Devil May Cry 5



There’s gotta be a new band!



Alot of stuff getting added to this game…

Remember when you finished the previous Devil May Cry Games… and then it unlocks new modes and you’re like “What… Theres More ?”


I’m pretty sure this game will have that, too. They might even make you unlock Must Style mode from DmC.


Thats from DmC DE… which I don’t have. :sob:

Why do you keep reopening old wounds ? I just want to heal !!! LoL !!!


Full NYCC DMC5 Panel:


Why did they bring back Cerberus of all weapons? Not that I don’t appreciate it, of course. The Thunder Ball & Chain is cool

I don’t really get why it has those three forms though. The original weapon was ice-based because it was an ice monster. Plus, it already had three sections. Unless there’s two more Cerberus things somewhere that has those two extra forms.

If they explained it, I didn’t watch the whole panel and I’m sorry lol


All the DMC3 Weapons were meh… except for those talking swords…

But I’m sure that won’t be the case this time


The weapons I’ve had most fun with are honestly the scythe and the spinning blades in DmC.
I would love to see those be translated into the main series.


Might be a story thing? I’m kinda confused too, not as much as with the Faust Hat. I do enjoy nunchuks as a weapon though.

Definitely would like to see them back, but only if they get to talk this time.

These too.


So here’s a better screenshot of the new Faust Hat weapon:

And… I couldn’t help myself…


Isn’t Faust that dude from DMC4 who like Stabbing us with his long Finger Nails ?


Yup. It has the hat.
Thing is, Dante uses this in DMC5 where he hurls it at demons and then it sits on their heads, and then I think Dante can control them or gains them as an ally for a few seconds or something like that. Hence why this reference works so well.


Man I’ missing out on so many Nintendo Classics…

I have 30 Years worth of Nintendo games I want to play before I csn even think of Odessy.


I don’t think he controls them, just gets more red orbs out of those marked enemies and as a risk/reward thing he will also lose red orbs if he gets hit by those marked enemies.


Whatever works. :stuck_out_tongue:
The hat is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen from the franchise. It’s more silly than cool, imo. But we’ll see how it works when we get a better look at it in a proper trailer.


Its absolutely silly and not exactly practical. It does let you gain more red orbs so I guess it would be very handy if you were trying to grind out enough to purchase skills or weapons. I’m a little worried that pricing may be higher because of this but we’ll see.


Yeah but… once Dante’s fully upgraded what purpose will the Red Orbs have ?


Like with all games, currency has no purpose when you’ve bought all the stuff.
This, however, gives them another purpose, as they fuel this new weapon.


So you can’t use it with no Orbs ?