Devil May Cry 5


The DMC panel was pretty good. It showed off all of the Devil Breakers we know of and they all look super dope (especially Punchline).

Training Mode has been confirmed to be in the game as well as Photo Mode.

Nico’s concept art and model:


A lot of cool art of Nico, but why did they decide to go with the Cindy outfit?

The concept next to her face render, with all the tattoos and another colour scheme would’ve been so much better, imo.


Yes you are absolutely correct… I went online and watched a bunch of tutorials on youtube and banged my head against the Dante must die difficulty specifically because I have no desire to learn how to play. :roll_eyes:


Some games and some modes are just for better players. Not everything needs to be casual-friendly. And it’s okay if you don’t have it in you to beat those things and consider them to be hard… they’re meant to be hard. And if you don’t like it, then it’s not for you. And that’s okay. Not everything is meant for you. That is just something you’d need to accept. Either that, or keep training to get better at the game so you can defeat the harder modes. It takes practise and a lot of effort.

But something you also need to accept… some people just can’t get good, no matter how hard they try. But that’s okay too, as said, it is just not for everyone.


Yes and if the better players spent more cash than the casual players then they deserve to experience more of the content…

Anyway my problem isn’t that the game is hard my problem is the controls and the mechanics (such as the lock on) are where the difficulty comes from… infact thats what I’ve crying about all this time in case you haven’t noticed… these issues are consistent across all the difficulties… they’re just harder to noticed when you don’t get murdered so quickly.

Look I’ve also tapped out of Furi… but atleast in Furi I can accept that I simply just Suck… I can find anything wrong the the controlls or the camera (atleast not after the Update) so even if it sucks walking away from a game feeling incompetent atleast The Game is Well put together.

This isn’t even a scarse problem… in fact its quite common… its just that in the “Casual” Games… the developers simply Axe any of the super hard difficulties that would expose any issues in the game’s design… which I think is very considerate of them, or maybe I’ve just been suffering to much in Nioh so now any game that isn’t completely dog ■■■■ seems like its being nice to me…

naturally I’ve been doing this for so long that I can eventually spot instances wheres its the individual mechanics that are the issue rather than the gameplay merely being too difficult. Unless if I’m delving into something new… like a whole new genre… then I’m just blind.


Devil Breaker Showcase.

You gotta admit… its not lacking in The Hype Department.


So some stuff was leaked.

Spoilers ahead:


So is it just me or is DMC5 Much “Gore-ier” than all the previous games ?

How does the violence sit with you guys ?


It’s just blood splatter and dismemeberment when the enemies are defeated. Having been raised with stuff like Mortal Kombat, God of War etc, it doesn’t really affect me. It’s not like Nero is torturing the monsters and are pulling their guts out of their bodies. It’s just particle effects in red, really.


■■■■ dude… You’re Cold… :open_mouth:

Narratively speaking the series still seems comical and up beat… but I feel like the imagery is going to stick with me for a days after seeing it… lying beneath my subconsious… just like that time I watched that weird documentary type movie… you know… the one with the haunted girl who sleep walks…

What was it called again ?

Oh yes Paranormal Activity… yeah that movie had me jumping at shadows a week later even though I thought it wasn’t that scary at the time.



No, I just learned early on the difference between fiction and reality. And because I understood it early on, my parents allowed me to play games like Mortal Kombat. I’ve never had nightmares about stuff like that or felt the need to cut people open and such. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jumpscares though… they haunt me and I hate them with my entire being! XD


You should watch “Faces of Death”, you’ll love it


Nah, I’m good. XD


It’s funny because I’m the same way. I can play horror games and such like Friday the 13th and Dead Space just fine. But if it’s a game with nothing but jump scares…

I’m staying 100 ft away. Like I actually avoided the Krypt in both MK9 and MKX like the plague because of the jump scares :joy:


Some more meme goodness.






Voice actor reaction images:


















I miss Combichrist right now…


So as it turns out, the vocalist of that band was accused of sexually harassing a minor last year.
Can’t believe Capcom would overlook something like this. Hopefully that means the theme will be replaced. They wouldn’t want to have DMC5 be associated with a scandal like that.


I can’t imagine for a second that song will sound good in the game.


Capcom took down the “Subhuman” theme from youtube, but it doesn’t mean it is out of the game.

However, let’s hope this leads towards betterment of the game, that they will reconsider using the theme and hopefully replace it with another song that both fits Dante more and isn’t made by a sexual predator.

I think this has been a win. A small one, but a win none the less.