Discuss about Glacius' ultimate

While there was a lot of backlash about TJ’s ultimate, hopefully glacius will be just as satisfying as tusk’s, thunder’s and maya’s, especially since he is one of my mains. I imagine his will definitely include lance and shatter.

Glacius activates ultra, goes into ultimate
Screen fades to black, glacius knocks opponent off with cold shoulder to make distance
(Alternatively, he makes distance with his grab instead)
Hits opponent with a shatter combo, ending it by impaling the opponent off-screen
(Alternatively, after the shatter combo, opponent gets turned into ice and breaks into pieces)
Glacius levitates and poses

If there is other ideas, suggestions and predictions please discuss them here.

@ShellShock520 Thank you for the inspiration.

I honesty want to see something that invovles freezing the opponent into a block of ice (not literally but at least be frozen in an icy structure. mixing his shatter and hail for the ultimate.

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That’s kind of what I was thinking. He can freeze the opponent and break them into pieces.

Considering he doesn’t have official hero art, or a gamerpic at this point, I won’t hold my breath that he’ll actually get one.

That would really suck if he doesn’t get one. I don’t think that the lack of hero art means no ultimate either.

Glacius is one of the most popular characters, I’m almost certain him,Sabrewulf,Orchid,Fulgore, and Spinal will get one.


I’ve edited my post.

I imagine this too, there’s no way they won’t give him one.

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Here is who I think won’t get an Ultimate of course some of these are wrong for sure but here’s my guess

Kim Wu

And the last 2 characters that haven’t been revealed.

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I’d be kind of surprised if Kim Wu didn’t get one.

As far as Glacius - they have so far shied away from overt references to the Ultimates from the original game, but I would suspect they will go with a puddle melt/absorb rather than a series of hits or a freeze/explosion for Glacius.

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Right it’s not a set list but yeah definitely possible. I think the most popular characters will get one for sure although it would be interesting if the bosses from the original KI1 and 2 got one because they never had one in the original franchise!

We can’t assume anything guys, remember. All you’re doing is going by just little bits of stuff. Just because he doesn’t have hero art or anything hardly means a thing.

I hate to say it guys but it’s better you just wait before you figure who’s not getting what.

Screen goes black. Glacius performs cold shoulder to push his opponent away (similar camera positioning here to Thunder’s crow rush or Tsk’s sword charge in their respective ultimates), then hits with a full screen puddle punch to send them flying. He hits them again with a super variation of hail to juggle them even further into the air. Finally, as they fall back down, you see the alien reach into the ground. Almost immediately the camera pans to just under his adversary, where you see a single spike emerge slowly out of the ground. You hear a sickening SHICK, as you see only the legs of the now dead opponent stop falling and stay suspended in the air a short distance above the ground. Glacius releases his now-off-screen spike, and you see the legs of the corpse fall to the ground.

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I will accept nothing less than freezing the opponent somehow, or absorbing them via puddle form.

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I would imagine pretty much freezing similar to Aganos’s stage ultra with ice chunks forming all over them and the opponent turning blue, followed by Glacius hitting them in some way that just causes a massive explosion of particle effects. After all, that is one of the coolest things (pun intended) about Glacius: the particle effect/ice shard explosions from his moves.

I can assume whatever I please. Nothing in the past three years suggests to me that Glacius is on a list for getting an ultimate. Now if they actually remember he’s a part of the cast and give him one, then I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

All I want to see for Glacius is him freeze his opponent and they shatter. I don’t care how. I don’t care if they simply fall back and shatter when they hit the ground.

And I don’t want any kind of off-screen, implied death like some of the others we’ve seen so far.

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Oh heck yeah!

Assuming they’ll be nothing but a block of ice right before they break it should be similar to being turned to stone. On that note however: they can break into so many peices they’ll just like dry ice exploded or something. lol

Well, I can safely assume we won’t be seeing anyone shatter, since that would definitely imply they are dead.

My idea would be the same as some have already suggested: Glacius freezes the opponent and then smashes them to pieces. Seems “ultimate-y” and acceptable (read “tame”) enough to me.