Devil May Cry 5


You’re one of those people who communicates primarily through memes ? Hmmmm…

So whats going in the video ? I could barely tell what was happening… whats new ?


Not feeling the old man Dante, to be honest.
I had hoped for a bit more stylish DMC2 feel to him, instead we get hobo Dante.


New Trailer. Looks great!


So I saw Nero’s sword, Red Queen, catching Fire… I’m assuming that means the Exceed Mechanic is back… of course I shall save my ranting until if its confirmed to to work the exact same way as before… using One Frame Links… ugh…

I love me senior citizen protags… the young angsty Teenager shtick gets old and annoying pretty fast… which might explain why I have no children.


I agree.
That’s also not what I said I hoped for. :wink:


That moment when there are already spoilers for the game


Guess I’m going to have to take a long break from /v/. A near 7 month break.


Oh man. I hope what I saw wasn’t true. I’m out of those threads for real.


Meme Chain !!!

I wouldn’t worry. Its not like the story in the DMC games ever made sense… until the reboot obviously… its the same thing with Bayonetta.

A thing happens and then something else happens but not before it happens to that one dude whom we though it didn’t happen to so now we must kill everything and look stylish while doing it. LoL… I bet thats what the Storyboard looked look like while they were planning these games.


DMC1 is simple and easy to follow. DMC3 is one of the best stories in gaming from the last couple generations. I know that’s hard to believe because people just can’t accept that humor and fun can coexist with solid writing. If you have an attention span and actually experienced it all the way through, there should be no problem.

Did you know that DmC Vergil was actually going to have a big lizard form at one point? Apparently that makes more sense than themes of family taking care of their own problems no matter what. Apparently that makes more sense than being okay with who you are. Apparently that makes more sense than honoring the dead, and self-sacrifice.



Ok. You need to teach me how to find all these memes and gifs. I used to do that a lot back in the day, but I’m out of practice. Teach me, because these are amazing lol


I go to Twitter or I browse /v/ on 4Chan and look for the Devil May Cry threads. People are creative.

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Meme’ing is an artform.
On the level of a kindergarden kid’s fingerpaint, but still…


I doubt a kindergartner could do this:


Well… as I told you before… I haven’t experienced the first two games all the way through. As for attention span… you do have a point there… but in some cases the narrative doesn’t do its best to actually hold the audience’s attention… in that cases its the author’s fault not the audience.

I don’t think thats it… I think people simply don’t take Humor seriously… which makes sense… because it’s humor. So they are more forgiving about gaps and inconsistencies in the narrative if its funny enough in the short run.[quote=“TheIncubusLord, post:53, topic:24384”]
On the level of a kindergarden kid’s fingerpaint, but still…

Come on… I think you’re selling memes short.




The new trailer posted earlier in the topic looks good, I will admit it left me expecting more but it’s looking solid overall. I was even surprised when they brought back scissor ghost enemy from DMC1, those details are always nice. Gonna be honest though, the more I look at old Dante the more he looks less like Dante to me, but the weaponized demon bike was a nice touch regardless.

Unlike other forms of art you have to dig very deep to find a good meme. Keep in mind digging to the center of the earth isn’t deep enough.


What source ?



I really don’t like where this is going…

I thought Nero would atleast retain the ability to yank in Enemies even without any right arms left in his inventory… but it turns out those are limited aswell…

So it seems like even the DMC Team has fallen into the trap of “Finite Resources = More Strategic”. I would have thought Itsuno knew better… at the very least I was I thought DMC5 was just going to DMC4 all over again… that really wouldn’t have been an issue for most people since they really hated DmC Reboot. But having Nero stuck with nothing but Red Queen and Blue Rose if his arm happens to run out is just going to make the combat repetitive… why not give him a finite amount of bullets and add a degradition mechanic to the Red Queen… yeah now thats Strategic… think of all the depth that would bring to the series when your bullets run out and his sword breaks… hey now we can see if Nero can beat bosses with nothing but Jumping and Taunts. Or are those limited aswel ? :disappointed: