Devil May Cry 5


There’s enough moves to vary with basic Nero or Dante to increase the style up to S rank with little problem. Nero has guns, Devil Bringer, ground and aerial combos that can all be strung together quickly enough. Dante while slightly harder due to changing between styles, has many options because of those multiple styles.
The Devil Breakers are an innovation to the simple Devil Bringer, where instead of just being a hook and action button, it has a little variety and adds some thought into using it. I’m not a fan of the limits on the number of Breakers, but being the kind of stylish, fast-paced game DMC is supposed to be, I highly doubt that the use of a core mechanic is hindered by a lack of availability. You can already see in the demos that they drop from enemies and and can seemingly be used infinitely until you take damage or break it off on purpose.


Having to use your skills and not unga your way through enemies to get a higher style ranking is problematic.


What ? Did I say that ? I genuinely don’t remember.


Alright, dump time:

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“Problematic” nowadays is usually associated with something unfair or questionable; something of a negative connotation. I think I would’ve interpreted it differently if you just used “difficult”, instead.

My point still stands.



Well the difficulty is questionable and unfair… so really its all the same thing…

Unless when it comes to Dark Souls… in that case its just unfair… not difficult at all.


Lule, it’s alright to admit that you’re just bad at the games.
However, if you want easy stylish points, I suggest you go play DmC: Devil May Cry. Seems to be what you’re searching for.


I have no shame in admitting I’m bad at games… infact… pretty much 90% of gamers are bad at games… and developers should be aware of that when they’re coming up with their control schemes. Its irresponsible to design a game for the 10% of gamers who are genuinely good at the expense of everyone else.

Found it ages ago… what I’m searching for now is The Definitive Edition… specifically on PC… I need that game in my life !!!




Kek, where is this even coming from? Devil May Cry isn’t that hard to play. Last time I checked, you didn’t need a Steel Battalion controller to play it.




I need more to go on…

You wouldn’t be happening to base this on just your experience alone now would you ? Or that of other DMC Veterans ?

You should see someone whos new to the series play it…


Dude… use full sentences… I can’t read your mind you know…


I asked you the most broad question possible. You don’t need more to go on.

My experience is just fine. I started with DMC4 not even a year ago. Besides, you don’t see anyone in official forums or discords complaining about how hard the games are to play.

It means you need to provide evidence or credentials. A SOURCE.


It is probably worthwhile to keep in mind that developers are currently more aware than they ever have been about making games that appeal to varying skill levels. The very existence of Devil May Cry’s rating system is a mechanism to appeal to gamers of different skill. Lower skilled players can simply churn through the level and beat it with a low rating. While gamers looking for more of a challenge can devote time and energy to improving their rating.

It might be that you have unrealistic expectations.


exactly… its too broad so I have no idea what the hell it is you want ?

Well yeah because they did it on the easiest difficulty and move on… also my concern is with how difficult it is to play… not how difficult it is beat… those are two seperate things.

LoL… because scientist are hard at work on studies of DMC Right ?

For the most part… yes but Bael and Credo and especially Dante himself can be a real hurdle… not to mention the completely random Dice Board Game mission… that one was a pain… and it was also easy… to depending on which square you land on.

I would say unreasonable rather than unrealistic.

Anyway what makes the rating system work is its Scalability… which you have already explained… but what I think they could have done was to extend that scalability right into the mechanics themselves… which is something DMC4 doesn’t do that well… for example Parries in Furi. In Furi parries have a very wide active window… which I’m sure many dark souls players will say is OP… but what makes it work for both Noobs and Veterans is the parry frames are seperated into 3 Categories… parry early and you get a little health back… parry well and you get more health back… Parry perfectly and you get a special parry animation show casing you’re awesome god like skills…

The closest I’ve seen DMC4 Come to pulling this off is with Red Queen’s Exceed mechanic (Because why not put a two stroke engine inside of a sword) but you have to purchase the Max Act version and neither of them are particularly easy to pull off… not to mention theres no strategy to it… The Exceed moves are just plain better than the regular moves so really you’re suppose to be doing it all the time… its a “Busy Work” mechanic… something that would have been better if it was Automated but just isn’t for some reason.


If you pull a BS statistic out of nowhere, I’m going to ask for a source.

Not all of them. That’s ridiculous to even think that all of them are so like-minded. And, no, it’s not hard to play at all. There’s no meta in DMC, it’s a single player game. Play how you want.



LoL… I could just say “most” if that makes you feel more comfortable.


Its even more ridiculous to think they’re not…

And get punished for it accordingly…


You Know What…

This actually would have been better. I mean I still wouldn’t like it but a step in a new direction is better than a step backwards… Itsuno needs to stop being stubborn and take Kamiya san’s Advice…


All due respect to Kamiya and what he built (Bayonetta is such an improvement on the DMC formula with some of the irritating backtracking too), but DMC has action in spades during its cutscenes, much like GOW. The way 5 retains its manic combat while still giving a moderately realistic version of the world is something that I really like and something I think GOW could also benefit from.
This is just about subjective tastes basically. I liked GOW’s story a lot but the combat felt empty and boring, I was begging and praying that DMC did not follow suit because then the pace is lost. Also, not really stylish combat in GOW, something DMC is known for and possibly the reason people flock to it so it would have been a step back in my opinion.
I’m not saying the following video is entirely correct, but it does sort of represent my opinion of GOW fairly well.
Maybe if they went for another spinoff/reboot, I wouldn’t mind seeing the cinematic route taken. But if we’re talking about the numbered series, lets stick to what we know works.


You don’t even want a Devil May Cry game. You just want it changed because you can’t be bothered to learn how to play it and have fun.


I’d be happy with just a dedicated button for dodge. That’s all.