Devil May Cry 5


Well… Atleast He Wanted to… I’m assuming Ninja Theory was busy at the time.

I mean… that says it all doesn’t it ? Its what everybody who hates that game calls British Dante.

I think thats fair… mostly… The Gaming Brit gave a somewhat fair critism of how the Dante’s Personality isn’t a good fit for DMC’s Style.

Never heard those last two before…


I call DmC Dante “Donte”, because it’s easier to distinguish the two. The same goes for Vorgil, though I actually don’t know what people use for DmC Mundus.


They just call him Mundus…

And they call DmC Dante just Dante… when comparing the two different Dantes theres no need to be bother using names at all… they just differentiate them by game… DmC and DMC4 much in the same way we always have differenciated the different versions of Dante from DMC1-4. Bending names was never required.

I literally only hear “Donte” when somebody is ready to drop a metric ton of hate on DmC. Donte is just those people’s way of rejecting not only the character but DmC as a whole…


You’re not on the sub-reddit then, I see.
If you call DmC Dante for Dante on there, they will make sure you know that they call him Donte and why they do so.


LoL… Well Yeah… and that’s probably why I’m not on reddit…

Don’t get me wrong… they were a big help to me when I was stuck in Nioh but thats the only bone I’m willing to throw that site or anyone who frequents it.


I’ve hung out on a few different once, all gaming related though, and some are definitely better than others. The SoulCalibur one has been good, while the DMC one is pretty toxic… especially if you’re someone (like me) who likes DmC.

It’s a mixed bag indeed. But that’s how it is with any forum where a lot of people are.


So I recently just found out Microsoft now owns Ninja Theory…

I guess that means no DmC 2. :frowning:

Honestly I don’t think A DmC is beyond Itsuno-san and his team’s capabilities… I firmly believe that if Ninja Theory just handed over the design doc for DmC then they could develope a sequel with no problem.

Speaking of Which… I’m playing another Ninja Theory game… Enlaved: Odessy To The West.

Ah that takes me back… back before every developer and their mother wanted to make an open world version of everything.


I love that game. It could’ve been more, been better, but it’s a nice game. ^^


Hmmmmm… well then in that case I’ll keep playing it… hell… I may play it twice.


Man… I forget just how far away this game is from coming out…

Why can’t we have the good ■■■■ now ? :frowning:

I bet alot of us will be pretty busy on DMC5’s launch week… or that whole month even.


I sense alil bit of Sensationalism here


Tabloid title right there…


Ah… I didn’t even see that… only saw the article title.


You can buy red orbs to purchase all of the moves in the game and revive yourself as many times as you want, but:

  1. You can’t buy progression (having to progress to get Dante’s Devil Arms and guns/Nero’s Devil Trigger).
  2. Having all of the moves doesn’t make you good at the game or even give you a remotely big enough advantage to really make a difference.

You have to be a complete dope to spend money on red orbs. DMC4SE had this as well, and no one did it there, either.


Until the Games comes out… who knows what the final build will or won’t have in it.


Has Capcom found a new band/singer to do Dante’s theme yet? The last one was worse.


Maybe They shouldn’t…

Maybe its time for a change…

How about we get the conposer to do all the music including the character’s themes in the game.


Matt Walker said that they don’t have enough resources to come out with a new song, so we’re probably stuck with Subhuman as a base. We could get a remix or something like that.


I unlocked all DMC3 trophies!

Fight Arkham on Dante Must Die mode was not very easy and scary…


Like a God ■■■■ Boss !!! Well Done !!! :slight_smile: