Devil May Cry 5


Maybe wait to see how it functions before passing judgment.

Depending on how resource management works you may have it when you need it - just not be able to spam it all the time.


Mostly what I’m worried about is that you can’t switch between devil breakers freely. You have to destroy your current arm to cycle to the next, in a preset loadout from the looks of the demo. Sure it still gives Nero more options than he had before, but it will throttle his combo possibilities and the DBs’ individual movesets so far only seem to have half the depth that Dante’s styles offer in the first place.

Also I’m banking on Nero being stuck with Red Queen & Blue Rose again at this point. Why… :disappointed:


I mean… how would he be able to do that then? XD
Maybe with his tongue like Rash… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


If it was plentiful then it would have no reason to exist… they could just make it infinite and be done with it.

And correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the issue if spamming one move over and over again was already fixed by the Style Ranking System… hell DMC practically Pioneered the very concept ages ago… so did Capcom just forget or what…

I pass judgement based on the evidence presented… if the evidence gets updated then I can change my judgement… thats fair right ?

Since that mechanic is specific to Nero… then they can just map the Devil Breaker Modes to the D-Pad… assuming there are no more than 5 of them… this is how Dante’s styles were configured in DMC4… now I personally don’t like it but at this rate I would settle for DMC5 just being a repeat because these new implimentations feel like they’re moving backwards.

LoL… If thats an Option… I’l Take It !!!


He can still yank in enemies with only his stub.


That’s what makes it fun. The game forces you to get a decent understanding of every Breaker to play to the best of your ability. Plus, if you only want to use one Breaker, you can literally just go to Nico’s shop and buy that one breaker 4 times with red orbs. It’s way better than hoping the player experiments with them all. You still can technically only use 1 the entire game since only using their super move, snapping it off, or getting hit breaks it. You’re going to get hit a lot if you’re just starting out, which means that you’re going to have strategize on the fly.

Honestly, the breaker system reminds me a lot of Halo. Do I swap out my Battle Rifle for a Sniper Rifle so I can take out the enemies at long range so my allies don’t bite the dust, or do I swap out my BR for a Rocket Launcher so I can deal with the ghosts for easily? Really makes for a fun experience when it feels like the player has actual weaknesses and tradeoffs they have to deal with (fighting games do this all the time).

Some more on me.


Atleast… so… is it enemy dependent like in DMC4 or can he choose between Yanking The Enemy torwards him or Yanking Himself torwards the enemy like in 4 ?

Aaaaah now it makes sense… they want us to make continuous use of Red Obs so theres a greater emphasis on consumables…

Remember ?.. how in all the previous games they were only spent on permanent upgrades and once that was done then they just kept piling up untill you had 999999999 of them just sitting there… useless.

Again… the Style system already fixed that issue ages ago… Its always emphasised Variety… but ofcourse I can tell you that players were more likely to switch things up in DmC Reboot than they were in all the other DMC games. And thats for a number of reasons.

In The Upgrade Screen DmC allowed you to…

  1. gave a short but detailed description of the most moves and provided a video showing Dante performing it as reference.

  2. If that wasn’t enough then they also let you Try the move yourself on a dummy so you can get a feel for it before making a commitment.

  3. If you didn’t like it or prefered something else then the game allowed you to refund the move without any consequences like the price going up like they did in DMC4

Oh but wait… theres more…in addition to all that DmC also encouraged players to Expermiment by giving them a taste of what was possible in the loading screen showing Dante’s Silhouette performing Combos in Enemies… in addition to that They even had a dedicated Training Mode where you can try and come up with combos of your own against a dummy with infinite health.

Last but not least… its the controlls… if theres one thing that held me back from Experimenting in DMC4 its just how much execution the game requires… I’m talking real Street Fighter 4 level stuff with Just Frames and Kara cancels and god knows what else. Lowering the execution by itself isn’t going to make people want to experiment but just leaving it as is definitely going to prevent experimentation even from the people who know whats possible… hence why I was upset by the controls for DMC5… what good are all the fancy moves in the world if you need Sako like levels of Dexterity to pull them off ?

The type of people who Capcom are trying to force experimentation on are just going to play the game once and move on… I’m not saying they’re not going to experiment but they’re unlikely to strategise about which breaker to use… They’l use whatever the game drops on them on any enemy that comes across… infact you already saw this happen in the GamesCon Demo when that dude was trying the game.

Thats just how most people gamers behave… using Force almost never has the intended effect… ofcourse Capcom needs to learn this for themselves… the hard way.

Uhm… and the Ammo ?

You do realise that situation would retain all the things that make interesting even if you had unlimited Ammo ?

DOOM works the exact same way… all the weapons are distinct. Except for the BFG obviously… its entirely way too powerful so they had to put a definite finite resource on it… and it was super rare too… but that’s a rant for a different Thread.

Yes… now imagine Jago only a finite number of Fire Balls, DPs and Wind Kicks… Stategic or just Really annoying ?

I actually like this One…would definitely like to unleash Dante (British) out on the world of Mine Craft… would make the process of bashing rocks and trees alot more bearable if I could use Stinger on them.


I have to disagree here. A limited loadout system works fine for a multiplayer shooter like Halo, but a major part of the longevity in HnS action games like DMC is playing with varied combos. A system that throttles and gates the possibilities in the combo system behind a select few actions and penalty mechanics may help improve some aspects of play for some people in the first playthrough, but by endgame it will be nothing more than a bunch of vestigial restrictions.

I’m reserving judgement for when I see the full picture, but right now I’m not going to be surprised if Nero ends up being inferior to the other playable characters again. If the Breaker system ends up evolving to offer more flexibility or more substantial movesets than what we see in the demo, I may change my mind on it.


I’m pretty sure it’s enemy dependent.

You don’t.

Nero doesn’t have styles. That’s why he has the breakers with its own unique twist on them.


I have good news about the spoilers. It was only the prologue. Also, if you want to know, a certain character returns in DMC5.



You Do…

LoL… no dude… I mean the Style Rating System… the S-Ranks and what not.


You really don’t, unless you want to do crazy combo videos like this:

You can get S ranks with just Rebellion alone. It’s not enough of an incentive for people to experiment.


Thats exactly the type of combos everybody wants to do… the standard Red Queen pause combo can only hold a gamers attention for so long and seeing it over and over again in the gamecom demo was very offputting… because I know I’m going to get rail roaded into doing the same thing. :frowning:

LoL… perhaps you can… I most certainly can not… nor do I know any one else who has… DMC4’s Style Rating is exteemely strict conpared to DmC Reboot.


Not really. Just don’t get hit, don’t use repetitive moves, and hit a few enemies.


With the greedyness of proud souls Repetition is inevitable.


You can get S ranks with vanilla Nero and Dante with little problem.


I’m pretty sure nobody has pulled it off with little problem… unless if theres some exploit I don’t know about.


I personally don’t care about gaining SSS rank. I just like the games because they’re fun to play, but I’ve never had the need to be perfect at them.


No exploit. Just don’t use the same move twice in a row, and use your Devil Bringer to its fullest extent or Dante’s styles.


I think you don’t know what “With Little Problem” Means… because doing that is most definitely Problematic. :thinking: