soon to start creating a sequel. The game only came out 3 years ago and that was essentially in early access. This game still has room to grow, so either they add a season 4 that adds and completes the game or they stop altogether and do a new non KI project for now. KI is built as a platform so I see them only adding more to the game rather than abandoning/working on a new KI iteration.

I want Season 4 with more characters and stages.


It’ll still be an XBox one, won’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Who knows? It might be, but fall 2017 is a long time. They might change any and all plans, might even come up with a new OS, so that it remains an X1 in name only.

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you have pc see for 4k in i highy doubt xbox s will play games at 60fps 4k when high in gpus can’t even play games at 60fps on 4k un lesss that xbox s will cost 2,0000 $

Season 4 with more characters and stages. I personally think the seasonal model is a great way to do a fighting game and still keep it relevant.

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Any new KI game that would appear on Scorpio would also appear on the current Xbox One, so it’s basically just a question of whether people want a new KI game or to continue with the current one.

I think one thing to consider is the likelihood that MS will throw triple A dollars at a new KI game or even want to make a complete KI game. For all we know, the next KI game could come out just the way this one has. Would you take a graphical upgrade if the trade off meant starting back at square one with possibly 8 characters again? It’s not like the choice is automatically “current seasonal game” versus “new, full game with normal, physical release.”

Personally, I love the current game. I love the characters styles, the depth of the move lists, the gameplay mechanics, the graphics, the stages, and while there are some UI issues that kinda grate on me a little, that’s small potatoes compared to the bigger picture. Yes, we could maybe get more out of a new game, but then again, maybe not.

I’m not saying I’d rather just stick with what I know because it’s what I know, but that’s a (small) factor in it. But honestly, I still think this game has at least one more season left in it.

My preference would be for them to bring out a season 4 that brings the character count up to 34. So if we get a bonus character this season, then just have seven characters next season. Fix all the UI stuff, like the fonts, the checking DLC screen, the “Fight On” screen so they don’t have that temporary stand-in vibe to them. Give every character a season one dossier file. Stages for every character, including the ones that didn’t get them this time around. Make sure every character, including Omen and Shago, has a full assortment of colors and accessories. Maybe add a variation on survival mode with item drops that affect the gameplay and unlockable stuff.

Once that’s done and it’s all come out, that would theoretically take us in to late summer of next year. Perhaps while IG’s busy at work on season 4, a smaller part of their team can begin mapping out a new KI game starting from scratch and optimized for Project Scorpio (and also available on XB1). This game wouldn’t launch with Scorpio. For the launch, maybe MS puts all four seasons of KI with all content together in disc form? But then the next KI comes maybe two years after Scorpio launches?

Either way, realistic or not, that’d be my ideal scenario. But honestly, for the time being, I’m more than happy with the current KI. It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played and some of the most fun I’ve had with a fighter before. If they came out and said that they wanted to continue it for five more seasons, that’d be perfectly fine by me. I think the only way I’d feel like I lost in this scenario is if the current KI stops and we don’t get a new one.

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Entirely new KI game.

I can’t imagine KI continuing to limp along as things are now. Characters aren’t getting stages, they only have 3ads (which I imagine is due to budget/time constraints) etc. These all point to a game that from a development standpoint is in decline.

For the series to be revived, to really get the attention and numbers the game deserves, I think we’d need a new game entirely.