Devil May Cry 5


Yeah I knew it was similar but wasn’t sure if DS3 had the next gen look of DMC5. DMC5 was so great I would have bought it at that moment if it were out. Not sure if that was a great idea to have the demo out so early.


New V trailer:

V is my spirit animal.


The visual style of Darksiders is very different. I would categorize DMC as “stylized photo realism.” It’s a slightly exaggerated version of reality. The Darksiders games are equally beautiful, in my opinion, but the style is much closer to something Blizzard would do. Think World of Warcraft or Overwatch and you won’t be far off. Darksiders is hugely influenced by Legend of Zelda 3D games and some of that is reflected in the art style as well - although the game is much much gorier.

Darksiders is pretty much the love child of Zelda and DMC. It’s not as sophisticated a puzzle dungeons adventure as Zelda nor does it have the sophisticated combat mechanics of DMC. But it combines a “lite” version of the two into a pretty solid experience in my opinion.


I have 1 and 2… I got about 20% of 2 before I moved on to something else. 1, I didn’t get far at all… just didn’t hold my attention. The story, the horsemen, apocalypse…that has my attention…but the gameplay just doesn’t keep my excited compared to other games I have to play.



Who is playing this??




How is it?


Me. I like it so far, although I shall ever always hate Nero. lol


It was amazing. The story was kinda meh really, but the gameplay is fantastic. I didn’t much care for the Devil Breakers and V was kinda wtf but they absolutely nailed it with Dante. So many options, so much ■■■■ to do.


I see. Great to read these experiences.
I am waiting a bit with my next purchases to make sure I don’t go crazy with spending money this month on games but dmc5 is on my list.


I just started playing. I’m having fun so far. But I’m constantly worried that it’s all the sudden going to become ■■■■■■■■ like 3. It doesn’t get like that, does it?


Got a ways into this today. Though I’m still not a fan of Nero’s playstyle, and I’m still not even remotely sold on V’s yet, DMC5 definitely feels very good to play. I think I’m over halfway to Dante and I’m very much looking forward to him.

What do you mean?


DMC3 was so hard that it prevented me from enjoying it. I don’t want that to happen again here.


According to Maximilian it’s not too hard. In his YT vid he wishes that there was a way to increase the initial difficulty setting as it was a bit too easy. So, hopefully you can enjoy it to the end without fear…


Do you think I should go back and replay 3 on easy? Is it worth it? And is the easy mode actually easier?


Cerberus and Agni & Rudra are the worst of it in DMC3 early on. If you can get past them, you’re good to go for the rest of them game.

I’d hope so since they re-released the game back in the PS2 days to add it in.


I got all the way to the final fight with Vergil. That fight just felt completely impossible. So I gave up and moved on to 4.

Speaking of, why do people hate 4 so much? I thought it was really fun.


From what I remember, DMC4 had the issues of being forced to use Nero for half of the game, Dante not being as fun as his DMC3 incarnation, mediocre levels with Dante just playing modified versions of said levels, weaker story, etc. The special edition did add a decent amount of content in the form of Lady, Trish, and Vergil, but for many people it still wasn’t significant as the other issues not related to the combat still existed.

Basically, for many people the combat in DMC4 is the only thing that felt truly good in the grand scheme of things. Everything else felt rushed by comparison.


I don’t know. I thought Dante and Nero were both pretty fun to use. And since 3 was so hard I barely got to experience half of the stuff he could do. I didn’t have a problem with repeating areas. It made sense in the story and the locations were all pretty cool looking to begin with.

Seriously though. 3 was total bull ■■■■. It doesn’t want you to progress. It doesn’t want you to feel powerful. It wants you to feel week and frustrated. It forces you to spend whole days on a single fight, reveling in the fact that your trapped there. And when you do win it doesn’t feel earned. It feels like you just survived that time. It’s not fun. It’s evil. It’s an evil evil game.

And my all time favorite game in this series will always be DmC. Unironically. It has the best combat, best use of weapons, best characters, and best story. I wish we’d get a DmC 2. I mean, I don’t hate mainline DMC. But Dante is less relatable and the weapons aren’t as cool. Plus it has that Mega Man like progression where you absorb a demon’s soul and make it into a weapon and it felt so satisfying. And you can kill Bill O’Reilly. It was awesome.