Devil May Cry 5


They actually wrote the theme for the wrong Dante.


No, that was a conclusion the fanbase jumped to. They did actually write it for DMC5 Dante. They just did a really bad job.


Maybe we can get Ministry or Slayer for Dante’s track now!



Yes, I’ve read it. It is still not DmC Dante.


Which bands would you want to replace that last band for Dante’s theme?

I hope Skillet, The Letter Black, Fireflight, Flyleaf, Anberlin or Thousand Foot Krutch.


Mick Gordon.


You sure Mick can handle DMC? Doubtful. I mean he did KI yes, but can he do it?


How disrespectful. Mick Gordon has proven he can handle any genre thrown at him.
He did not only do the KI soundtrack to perfection, but he did the Doom soundtrack just as good.


Alright, I guess Mick can do.

But what about singing? Dante’s theme needs something besides just screaming.


If you didn’t see the livestream:


They wrote it for Donte. There’s no denying it. They even edited the “foul-mouthed anti-hero” out of the description (which perfectly summarizes Donte). The title of the song speaks more than enough, as well. Subhuman? That’s not something that defines Dante. He’s embraced his humanity. Why would he suddenly feel beneath it or alienated by it? Donte on the other hand, is not human at all, which makes sense. What a garbage situation. Good thing it got removed. Bring back Shootie HG.


Why would they write it for DmC Dante?
They have worked 2 years on it, LONG after DmC was out. They were hired to make it for DMC5 Dante. They knew it would be the Dante from the original DMC series. And original Dante swears as well. He even drops the F-bomb in the newest footage we’ve seen. Not as much as DmC Dante did, but he does none the less.

There’s absolutely no reason why they would write it for anyone else than DMC5 Dante, because anything else makes absolutely no sense.

They just did a really bad job at it.


… Slayer, Slash, Christian Death, D.R.I


They had no supervision over writing the song. None of it fits Dante remotely.

Give me the sauce.


Is there anyone that has issues with Trish’s…voice? I feel like I’m the only one


It sounds different, but not bad by any means. Her voice sounds super familiar, though.


So you were also on the “Lets Hate DmC just because its different.” Bandwagon ?

I thought better of you, man… :frowning:


There is not one instance in that entire paragraph where I said I hated DmC. Donte from DmC is LITERALLY NOT human. He’s a half-angel, half-demon hybrid called a Nephilim. I was explaining how the description makes sense for Donte, as he can be considered a monster, therefore: subhuman.


And yes, I heavily dislike the direction DmC took its characters. However, I wasn’t on the bandwagon, as my opinion came from my own view of the game and the story it told. The characters in DmC are bastardizations of the characters they are based on (whom I love). I’m not sure who’s the worst offender between Donte, Vorgil, or Muhndus or Sparda, who is especially bad, but they are all insufferable.
No charm, no structure, and no soul.

I’m not saying DmC is bad as a whole, as its character designs are pretty good (despite its TERRIBLE concept art that came before the finalized designs). It has huge transforming environments, a style rank announcer, and a bunch of other cool stylistic choices that were actually deemed good enough to carry over into DMC5 as a way to homage its western counterpart. I also think that Donte’s color scheme works very well with OG Dante in 4 and 5, and Vergil looks really nice in Vorgil’s clothes in fanart. DmC is very divisive. There are people with much harsher opinions than me TRUST ME, but I’ll be damned if anyone can convince me its characters and story are good.


I’m 99% positive that Trish is voiced by Wendee Lee in DMC5. Me, being a big Cowboy Bebop fan, makes me feel good.