Devil May Cry 5


Shawn McPherson bring back!!!


DMC5 co-op online?

It would be very cool if I can play DMC5 with my friend. I hope this is real!


Pre-order, and you get this nice theme for the PS4.

Lady looks great.


Trish looks… odd.

Something looks off about her face…


I’m getting Buffy vibes.


She looks better here. I think it’s because she has a kinda long nose though.


Dante should hand her his coat… she must be freezing.


She’s a demon, I’m sure she’ll be fine.


Just because shes a demon doesn’t mean she doesn’t wana get treated like a lady… its kinda like like throwing a party… even if you know your friend is busy that day you should still invite them anyway… :wink:



See… lol… somebody was nice enough to hand her a jacket… :slight_smile:


I’m sure she took one herself. She’s a strong independent woman.




So has anyone brought up the topic of Nero and his new found Disability ?

Generally speaking whenever someone’s arm goes missing its replaced by something even better so they aren’t really disabled… however Nero prosthetics aren’t a practical substitute for even a standard arm let alone a demon one…

Do you think Capcom is going to lean into the Disability theme in DMC5’s Narrative ?


So now that the 3rd character has been revealed, I’m curious if he will be some kind of pure zoner character like Lady in DMC4 SE was. Considering he’s implied to be a spellcaster it might be the case, unless they give him a magic sword moveset like Quan Chi or Doctor Strange.


I think they will. At the beginning of the Gamescom trailer, you can see Nero clench his arm when he’s in the van. We might even get some moments where Dante doubts his ability due to his missing limb.


I have no idea, but the idea of summoning demons to do your bidding sounds fun and complicated.


I like this comparison better:


He kinda reminds me of that one Vine kid that didn’t know how to read… Not a bad design at all though, I think he would be pretty cool with a Vergil-type personality.

Also I don’t get the hate for the theme, maybe its just because its my kinda music.


The majority didn’t think it sounded good and doesn’t fit Dante or DMC.

Also, last year the vocalist of the band who made the song is a sexual predator who assaulted a 17 year old girl who then attempted suicide as a result.

And from what I can understand, they are overall just being douchebags towards their fans.