Different Kinds of Likes

In another thread someone posted something negative about me, which naturally upset me, while also violating forum guidelines. Despite this, the post received numerous likes. When I confronted those who liked the post, most admitted to liking the post because they thought it was funny - not because they actually agreed with the negative post itself.

So this got me thinking - why don’t we incorporate various different kinds of likes here on the forums to mean different things and to clarify HOW we actually like the post? Facebook does it, so why can’t we?

I, for 1, think it’s a great idea. What do you guys think? Do you “like” it?

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I’d be down for that, if they can do it. Seems like a good idea to me!

…and yet you don’t like my post? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Types of likes:
I agree.
I like.
I disagree.

Eeeeh. I mean I guess it sounds nice, but usually the same people like comments so it would just be added redundancy of someone’s interest in a post.

I’d rather have more unique interactions done with post instead of something circulating likes.

That’s just me. I wonder how a dislike feature would fare though…

Edit: I also wonder if such features would keep people from replying. Wouldn’t that somewhat dry up conversations/discussions when someone can simply add a funny like opposed to saying it with a gif or meme?

I don’t use FB, so I’m not sure of the implied specifics, but so long as it doesn’t include a ‘dislike’ or ‘downvote’ feature, I could get behind it.

A button to implicitly express negativity can get out of hand real fast. That’s pretty much the only thing I’ve learned from the battlenet forums.

If I had a dislike button, I don’t think I’d engage in half of conversations I do around here. I’d just downvote most things. It’s not conducive to community-building or conversation, but it saves the time of trying to explain why something is wrong or incorrect to someone/a group that isn’t interested in differing opinions (or more often, facts) to begin with.

For the sake of discussion, could you provide some example suggestions? Personally, I use the ‘like’ feature to mean one of three things - that I agree with the intellectual content of a post, I agree with the general sentiment expressed within, or I thought it was funny. I guess these could translate into “Agree” “Like” and “Laugh” - is this in line with your idea?

Not cool to call out people on other threads. Just submit it as an idea, rather than something that came about that you dislike, and want to make an idea for the sake of knowing the true reason behind likes.

Not trying to be mean, but…

Anyways, I wouldn’t care, It seems cool, but would people actually use it?


I didn’t call anyone out. There was a reason I didn’t name names. I’m just providing a legitimate example for context as to why I think we need something like this. Please stop looking for the negative in everything I post - it’s not constructive to the conversation at hand (and yes, I understand there’s a sense of irony in me of all people saying that…).

@MDMMORNING FB doesn’t use dislikes, and that’s not what I’m asking for. I’m against that too. Some of what FB uses are:

sad (sympathy-like)
…and so on.

I seldom do this. Most of the time, I’m defending you, should I choose to post.

But, Very well. shrug

I think it would be a cool idea, but the thing is, would people be truthful?

Who knows, they could just dislike posts for the sake of disliking.

Which is why I don’t recommend a dislike option. The dislike option would be the report function that already exists (and no, I’m not suggesting that they abuse the report function just because they dislike a particular post).

What kind of emoticons or likes work with KI?

Could there be a Killer Like? :wink:


I hadn’t even thought of a sympathy button. That’s a worthy cause unto itself.

It sucks to assume the that people are crappy, but this is a place on the Internet. I think at this point in our chapter of social history, it would be naive to assume that people WOULDN’T abuse the dislike button, be it for emotional bias or trolldom. :disappointed:

We need to add twitch emotes Kappa

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I thought flagging was the dislike feature (to a degree)?

I wouldn’t mind seeing a like feature with varied implications, though do I care enough about it? No.

Those are all over the place though. I don’t even know what half of those even mean! :sweat:

…although I suppose a salty like/emote couldn’t hurt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep the discussion away from political topics.

I know, sorry, but it was all I could think of on the spot (that was also current, relevant, and that everyone can relate to - although I can see why it was flagged and won’t contest it).

Please nobody respond regarding politics.

Still, it was just an example. Jeez… Don’t shoot the messenger! Shoot the guy that blows up his message!

Wait. I can’t edit it? I went back to edit it, and it won’t let me! :’(

10 minute wait.

Well, at least the dislikes work lol.

But it would be an interesting idea. We would just have to see if it would be used. No use in creating it, and no one really uses it, you know?

Well, we know people throw out likes like candy in this community already, so I’m absolutely certain it’d work - and FB is a pretty positive precedent too!