Devil May Cry 5


You can probably do some moves, but I can imagine some of the more powerful ones that actually do an impact are spending orbs.

I don’t actually know though, but that’s how they made it sound like.



I don’t know how to feel about that…

I suppose I’l simply not use it until Dante’s Fully Upgraded then I won’t worry about whether or not Faust is cutting into my Orb Profit Margin. :stuck_out_tongue:



Wait until we get the full information about how the weapon works before you make a judgement call. :wink:



Always Act on foggy information !!! :stuck_out_tongue:


When Dante throws the hat on them, it turns them into a red orb stash where every hit you do will cause them to bleed red orbs.


The official Devil May Cry channel uploaded the whole panel (except for the opening) on YouTube in high quality.




Dude looks likea discount Chris Angel…




So glad to finally see V’s gameplay. It looks so awesome and I can’t wait to play as him. :heart:



So V seems to play like how many of us thought he would. Also interesting how his DT summons a giant golem to fight the equally large enemies. I was more surprised to hear Subhuman in the last parts of the trailer though, I guess contractual stuff kept it from going away forever.

Also, I wonder how much the XB1 demo will even show off? I hope we at least get a boss fight of some kind.


What a sexy game. Luv the demo. Been years since I’ve played a dmc game.


I dig V’s theme super hard.


Me after get S rank in DMC5 demo:


I wish the demo was a little longer encounter-wise. I’m pretty sure they cut one out from the press and con demos, actually? The one right before you enter the building.


Yeah I heard people saying on other forums that there was a fight cut from this demo, the fountain area before you enter the hotel.

So I found the demo to be decent, but so very short and it doesn’t really let me do all the crazier stuff since the enemies are easy to fight. The boss fight was good though, and using Gerbera to basically become a pixie around enemies is super fun.

Now I wonder how far they’ll take Nero’s moveset, back in DMC4 he was intended to be a “quality over quantity” character (which I personally felt they did decently with) but with all these new Devil Breakers they potentially have a far greater scope of options (I say potentially because of how Devil Breakers work).


This DMC5 demo is amazing! I didnt care to much for hte old DMC games but this one had me wanting more! I would have bought it right then at the end if it was available! I was hoping it was, and once I looked it up , the march release date was a bummer…but I thoroughly enjoyed this demo…its beautiful! @BigBadAndy Have you tired it?
@KevBones10 IS Darksiders 3 anywhere close to the look and feel of this DMC5 demo?


I played through it today. Lots of fun, and very Devil May Cry.

I’ve actually been playing Darksider’s II, “Deathfinitive” edition and enjoying it. Darksiders is more puzzle oriented and the combat is less deep than DMC, but it’s a similar idea.